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  1. Can you guy's please give some info and directions to help a friend of mine and his son I have to post as they have no PC or access Basically the father Peter (1) and the son Peter(2) have the same name and have had in the past the same address, the father now has fallen on hard times and has had buisnesses fail causing him to loose everthing house and home etc ( literally now living on the streets) His son however is a member of the forces and is living in barracks and was doing OK , until he checked his credit with the free experian checker and found that he had a lot of his fathers debts attached to his name they are clearly his fathers as they have his DOB. They have linked the addresses together as he did indeed live with his father but how can he remove the wrong info he tells me that he has written to experian without reply. Also he has noted that some of the debts have his name and second intial but his fathers DOB , I have told him not to worry and that it will take a little time to unravel this but he is worried about getting a car etc in the meantime. we are talking over 40+ accounts / CCJs Please post to me the letters etc he needs to send to help him I think theyre just nailing the son to get the father but he has no contact with him unless he turn up to borrow some money. Thanks GC
  2. WTH more info is good and the more they can use is better, and why should they not know where you are 24/7 you may be a terrorist 14 year old driving without insurance at the very least
  3. Ok I'll try it this way to appease the PC people 1)has anyone heard of a DCA posing as a company to get your bank charges / loan charges reduced or removed ? 2)if they did that to get any old debt info could they use it ? 3)is that legal to do ? 4)what if any laws / statutes are they breaking ?
  4. I hope you dont take this the wrong way as I have noticed you only joined the same time as me (may 2008) and yet have become a gold member is perhaps because you seem to only post 1 line answers all the time to the post you respond to !! If I choose to name a FRIEND or use my name is not relavent the question still requires an answer but of course your post gives you 1 more post point!!!!!! pfffft
  5. Well I have spoken to my mate Pete again and he has has not been contacted by the DCA He tells me however he has been contacted 3 times by (ex directory phone) by companies offering to reclaim bank / loan charges on his behalf. this in the last ten years when he has no debts !! and when he tells them this they say our records say you do !! then when he insists he has not they hang up !! Is this a ploy to get further info from him re his past ?
  6. Just a quick note it may be better to send A (PROVE iT) letter first (NO aknowlegement) Then if they do then hit them with the statute barred letter Just a thought
  7. yes thanks for the comments have passed on the info and letters to him but he says hes going to wait for their next move as they have only said their considering a doorstep visit. he thinks he may be able to find out where they got his info from if they turn up ? perhaps they may show him some paperwork ? anyway I gave him the letters we will see the result !!tnx
  8. well an update of sorts my friend has just recieved a letter from IQOR as follows debt of £**** To BCW Group Ltd Mr P ***** DOORSTEP COLLECTION NOTICE yOUR REF ********** REFERENCE FIRST NATIONAL TRICITY FINANCE We confirm that your outstanding debt due under the above mentioned company has now been placed with IQOR recovery services ltd for immediate collection and settlement. We intend to arrange a doorstep call by a member of our Home Collection Division to discuss your outstanding account, Alternatively you can respond to this letter and make specific repayment proposals that are acceptable to IQOR Services Ltd. Alternatively we may well be able to offer you a substantial reduction on your outstanding balance.This offer is however only open for 72 hours from receipt of this letter. Should your finacial circumstances prevent total settlement of the account your realistic monthly or weekly repayments will recieve our careful concideration yours faithfully SM not bad for a debt he didnt even know he had He's now waiting for them to turn up (he's an ex squadie) I've told him its probably just a blah blah letter !! But what he has noticed is the company name !! its tha same DCA that came after him for the CSA (that was all cleared away) but he thinks thats how they got his details ?? he still dosnt recocognise the debt though so he's going to wait and see what happens.
  9. whilst I agree with the previous comments the fact remains that most people DO NOT know the sequence that should occur with most debts/claims of debts and what should Occur thereafter this can be put in a simple table form with an exception box if not 100% (giving a link to post in the forum)but a least they would not be worried that they are going to have thier property removed imediately or the balifs etc.thats my two peneth !!
  10. Yes I agree I was just stating that it is perfectly legal for the employer to recoupe an overpayment !! in my case the employer was very agressive to recoup which is why I said to negotiate a suitable repayment plan with their employer if possible as I said they can doit I havent had a penny since march as its all been recouped (officially the SSP has been paid(to the employer) and so no fiancial help from anyone ( and have had to use savings (all claimable of course)
  11. If its an overpaymwnt the CAN reclaim it from your wages without permission I would negotiate if you can !! I was injured in an RTA in march was paid till the end of the month should have been 2 weeks SSP they have deducted every penny of SSP since thats 3 months with no money at all !! if in doubt phone ACAS thats what I did
  12. ok thanks again as I said he's not trying to avoid any debt if it is his ! he just wanted to know what to do next as he cant remember if the account was his it was 8 years ago ! and he's only just started to rebuild his credit again so didnt want to lose that just for an old debt which if his he will pay if required. anyway I will update when he lets me have the letter thanks again (on Peters behalf)
  13. Ps Ive told him to find the letter he got last as it may shine a light on what they have re a CCJ or not Tnx
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