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  1. total debt is 100k (or therabouts).... I think an IVA would be limited to around 40k?
  2. I've spoken to the court today - need to get the papers back to them by the 23rd, so that gives me a few days to get my head around things. I'm not gonna contest the original CCJ after all - when I've taken a cold hard look at all the CCJs on the credit file, I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel & am strongly considering going bankrupt.... all the other CCJs will be hounding me soon & there is no prospect of me paying them off within the next 20 years! Thanks to all for the advice... got me through a very dark weekend.
  3. Me + wife + 1 child (10 year old)... I also pay maintenance for another child but this is not set out by a court order (just agreed amount each month). The total debt is about £10k - was hoping to offer maybe £100 per month until I can get to the bottom of the CCJ?
  4. I've been looking at the form that I need to fill in for the attachment of earnings order - does anyone have an idea as to how much the court will look to make me pay, lets say if my income is 2000 per month. My rent + other essential bills (gas / elect / phone / council tax etc) come to about 1200... so 800 left before food - what should I be bracing myself for?
  5. Thankyou all - I really appreciate the advice! Looking at the credit report, there are several other CCJs (I just ignored my debts before I left & have had no details up until now.... got to start facing reality) - so I will almost certainly be going down this path with others also. They all will fall into the 'possibly dodgy' credit agreements area from the late 1990s... last credit card we got would be maybe 2003, so I'm gonna attack them all with the information I gather from here, reduce what I can & then make some plan to pay off the rest... gotta start somewhere I now have a plan at least. (i) Phone the local court on Monday AM & see if they will delay processing the attachment of earnings order (probably not?) and also get the date confirmed that I must have the completed forms back to the court. (ii) Phone the original CCJ issuing court on Monday & get a copy of the original CCJ posted out to me. (iii) I've downloaded the N244 form off the internet, will fill this in with as much detail as I can so that I'm ready to make application for set-aside as soon as the orignial CCJ copy arrives - am I safe to send a cheque in payment for the fee? Just worried about the signature business? Feeling a bit better.... not much but it's a start.
  6. Up until 5am trying to find some information on this can't beleive how stressfull this is! Am I right in thinking that getting the original CCJ set aside will also set aside a related attachment of earnings order (if it gets granted whilst I am dealing with the CCJ)? I've done an online credit check & found the case number & date of the original CCJ.... I hope it will be a guaranteed set-aside due to the date - it was May 2008 when the CCJ happened. I left the UK in Jan 2007 (and the address where any papers must have been sent) and only returned in December 2008, to a different address & had no knowledge at all of this happening. If that's the case perhaps I should just press on with getting a copy of the CCJ on Monday & then asking for it to be set aside? This is a nightmare.
  7. After reading a bit more tonight I think I understand the process a bit more - it seems like I cannot defend against the application for an attachment of earnings order... instead I do need to dispute the original judgment (sort of what I thought). Can I just write to the court that has issued the notice of application for the attachment of earnings order & tell them that I have no idea what the claim refers to (as I have been out of the country) & ask for a delay whilst I sort it out with the original (Northampton) court? I just need enough time to get the CCJ details from Northampton (I'll find out how on Monday) & then apply for the original judgment to be set aside... not sure how long that will take. On the right track?
  8. Hi, I've been out of the country for a few years - returned to the UK just before Christmas 2008 & have just got a job (sigh of relief). Before leaving the UK in 2007 we were in quite a bit of debt, but just buried our heads in the sand & ignored it.... there was no court action or debt chasing letters at this stage. Today I've come home from work & found a letter on the doorstep from the local court that says I have a CCJ registered against me at Northampton Court & that the claimant has now applied for an Attachment of Earnings Order.... I've got 8 days to reply. I've no details of this court order - having read this site a little I'm sure it must be dodgy as I think it relates to a credit card my wife had from years ago. I'm thinking that I might be able to get the judgement set aside anyway (as I haven't been living in the UK, so no way could I have received the papers from the court)..... I just need a few pointers as to exactly what to do now in reply to the court papers? I need to take the right action straight away & would really appreciate a 'step-by-step' on what I must do to get the immediate process stopped / delayed. I've found out how to apply to get the original judgement stopped, should I do this now or deal with my local court on this? Help me please!
  9. Hi, My wife & I are in serious trouble with debts & I just don't have a clue how to go about beginning to sort this out - I could really use some practical advice from the experts on this site as a starting point to getting back on track. In brief, upto about 18 months ago I was well employed in a 100Kpa job, we had plenty of credit cards but were getting by paying things without too many problems. Then my mum died & my wife attempted suicide, it started a real decline for me. The interest rates were increasing on my credit cards & I started using one card to pay off another until everything was eventually at it's limits. We had a house which we attempted to sell - but the market slowdown made that impossible to clear the mortgage. Eventually, at our wits end, we just packed up all our belongings & moved to a friends house in France & just ignored it all. Stopped paying the mortgage - everything. Now, 18 months later we are absolutely out of money & have to return to the UK in about 3 weeks time. We have been offered somehwhere to stay (family home) for a few weeks until we can get on out feet - but my real issue is that I really want to srt out the debt issues so that we can live without fearing a knock on the door. I don't know how much we owe (maybe 75k on cards) and the house has probably been repossessed - I just don't know! I would suspect that there have been loads of court actions against us in our absence. If I register for unemplyment benefit I am guessing that umpteen bailifs etc will just appear on the doorstep - that though scares us silly & I would rather do whatever I can to avoid it. We have no money & no work (yet) but should be able to find employment once back in the UK..... how can I start to sort this mess out? Please if you could offer some constructive information on starting points I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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