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  1. I have today recieved a letter from fredrickson saying they have failed to receive a responce to previous correspondance and have therfore made tracing enquiries for my current address, and have asked me to call them immediately. It doesnt say what its about. I have never got any letters from them before. I owe egg money but have been paying it off to westcot after thy defaulted me for the past year. should i call, ignore or write to thm? or i was thinking of doing a return to sender on the letter. any advice? Thanks
  2. This is what I wrote in my LBA to LLoyds:- "For the avoidance of doubt I also request a true copy of the original contract that I signed with Lloyds TSB Bank and a copy of the terms and conditions that I received at that time along with any subsequent amendments to these terms and conditions until they reflect your current terms and conditions. Also I request a detailed report of which clause, in the terms and conditions, each charge had been applied against." In reply I recieved:- "The majority of contracts we hold between the bank and our customers are not held in relevant filing systems and are therfore not subject to the right of subject access under the DPA. For your information i have included a standard leaflet which has nothing to do with your orignal request" (might as wel have said that) Im assuming they are refering to microfiche. can someone please point me to the microfiche template letter, i cant find it. thanks!
  3. Thanks UPDATE I wrote to egg telling them they are in default, giving them a further month. I have written to the CRA's stating that egg were in default and asking them to remove the 'default notice' from egg. awaiting replies . . .
  4. UPDATE Although Lloyds had said in their first letter that they would review my case as under 'hardship' they answered my LBA with a standard letter stating that all claims were currently being put on hold. Therfore, I called the FOS and asked them to step in as I am a genuine hardship case, they said they would initially write to Lloyds to urge them to give me a final answer as the '8 week' complaint handling timeframe does not finish till July. I have been advised that if Lloyds do not give me a FINAL answer by July then the FOS will again take it further. Additionaly. when I sent Lloyds my LBA I asked in one of the paragraphs for them to supply with a true copy of the agreement along with the orignal terms and ammendments with the charges specifics highlighted. Lloyds have written back saying that the information is NOT held in a relevant filing system. Although it doesnt say the kind of filing system. I read about the microfiche argument somewhere and so a template letter, cant find it now, can anyone point it out please?! I will wait to see what the FOS say as my first 'charge' was in October 2004 so keeping in mind the 6 year rule, if the FOS do not get anywhere I will apply through the local county court!!
  5. hi steve, yes mate tht was the total amount not including interest. any suggestion re the cca request? PS please change the thread title to WON!!
  6. UPDATE Egg will refund the £260 back onto the account, which I guess is fair as I owe them £6k. Took 2 weeks from prelim, they replied within 7 days so i sent an lba giving them further 7 days. I doctered the andrew n_wide letter. I did ask for a copy of my agrreement AND default notice with the prelim (2 weeks ago) but by mistake i said i would give them 28 days to comply lol (my fault should have read up on my statutory right, ie 12 days!) I havnt recieved anything yet, should I give them the 28 days I said i would?!! Finally a huge thank you to for the help from this forum, donation will follow. I am now chasing Lloyds for current account AND credit card, will keep you guys posted in the correct section
  7. Thank you PM, i didnt know about that post!!
  8. Hi I really need some advice re my car. I have a car on personal contract hire. Have had it since July 07 on a 3 year contract. Since then the car has been in for warrenty repairs 4 times, due to go in for the 5th time. The first time I let it go as I thought these things happen and thats what the warrenty is for. Then Seeing as the problem wasnt sorted (loud pitch squeak from the breaks) I called the broker to ask for help and they insisted that it was MY responsibility, use the warrenty! Me being naive accepted this and took it in the 2nd time, note that everytime the car goes in I have to take time of work, be without a car for howevver long it takes to fix, pay for cabs to and from dealer (no tube near by) and incur mileage for the trips to and fro (10k per annum limit). After 2nd time, I found the problem came back after a few weeks, so called dealer again, took it in and cost incurred as above! Got it back and guess what??!! probs again this time with an extra noise form the suspension everytime i take a corner and hit a bump/pothole etc. At this point I wrote a email to car company head office and they this time picked up the car from home, dropped of a loan car (insurance at my expense however) and I thought ok lets hope they have taken my complaint seriously this time. Lo and behold problems back and now the dealer have asked for help from the UK technical manager of the car company. lately whilst reading up on this great forum i twigged that my contract is regulated by the CCA 1974 therfore its the lease company that are liable. I have tried contacting them through the broker, but the broker says they have asked for help and see what happens etc. Note that throught this whole prob (nearly 8 months) i have had very limited use of the vehicle. i have made payments in time and now feel very very downhearted. My main question is is their anything i can say or do to make lease company help, can i get sum money back for having half a car but paying full payments?! please help, it will be very appreciated!!
  9. Hi m8, as pgh says they have 40 days, therfore ignore their letter, and if you dnt hear from them within the time frame u stated use the template for non DPA compliance, check this thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html hope that helps
  10. Hi mate, by your first letter do you mean the request for you statements/charges list?
  11. They practically forced me into signing the agreemant at my branch to switch the classic MC to the DUO. I was at the counter, then a member of staff came behined me when i finished led me into a room and said I would get a better interest rate if i signed! I had the same issue where I recieved a bill for the Classic MC although it had been closed and balance transfered! I made a payment over the phone to the DUO account. Now i have just realised that althought their website shows an APR of 15ish% on the DUO card I am on 20% this they say is because i am not a NEW customer off the web. Although it is slightly lower than the 26% on the classic card! Re the balance transfer, us OLD customers are not eligible to it on the transfered balance, however they do you a deal on NEW balances. This is the case as i just got my first DUO statement and i have been charged interest! I will write a letter of complaint, but have decided to just pay it off in the next month!! RANT OVER!
  12. Thank you saintly, any opinions on the FOS or Court route. taking into account i will be applying as hardship case as im a uni student!
  13. Hey all! My story: Sent prelim for £1k+ recieved on 8/5/08, mentioned in the letter that I was a full time student therfore wanted to be assessed as a hardship case. Recieved reply to prelim today (9 days) in the form of a standard complaints reply telling me to allow 4-8 weeks for them to look into it. Should I send the LBA? Also as I have asked to be considered as a hardship case, if/and when i have to take it further what avenue do people recommend? FOS or court route? I understand from my reading that in court the case will be probably stayed and them I can apply for the stay to be removed! Any help appreciated!
  14. Hi I sent my prelim to the registered address too, recieved a standard reply, re 4-8 weeks to answer complaint, today from the Andover address. Maybe yours got returned because you addressed it to 'customer services', maybe not. I would just send the LBA now stating your initial letter was ignored, state you sent it recorded delivery.
  15. lol cheers for the informed advice. i have decided to write asking for a refund and querying the default notice, it is the only blemish on an otherwise perfect file. yet it counts against me nearly everytime, i will send the prelim today (16/05/08) and keep the thread updated. Thanks again!
  16. Thanks S4064, Im in two minds now as I really dont want to 'rock the boat' as it were, but I will carry on researching. Thanks again! Got another question, dont laugh but the following paragraph (below) was in my SAR, taken from templates, I know its asking for something but what exactly? Egg have not answered this question in the reply with the statements. " Additionally, where there has been any event in my account history over this period which has required manual intervention by any member of your staff, or any other person, I require disclosure of any indication or notes which have either caused or resulted in that manual intervention, or other evidence of that manual intervention in relation to my banking business with you."
  17. Steven, Mistermind, Thanks for the informed opinions. MM thanks for the template link, I came across it during research n have it bookmarked for future ref! I assume the debt has been 'sold' to Westcot (sorry got my DCA's mixed up). However, got my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) statements thru. Now, the account was opened in 2002 and default enterd on my Credit File 2004, yet statements are dated TO DATE. ie they have the monthly amount credited to the egg account every month albeit labled as 'DCA Payment'. Through my reading of various posts I understand that DCA's can 'buy' the debt OR act as 'collecting agents' is this correct? Does what I have explained seem like they are merely 'collecting'? Now that I have explained further are there any different opinions? Thanks for reading! Any kind of knowledge appreciated
  18. Hi everyone, Firstly, thanks for everyones hard work and support, have done alot of reading and I wish I knew some of this stuff in my 'debt' heyday! I have one arrangement left which is a default CC account with Egg, payments now made to Intrum DCA. The amount left is large enough so that if demanded I would NOT be able to pay back in one go. If I claimed my 'returned DD's' and 'over limit' charges is there a chance egg would demand the outstanding amount on the account?? I am happily paying off a menial amount every month. The charges total upto around £260 not inc interest. SHould I do it, whats the chance they will ask for full settlement? Thanks for reading.
  19. Tilly, Saint, thanks for the replies, I am reading
  20. hey everyone. a quick note to say hi. I have done alot of reading re reclaiming on TMF and moneysavingexpert and alot of the posts point to CAG! I hope to reclaim against LLoyds for current account and CC. Also against Egg. I am currently a full time student, the extra money will help alot. I will see how I get on then help mum and dad with their claims. thanks to everyone for their hard work upto now!!
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