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  1. you need to contact consumer direct who will pass detail onto trading standards
  2. oft do nothing -they dont respond to individual complaints best bet is write to fos then oft as well as you will get interaction with fos wheras with oft they will accept your complaint but they wont contact you
  3. these pdl companies are really silly.if they dealt with queries rationally they would achieve much more -i think the issue is that this type of lending will become regulated and so loansharks like minicredit that are based abroad and only have a uk mail address will be closed down.i think they will in any case due to their consumer license being complained about to fos if you all keep complaining about this company to fos they will get their credit license revoked:mad2: the fos is investigating them as we speak-always pay what you can afford and dont ever let them get you upset with
  4. debt collectors they are charging for dont exist pay token payment monthly advise them that no visit by them or anyone else will ever be convenient pay by postal orders only send all post by recorded delivery or better still special delivery open a spreadsheet and make a note of what you owe+ 1 months interest then deduct each payment you make from this then send them a statement of account each time you pay them
  5. good for you in standing your ground the burden of proof for criminal courts is much much higher than civil ones and it is a high level of probability that they have to prove that you intended to defruad if you did not set out to defraud then yes say so just because you have had an overpayment and just because you have had a iuc does not mean that a court casde will happen make a point of getting the overpayment figure from the dwp-ask them to verify this figure do not admit you have defruaded deliberately -unless you have of course appeal the overpaymnt figure all
  6. fact is if you tell the truth you cannot go wrong in the iuc did you get option to admit overpayment and you would get a fine or caution? fact is even if it does go to court set up repayment plan make your first payment before court date if that happens -remember not every overpayment is prosecuted,as per advice above,admit over payment,set up plan,make payment,apologise for being overpaid and all will be well worst case mag court bound over or caution with unpaid work,most cases i have been involved with get dealt with out of court settled by dwp and accused with caution thats
  7. read my prior threads re minicredit which take you step by step through process
  8. you have to phone them ,they will fill out a form then they send it to you to sign once you have it make a copy and keep safe-put a letter then to mini credit advising that you have now complained about them to fos it does make a difference
  9. 1.contact disability alliance they have specific caseworkers that will deal with this discrimnination 2.open new acc-cancel old card 3.put offer in writing with token payment of 1 pound and keep paying that whilst you then refer these debts to payplan whom you arew going to set up a debt repayment plan with they will negotiate with minicredit nb never agree to pay more than 1 months additional interest +money borrowed 4.write to mc and tell them how it is-as they have refused to discuss in a reasonable way you are now referring this to payplan along with numerous other debts
  10. you will have access to a duty solicitor in court and you can get at least 1 free sesion with a qualified solicitor if you are a member of a union or you have legal insurance you can call for a consultation which is free also i would do both add legal protection on your car policy/home insurance then call for advice then go to law society web check out welfare lawyers in your area all of hich will have an initial meeting with you free also contact cab as sometimes they will come with you and or represent you at court and at iuc's as it is an interview under caution of
  11. please contact your local cab they normally will have staff that can attend these with you i think even if you have to pay a solicitor it is really worth paying
  12. sorry if my last post was not clear what i meant to say was if someone was earning over 100 pounds a week and so were overpaid and teh overpayment for each month was 200 pounds for the purposes of the carers allowance working out if you had ben overpaid would they say ,you have been overpaid 200 pounds per month but you have priority expenses of 700 a month so do they deduct this monthly priority set of payments from the overpayment to work out if you have been overpaid or do they add the overpayment to what you earnt and deduct the priority payments please advise as i am
  13. thank you for your response -so does that mean if you earn over 100 pounds a week ,and so technically cant get ca that that they take off your priority living expenses off of any overpayment to judge if you have been overpaid or do they use it as a barometer as to what you can afford to repay if you could please confirm i would be most grateful
  14. i didnt think that all of these could be taken into account against income for this i thought it was strict allowance of what you earned only with a few things that could be taken off can you confirm that these are allowable as i would be most interested to find out
  15. outgoings inc as far as i am aware childcare costs,union subs,pension conts,disbaled child additional expenses the only issue is that you have not advised of changes to your circumstances leading to overpayment i would do a timeline of what you earned and when and notify in letter that you advised them that you had been overpaid and that you were not aware of earnings limits until too late WHEN YOU ADVISED THEM OF THIS SITUATION. mention that although overpayment occurred it was not deliberately done ,you had not intended to get money you wernt due,and that you will pay back if
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