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  1. Hi, As a manager of a large dealer and bodyshop they should have completed a few things which they may not have that can help you out here. 1) Upon collection from your wife a body damage form should have been completed and your wife would have signed this. It would detail the whole body damage on the vehicle and wheels / wheel trims, mileage etc. Not a great documnet by itself BUT, am I am guessing here, the bodydhop you used was your insurance companys 'approved repairer' rather than a bodydhop of your choosing? If so it would be a condition of your insurance company that this
  2. My only snagging item is this; The default letter rom Llyods TSB shows the account number of the LLoyds account as they had it - A 16 digit credit card number. The number that McKenzy hall, who I assume have got the debt from 1st Credit is a diferent number, I am guessing its their internal referance number. To link the documents, would I not need a first the document that states LLoyds have sold it on and the account number that it was know as, and then the document from 1st credit that shows the referance number it is known as now? Once this is tied up I can prove that th
  3. Hi and thanks for the advise. There is only the one default under my name, not one from Lloyds and the DCA. I think the debt has been sold on again from 1st Credit to McKensy hall or something like that. Not sure if 1st credit owns Mckensy hall etc... So not sure if asking 1st Credit to remove due to incorrect infomation etc will store up a hornets nest or not. The post copied below intrests me tho, any more details would be great! any duplicate defaults can be removed quoting not only the data protection act but cputr the sad thing is, not many people know there right
  4. I have a debt that LLoyds TSB sent me a default notice on in 2002, I still have the letter as proof so it should be statute barred by now. It would seem the debt was sold to 1st Credit Ltd at some point although I never received a letter stating it was sold so cant be sure. Thats not to say the letter was never sent etc, I just did not revieve it. 1st Credit have placed a default on my credit file in 2004 for this debt. Can they do this? If the debt was already under default can the same debt default twice with no contact or payments from me? I understand that if I had
  5. How do I address the court? Silly question I know but dont want to upset them!
  6. Update - Connaught have written to me and the court saying they will not be attending and have no objection to it being set aside. The date the court has given me is when I am on holiday. Typical ! I would like to write a letter to the court asking for it to be set aside in my absence and try to get some costs awarded for my time prepairing all the paperwork etc but am unsure what to put or how far to push as I wont be able to attend the hearing in person. Any guidance or other threads with simular letters? Regards BVG
  7. Ask for a full history print out from their records - This will show all claims made, both to VW warranty and also any items they paid for internally. Dont let them tell you its data protestion etc. ou now own the car and have the previous owners details so they would not be giving you anything that breaches it. They are intitled to 'black' out all figures on the paperwork so you cant see the costs to warranty etc. Once you have this you will have a better understanding of the cars history.
  8. Hi, the problem is not just on the 110's its also on the 90's. Peugeot UK are giving goodwill on OOW (Out Of Warranty) claims as they know there is a problem with them. Clutches will also be covered if they are found to have been servicable when the damage occured - ie they were not worn out and the only reason the clutch is being replaced is due to damage being caused by the dual mass. Sensors - Always covered with goodwill if damage was caused by dual mass.
  9. Having worked for BMW Franchised dealers for many years I would advise you to call BMW Customer Care UK and get them involved. They will assist in sorting out this mess for you. Depending on what dealer it is they may or may not be owned by BMW UK. Either way, they will assist as they hate bad publicity concerning the dealer network. As part of the sales hand over pack you 'should' have received or it what dealers call 'the deal bag' of 'deal file' will be a copy of the HPI cert - Ask to see it, they are date and time stamped and will show if one was carried out prior to the sal
  10. Hi, I would have thought you would have to repay the money, but installments would be acceptable. A few things to consider would be : How much is involved? Is it a large company with endless resorces? On the whole what is the company like, do they chase every penny? Is it worth the hassle to them?
  11. MBNA Have now replied to my Subject Access Request but what they have sent in not really acceptable as far as I am concerned. They have sent me 1 page of a statement covering only a small part of the period I was with them and a copy of what would seem to be their current terms and conditons. Is there a standard letter to send them telling them they have failed to comply etc - Seem to remember reading a v.good letter in another thread. Oh, also posted my postal order back.
  12. Hi Rory32, thanks for the very quick reply and usefull info. On the 6.5 Form you very kindly helped me write, at the footer you put Further, I invite the court to make an order of costs in favour of the applicant in respect of the reasonable cost of preparing this application and of attending any hearings in respect thereof. As I have started the court process against Connaughts now I take it, it will go to court to get set aside? I have a feeling from other posts that they will write to the court before hand and say they are no longer chasing it etc and have no objections
  13. Ok all papers submitted to the courts and before the date expired. Thank you all for the help. I have also recieved a letter back from Connaughts saying my file has been closed by their office and sent back to 1st Credit, they have also returned my postal order. I guess that case is closed for now..... However, I have just got a letter from Lowell saying they may be taking me to court (CCJ this time, not an SD). I will sent the same letters off to them etc. My question is; If they try to get a CCJ against me, do I have to be invited to the court so I can defend myself or
  14. In answer to your questions Rory32 A Default Notice. No A Notice of Assignment from MBNA informing you that the account has been assigned to 1st Credit. No A Letter Before Action informing you that a statutory demand will be issued if you do not make payment on the account. Yes a few weeks before the SD Regards BVG
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