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  1. Just had a phone call from Southern Electric informing me that they will be fitting a prepayment meter on Thursday, after I got over the shock she tells me that a company called Richburns - their agents took me to Court and now have the right to break into my house if I am not in on Thursday! She had no information at all regarding the Court date or anything to do with it, going to call her in the morning as she said she would find out. Is their anything I can do to prevent this? When I have the info can I call the Court and tell them I was not notified and maybe have this suspe
  2. Just an update, I have been given 28 days to move out and the LL was awarded fixed costs, so under the circumstances things went well. Thanks to the people who helped me and Nightmare4banks I will be in touch.
  3. Just to add to this I have found out that simply having nowhere to move to is not sufficient, so will have to think of things to say. So if anyone has any ideas that would really help.
  4. Esio Trot thank you for your reply If you could mention any scenarios that other people have had to help with this I would be very grateful - just to give me an idea. And once again thank you.
  5. Nightmare4banks thank you for your reply. Before I move out I will get quotes for all the house issues roof Etc and I have copies of all the letters sent to the Agents and Landlord with regard to all the issues.
  6. On dear I am sorry I am under rather a lot of stress at the moment, these are the dates: The last Tenancy agreement I paid for started on the 22/05/2006. The dates on the S21 are: Possession after after 20 Feb 2008 Dated 28 November 2007 Thanks for your help.
  7. Nightmare4banks thank you for your reply. I did not complain to the Council/Private Tenants Officer because I did not want further grief I suppose. And after Monday I will take you up on your kind offer as I will want to sue the Landlord. So the only way I could prevent being evicted would be to go to Court not owing any rent or just one months rent I suppose? I will need to ask the Judge for as long as possible to move out, so I can try and come up with both the cash and find somewhere else to live, does anyone have any idea what I could say or evidence(?) I should take with m
  8. Esio Trot thank you for your reply 'The date of deemed service is key. That is why I asked for the tenancy details. There might be an error here. Lastly there are two types of s21. Which one is quoted in the form?' I think I may know where you are going with this, every year up until the last year I paid the agents (a £75.0 fee to issue a new 6 month lease) however last year they did not ask me for this and I thought this was a blessing. From what I have discovered I now have a periodic tenancy and they have used a Section 21 (4)(a) - good firm of Solicitors, like I said just
  9. Alison thanks for the bump. Esio Trot, thank you for your reply... 'You say that the s21 notice was deemed served on 30th, and query if this is correct. Then you have neglected to say the exact dates of the tenancy agreement and how often the rent is paid, plus the date the s21 expired. Without this information nobody can say if the notice is correct or not.' Perhaps I have not made it clear, I have discovered that simple errors entered on an s21 notice can make it invalid - as I said clutching at straws... However from what I have discovered a simple mistake can make the
  10. I am desperately worried about the court case I will be attending this Monday morning, I have done hours of research on this very helpful forum and I have come to realise because I am over two months behind with my rent that the Judge will have no choice but to grant possession as the landlord has issued a Section 21 notice. There is no way I can pay this off before Monday. So I am desperately looking for anything I can do to prevent this, I realise I am clutching at straws however as I cannot afford to move into a new home at the moment so I have to try. So if anyone could help
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