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  1. thank you, I will write a letter of appeal and sent it off. what will happen after they give the Popla code.
  2. no I have not appealed and unsure what to write in the appeal letter.
  3. hello, i received a parking fine, reading the information the forum and guidance waited until the notice to keep letter arrived, at this point not sure what the next step is, have heard that others suggest to ignore these letter, honestly would rather not receive any more letters and have them off my back ASAP. most of you might be thinking this is stupid of me but in my defence there was only three motorcycle bays which only fit one bike at a time, two was taken up by car drivers and the other one was in a secluded section. the leisure complex is big and having preivously worked there i know that there have been many bike thefts knowing that information parked right in line of the doors in clear view of carmera and lights, all that being said there was one disabled bay which was away from the front doors which i thoguth no one would mind as there are 10 or more disabled bays alone the front entrance which was unoccupied and I know no one would miss this one bay. have taken photos of another bike who packed in-between disabled bays on the cross section, the photos are not detailed enough as it was dark and the markings have slightly rubbed off. the car park is free to use forget to mention lol fined on 23 Dec 2014 NTK letter dated 22 Jan 2015 and arrived through door 26 Jan 2015 any help appreciate. thank you
  4. Hi, I sold my bike 1yr ago and dvla sent me a letter saying I have been fined, I sent them the letter back saying it is my fault and I should have filled in some forms and sent off the right details of the new owners. I was told by the dealers that they would sort everything out and they have not. the bike was only mine for 1week before I told them I wanted a new one which because it was faulty, I do not want to go back to them as they are real **** heads and lazy bums, is there any other way I can give dvla proof that the bike is not mine. Please help.
  5. how can i ask them for proof beacuse want to see the pictures they have taken.
  6. hi, just got a ticket for parking on a singal yellow line with a disabled badge in ealing and it stated that the vehical was parked for more then the time permitted, i want to fight it!!! the time was showing 11am and we checked the vehical when we walked passed it at approcimately 13:30 and when we was about to leave at 14:00 we noticed a ticket was on the windscreen. please help me on how to fight it and what kind of letter to write to them. thanks
  7. hi, thank you all for your help, but i paid the fine off!!! i did not want to but i kind of just didnt really want to have a hassle of paying more if i did not win when i was fighting it plus the 14days was coming to an end. the pcn did not come in my name as it vehical is not on my name, so fighting it would have ment the other person finding out. but again i do want to thank you, i have been on here before getting advice and help on other issues and you all have helped me fight.
  8. i think i'm just going to have to pay the annoying fine , i do not want to but i cant scan the document, so the only option is to pay plus if i do it before the 14 days it will only cost me £60 and not the £150 if it dont within 28 days
  9. well the ticket does not give me anyway to fight it, it only give me 5 options. 1 is i was not the owner the car. 2 is the contravention did not take place. 3 is the vehicle was taken with out my consent 4 is we are a hire company 5 is the pcn is for more than is legally required to pay. so really they have not given me much a option to fight it.
  10. this is the road i came onto before i ended up in the bus lane [ATTACH=CONFIG]22502[/ATTACH] this image is going farther down the high street this is where the road bends and it is where the bus lane is these images are all from the other side. [ATTACH=CONFIG]22505[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]22503[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]22506[/ATTACH]
  11. Hi, yes that is the road but to be honest I have never driven in Uxbrigde before, I came from the other direction, it’s really stupid because what the hell am I meant to do? Just do a U-turn in the middle of the road.
  12. hi, i got a tickect on a road at 9pm, the road turned into a bus lane, i did not know it was a bus lane it was dark, went back to the same place and saw some road signs saying no through road bus lane, but it did not say it was 24 hours, can i fight this? i do not care if i'm wrong i want to fight this but i have no clue where to start and i need your help. please help me!!! also it was in Uxbridge, vine street.
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