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  1. Hi Brigadier So when they put the default on and date it december 2008 am i right in saying it will drop off in december 2014 and it will be statute barred ....? also what happens if they take me to court in the meantime and apply for a charging order on my home .....can i fight it ?? if so how ?? can RW apply for a charging order or does it have to be littlewoods themselves ??
  2. Hi Brigadier2jcs the credit report states that the start date is 25/04/2003. date last delinquent 02/2014 there is no default date in it at present, it just states in arrears. updated 17/02/2014. also there have been two trace searches by CABOT and one by Robinson Way , i have not authorised these searches can i do anything about that ? any assistance please would be grateful ....
  3. Hi All I defaulted on a debt in 2007/2008. the company is LPF ( littlewoods finance which i believe was run by barclaycard). today i received a letter saying they have been reporting inaccurate information about me and that they are now issuing a formal demand on me for £6,881.43. they also state that they are going to issue a default notice dated as from december 30th 2008. looking at a copy of my credit file from last year the account is shown as default / delinquent balance £6,308. date updated 16/07/2013. yet all the sums from 2007 show £4,500 from march to december 2007 and £4,500 from jan to october 2008. there is nothing shown from november 2008 up to the present day ?????? where do i stand ????? also at the bottom of the letter is states that LPF is a trading name of Solution Personal Finance Ltd and the creditor is Barclays Bank Plc.????? what do i do / who do i write to ? i was hoping the statute of limitation would kick in in december this year if i do nothing, is this still the case ????? anyone help please ??
  4. Hi Citizen B I wonder if you can help me. I have checked my Equifax report and it shows a default on my black horse account of 01.02.2010. I have checked my file and the first default notice was issued on 24th june 2008. I have asked Equifax to change it back to the original date and they have refused . Am I right in asking them to change it back to 24.06.2008 ???? Ginger Whinger
  5. Hi Guys n Gals Due to business failure i have a personal overdraft of £5600+ which I cannot pay off due to low wages . They do not have my phone number (strange , they know everything else) I have sent them the odd letter but they keep asking me to contact them by phone which i will not do as i have other debts and once they start phoning you they never stop , once bitten twice shy as they say . I can and have cca,d the cards and loans but can i do it to an overdraft? I have had it since about 1996 but it has obviously grown since then .? HELP Ginger Whinger
  6. Hi Guys n Gals I took out a fiat car loan (5 year h p loan ) on a fiat car in march 2007. I paid it for about 12 months and then my business went bust . I have not paid them since about april 2008. I sent the agreement to one of them firms which deal with hp agreements and they said i had a case because they had not replied to my s.a.r , i asked for the s.a.r. in july 2008 . THEY STILL HAVE NOT REPLIED, THEY EVEN SENT THE REPO MEN AROUND TO REPO THE CAR .The loan was for 5 years from march 2008. The firm dealng said they could not deal any more as the amount i could hope to get back was around £2000 for a duff hp agreement and they only deal if it is more than £5000 that they can get back . WHAT DO I DO NOW ? DO I GIVE THE CAR BACK ? DO I CLAIM THE LOAN IS UNENFORCEABLE AND KEEP THE CAR ? HELP . Ginger Whinger
  7. Hi Guys n Gals Based on what has been said in this forum how do i deal with a bank overdraft i am unable to pay due to reduced wages and other credit card and hire purchase loans .?(due to business failure ) Can i send them all the letter asking for debt validation , i sent one recently to crapital one and they wrote bank saying it only applies under american law and not british law.? I am dealing with most of the credit card by way of cca's but the hire purchase and especially the large overdraft and credit cards outside the april 2007 deadline are killing me any ideas anyone .? Ginger WHINGER
  8. Hi All I have been unable to pay more than £1 a month on my Halifax Credit card which now due to charges has a balance of £8700 +. The £1 was an arrangement , they have now sent me a letter from Blair,Oliver and Scott threatening door to door agents to call on me and court action and then if i do not pay a charging order. I have been told the agreement is enforceable as it was only signed in novemberish 2008. Anyone Help ? Ginger Whinger
  9. I have received a letter from a debt collector called blair , oliver and scott. they have been given my details by halifax with whom i have a credit card debt of £8700 which I cannot pay . I have been paying £1 per month and for the last 2 months i have been paying £10 per month . They now want FULL PAYMENT OR COURT ACTION TO GET A CCJ AND IF I DONT NOT PAY THE CCJ THEY WILL PUT A CHARGING ORDER ON MY PROPERTY ? ANY IDEAS ? Halifax have not sent me any letters re this debt collector. As far as i was aware i had an agreement . Unfortunately I also have a mortgage with Halifax and I am paying off two months arrears.? Tax funded banks preying on taxpayers talk about gamekeeper turned poacher . it seems like the government / tax payeris now the debt collecting agency for the whole banking system . ginger whinger
  10. Hi All I have an Abbey bank account which has an overdraft of £5600. Due to being unemployed for quite some time I have had to review my financial situation and make cutbacks. I have now put all my business personal and otherwise through another bank . I am now faced with an overdraft of £5600 i cannot pay because the new job I have pays a lot less than my last one in 2006. They informed me at the beginning of this month that they were going to reduce my overdraft from £5600 to £3600 at the end of this month without any consultation .I have not informed them of what I am doing yet . General Questions really are current accounts challengable , any advice ? How do I deal with them I would like to offer them £50 a month but this month's interest alone is £85. Help Please . Ginger Whinger
  11. Hi all I have a capital one credit card . I have sent a cca request and they have not sent me a copy of the cca only a photocopy of my other accounts application form (front page only ).they also sent me a copy of what I beleive is their current T & C . Do I now ask for S.A.R or go for the jugular and inform them that as they cannot supply a copy of my original cca the agreement is not enforceable and tell them to go forth and multiply , or do I ask them again for a copy of my cca. help please . ginger whinger
  12. Hi guys n gals I have sent a CCA to capital one and they have sent me a copy of my original application dated 2003 . They also sent a letter with the CURRENT T & C'S printed on the back of the letter. They also sent a print out of my usage . They have been ringing me every day from 8am to 9pm for weeks , I have told my family to tell them I am not in as I have written to them several times asking for all dealings to be in writing , I have also had arguments on the phone requesting that they ONLY deal by writing. I got so fed up with all this that I started asking them to identify who they were when they requested security checks . They said it didnt work that way , I said if they didnt know who I was as they had my phone number and name why were they calling me ? They said it didnt work that way Doh . I said as I couldn't prove who they were as I didn't have their details I would not talk to them except as requested in writing . They still continued to call , I have sent CAG anti telephone harassment letters , they said they couldn't accept them as I had not signed them , I re sent them signed , they replied that they HAD to phone me to discuss options . I said they could write as requested , they said they couldn't do that as phoning was better. Anyway I got really P***** off and requested that I am now withdrawing my permission under the data protection act for my telephone number to be left on their records and requested that they remove it ? no surprises they said tough in so many words . I threatened them with the Police they said Tough in so many words and even said that it was not an offence as the FSA said they could call to chase debts . I lost my rag at this and demanded to know the names of all their Executive Directors Home addresses and Home telephone numbers and also their work addresses and work telephone numbers so I could call them as many times as they were calling me . GUESS WHAT ==== YES THEY REFUSED saying they didn't have that information and THAT I WAS'NT ENTITLED TO IT. I even requested this by letter and they refused to supply the information because I told them I required the information for the police so I could report them individually for harassment . I am still receiving numerous phone calls from them , today took a nasty turn for the worst , they called today Sunday of all days at approx 5.30pm , they spoke to my daughter who is 12 years old and told her that it was a personal call as she always asks who is calling so she had to pass it to me . When I found out it was Capital One I went into One , as far as I am aware the regulations state that Companies are to state who they are and what the nature of their business is to the person who answers the phone --- they should not have to be asked -- I am disgusted by this new tactic , they are also calling from different numbers every time now as well . Once I explained Capital One was in the wrong the caller quickly left another number for me which I won't be calling . All for a card with £600 + £90 charges on . Any ideas any one . Especially about the CCA and what to do next.? Thanks Ginger Whinger
  13. Hi All I have a car with fiat on fiat finance .due to being unemployed earlier in the year i have missed monthly payments since may . I am now back in employments and made an offer to them which they refused to take up. The agreement was for 5 years from april 2007 . I have missed approx 5 payments . They have sent me a default notice. On friday 05/09/08 I came home to find a letter from a recovery firm wanting me to phone them . i have not yet. I have put my fiat loan details through a firm who said they would check to see if the agreement was ok or not some weeks ago . I have contacted them but they say that fiat have not sent the S.A.R. documents back to them . WHERE DO I STAND WITH THE CAR . Am I right in saying that whilst the correct documents have not been returned as per S.A.R. they cannot take the vehicle as the account is in dispute ? The vehicle is not taxed and I have done a S.O.R.N. on it and it is parked on my drive way . Can they just take it without my permission ? Or do they have to wait until the S.A.R. request has been dealt with ? HELP PLEASE . GINGER WHINGER
  14. Hi guys n gals I have requested CCA's from credit card companies and all I have received from most of them is an unreadable photocopy (the magnification is too small) mostly of the bit of my original application which has my signature and states that it is a consumer credit agreement under the 1974 act, some also supplies wads of terms and conditions . Is that small bit where my signature goes a CCA ? Ginger Whinger
  15. Hi Guy's n Gals I have approx £45000 credit card debt,£5000 catalouge debts and approx £22000 hire purchase debt . I have sent for CCA's. I am now receiving defaults.Debts accrued through job loss due to disability/illness. I would like to know what to look for in the CCA,s assuming they are sent to me= what do I challenge=what do I claim=what letters do I send=when do I send them(in which order).etc I am due to start a new 12mth contract job shortly - not enough to pay the debts but better than nothing --If I have to take time off to attend court I will probably be sacked -where do I stand-Can i ask to attend court on my days off? I do not really want my employer to know. Ginger Whinger
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