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  1. Quick update, been to see a solicitor who has submitted my papers for defence. That was on Wed 30th July. Return date 1st August. Funny thing is nothing has been heard from Nolans in weeks and today, Trading standards phoned me to say they had received a letter from Nolans solicitors. Which goes as follows: "We refer to the above matter and to your fax of 15th July 2008. We enclose herewith first inventory of Productions for the Pursuers being the statement of account from the original Creditor. Further information will be lodged in process as soon as it is received by our clients.
  2. Hi folks here is a quick update. Received a letter from Nolans last Saturday 13th July that states: "We refer to the terms of your letter of 3rd July 2008 and should advise that as agents for MCE Portfolio Limited we are instructed soley in relation to recovery of the debt due by you to them. We have passed your letter of 3rd July 2007 on to our clients in order for them to respond in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. We have requested a copy Agreement and Statement of Account from our clients which will be intimated to you upon receipt. Otherwise we should be obliged
  3. Thanks Ida here goes again hope it works this time mceletter-1.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  4. Quick update these are the documents I received and the letters I am posting away today if anybody could have a look at them and let me know if there are any problems with the letters
  5. Just in one night I feel as though I am getting somewhere. I'll hopefully sleep better tonight. I'll try and update tomorrow. Thanks
  6. One more point before I head of to my bed, I take these companies can check credit reference agencies and would have known where I was if they had looked at it. Finally I will speak to the couple that bought the house tomorrow after work. What if they say they did know but done nothing will this make any difference? Sorry I feel as though I keep going on. Thanks again Rory:-)
  7. Rory I think the original cost of the car was £8995 and my payments were about £272.00 a month. I paid on time until they agreed to take the car back 11 months later. That's the last I heard from them. The letter from the solicitors doesn't have the original agreement number so I can't send a CCA request to MCE or BCT. Can you let me know why this has never shown up on my credit file, surely an outstanding debt like that would be on as a default, but checking my credit file through experian for the last couple of years there has been nothing from MCE or BCT. Is it worth talking to the p
  8. Hi Rory here is the full details of the statement of claim: 1. The defenders reside at the address as stated in the instance which is within the territory of this court and has been resident for more than three months immediately prior to the raising of this action as is domiciled there. This court accordingly has jurisdiction. To the knowledge of the pursuers no proceedings are pending before any other court involving the present cause of action between the parties hereto nor is there any agreement between the parties prorogating jurisdiction over the subject matter of the present cau
  9. Hi CrazyAdi, and everyone else. This is my first post and it has to do with MCE as well. My wife and I purchased a car in July 2003, we were going through a bad patch at the time and split up the following April. We couldn't afford to pay for the car and my wife (who since then we have got back together and everything is now great) who had the car contacted the company British Credit Trust. I had never defaulted on any payments and my wife told me at the time that she contacted them and they agreed to come and uplift the car, which they duly did in June 2004. It was my old neighbour who s
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