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  1. Another one i did to them in the beginning was told them i had emigrated and gave them the pentagons phone number, and the American speaking clock. Let it cost them, half the time they just programme in numbers to a machine, its not my fault they are morons!!!
  2. Oh i will i love to play games with them, my last one was to give them my new address and contact number, the local cemetery and plot number i didn't get a call for ages then the machine started calling.
  3. the latest i get from them is an automated call, i did note that it now says "this is a call from go" so i wonder if they have made another company:confused:
  4. OMG i remember Luxy Radio Caroline Pirate Radio Ship reading about it sinking, Capital Radio, The Lyceum Ballroom london all gone god i feel old
  5. Hi it is a mobile number not a chargeable number like 0870 & 0845 but if you do come across those type of numbers i have found a very useful sight SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers
  6. I think that is part of the problem as you say my area is down as unsafe for reasons unknown:confused: I am very happy here, but we have been through a few collectors in the past and we have been with prov for 10 - 12 years as have many others i know (god knows why). But they just disappeared normally they are round all the time trying to get you to up this take out that I am going to the post office on Monday to send the CCA lets play them at there game After getting the book out i have just worked out the dates and the last call was September 06:D
  7. There local office has moved so contacting them has been hell I have an idea that they lost a load of accounts for a while, as i know i am not the only person around my area that this has happened too, they have been unable to contact them How i found them in the end was by contacting an address seen elsewhere and being referred to head office, even then i had to beg for a contact number and address!
  8. Right so they are dodgy in the extreme, I will follow your advice about withdrawal of there right to visit then, and invest in pepper spray!
  9. Wicked, i see what you mean, i am positive the figure should be around the the £300 mark not over £1,000,00
  10. Hi all, I have been sent to this Credit SL for default on my payments to Provident? They are to collect from me every week yet i have had no collector for months as the lady who used to collect left. My bill appears to have quadrupled and now CSL want well over a grand from me. I am not refusing what i owe but have had no letters from Provident and now i have this CSL after me. I am about to send this letter but am not sure if i should send it to Provident or CSL. This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I was going to send it to Provident and CC CSL
  11. I do agree with you in some respects but as it says in endomorph's post it is a lost driving license and after confirming his identity they said it was a provisional it may be possible that they have not gone through the correct records, I know it is a slim chance but as we know HUMAN ERROR can be involved!
  12. The driver number is direct access to all your records, i have to have my license renewed every three years and I have to send my old one back and get my new one, the only thing i have to keep is a copy of my driver number, i do actually have an old license with all my details on it but it is invalid by about twelve years, but i have also had a three way conversation with the DVLA and a hire company when my license was being renewed and all i did was tell them my driver number and they had all my details dating back to when i first passed my test!!!
  13. Have you not got your driver number written down anywhere?
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