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  1. It was a well done to all that helped me on here, without them I would probably have an empty house by now.
  2. Well I know this is a very old post but I did try to get back in and try to reply, to give you the update but for some reason I just could not log back in to post, then I changed my PC and everything was gone, I think it may have been something on my pc stopping me, because I Just recently got back in using my new pc. Anyhow, thanks to all the help I recieved from here, the council took the debt back the baliffs were never seen again and the debt dropped completely, so what ever was in the forms I printed from this forum, must have put the willies up someone at the council. So a very huge
  3. Many many thanks for your help, I'll get this sent off to both companies next week and I'll let you know the out come. once again Thank you
  4. Thank you for the reply's but if Capital one has sold the debt onto Lowell will Capital one Just not refer me back to Lowell? and can anyone please explain what a sar is? many thanks for your help.
  5. Hi everyone, sorry if this isn't in the right section but this forum is a mine field of information, please feel free to move it. Several weeks ago I received a phone call from a debt collecting agency, who have bought the debt, they told me that I owed £350 to Capital one, I used to have an account with capital one but I was sure it was all it was paid off but I cannot be 100% sure, however I never received letters from Capital one telling me I owed them any money. I asked the person on the phone for a copy of the agreement and like I said that was some 6/7 weeks ago, today I receive
  6. I would just like to bring up to date those members who helped my wife and I with some very helpful info and drafted letters That I hand delivered to our local council and registered post to the bailiff's, well since April 24th when I posted and delivered these letters I have heard Absolutely nothing from either one of them (council or bailiff's) Do we have to keep sitting around waiting for something to happen or are there any other steps that we can take to help get this Matter cleared up instead of a couple of old toggers sitting around waiting for the worst to happen its becoming
  7. Thank you so much everyone involved in giving me advice and help in this matter, I'm sorry for my delay but had a busy day today with 2 separate hospital appointments with the wife. Anyway as things stand at the moment I copied the letter to the council this morning and printed it and a few copies out, I have now handed all these letters into the council today and obtained a receipt off them as proof of me handing it in, I went to the post office and posted all the letters needed to Ross & Roberts recorded delivery with a first class stamp, So I suppose now its a waiting game to see i
  8. I'm Just trying to draft a letter to hand to our local council who we owe the money to, if there is anyone out there with the know how can you please have a scan through it and tell me if its ok or Just plain rubbish?? I want to put this letter in with the copies of the baliff's letters that I'm asking to be put in with our files. Please find enclosed copies of letter that I have sent off to Ross & Roberts the Bailiff’s acting on your behalf, to recover outstanding council tax arrears. Although we have informed you in the past that my wife is registered disabled I am now pu
  9. Point taken and I won't push my luck until I can get it transferd back to the council, I now have my copies of my income support letter. I have Just checked the small print on one of their letters and found their registered address so I'll send it to that one where they will have to sign for it. One again I thank you all for you very kind help through out the day. Just got to get my wife ready for her shower so I'll bid you all goodnight and thank you once again.
  10. Could I not push my luck in the letter you posted and ask them to refund all charges or is it best I just shut up?? I'm just popping up to our local shop to get a couple of photo copies of our Income support proof. I can't get them posted tonight but I will be posting them tomorrow and they will have to sign for it but I have Just noticed on their address that it is a P.O.Box Number does this mean I can't get it signed for???
  11. Please accept my apologies then Scatz then your a real Angel and thank God for the WWW
  12. Your a real gent Scatz And I will be taking your advice and acting on it today, thanks you very much indeed, It gives me a little boost that a small fry like myself will be taking on the big boys and nothing gives me more pleasure.
  13. Thanks scatz If I can get all this into place then I will be paying £18.20 PM instead of the £100 even if the £4.55 has gone upto £10 PW then £40 is still better than £100 We are also now trying to contact our MP again, funnily enough we Just had his leaflet through for the elections
  14. We phoned our MP yesterday and he was unavailable but the secratary was most helpful and gave us the number of a solicitor whom we phoned and she also said that they were unable to come in to sieze the goods without first obtaining a court order and when we recieve a letter from the court we are to get advice from the courts and have it moved from up country to our local courts we we can attened but I'm unsure if this is the case. We are in recieipt of income support and my wifes mobility money when we told the the baliff's they were unconcerend were the money was coming from. The lette
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