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  1. Why do that? Cases useful for you: 2120089430, 2110039979, 211013314A.
  2. I think what you have written is fine, just add the case number for extra punch in your own style.
  3. You do n ot need to go into detail - just register your appeal to PATAS and give full details later i.e. in P.I. box.
  4. Register Kept Under Regulation 20 of the Road Traffic (Parking Adjudicators)(London) Regulations 1993, as amended or Paragraph 21 of the Schedule to the Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) Representations and Appeals Regulations 2007, as applicable Case Reference:2090397156 Appellant:Mr Graham William Stubbs Authority:Westminster VRM:R802ETX PCN:WM55857032 Contravention Date:14 Jun 2009 Contravention Time:00:50 Contravention Location:Rathbone Place Penalty Amount:£120.00 Contravention:Failing to comply with a sign indicat
  5. Well I have quickly read and it is obvious they have not responded to all your points especially 3(2)(b).
  6. Yes, sorry, just noticed that after I posted but cannot these days seem to edit anything!
  7. You mention High Court and defective signs. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume you mean a different case. The CoA does not mention defective signs, does it? Sorry not to be omnisicent, could you give me the High Court case number to which you refer?
  8. Personal is always best as they do not attend and you can argue your case. Please post up the NOR as there may well be something wrong with it.
  9. It doesn't need the code - just the description.
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