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  1. this 'optical block' issue seems to be one the Sony is fully aware of. In fact, in the US and Canada they have acknowledged the issue: '''It has come to our attention that a limited number of Grand WEGA rear projection televisions (models listed above), after a period of time, exhibit blue dot or star pattern on the screen.'' ''Sony will reimburse the customer by mail for his/her parts and labor expenses.'' Sony eSupport - KDF-55WF655 - News & Alerts Sony eSupport - Electronics - News & Alerts Sony optical block issues with KDF-55E2000??? - CNET Home audio & video Forums (The product codes are irrelevent! If you are suffering any of these problems, then clearly, this is the issue.) This is 'exactly' the problem I have with my KF50SX300U. But of course Sony will not acknowledge that it is the same 'optical block' issue as in the US/Canada. According to the engineer I spoke with, the 'optical block' is a prism like object the lamp shines in to to give the picture. I don't have a clue about tvs, but it's inconceivable to me, that Sony have to manufacture different optical block units for each model of LCD tv - especially given this description of what an optical block is (all manufactures try to 'standardise' as much as possible across models. An 'optical block', for example, is clearly not 'region dependent'. Software, certain region centric hardware components, model options etc. might change, but things like screens, cases, lamps - and i'm guessing - optical blocks - are not region dependent). Sony are doing what ALL manufacturers do in the event of product defects; short of a gun put to their head they will NEVER acknowledge it is their fault - let alone spend money to fix the problem or issue a recall (short of statutory requirements around standard 'warrenty'). In the US of course, threats of 'class action suits' and other litigation puts a different complextion on things for Sony. Plus the size of the US market means Sony has to play the game differently. But you can bet your house, that if it has got to the point that Sony is publicly acknowledging the issue and offering to pay all associated costs to fix it (and outside of warrenties) that they know a) they're liable and b) a hell of a lot of complaints were forthcoming... In my experiance, it doesn't matter what Sony product you buy, if it goes wrong, you're on your own! Their custom service is universally terrible! Anyway, i'll aim to report back on how my issue goes - perhaps it will prove useful to other folks here...
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