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  1. thankx goldie yes its a limited company and i would prefer to settle but seeing as they already have made false allegations ........ I have typed out a stat demand and was going to send it to the registered address in the morning by signed for delivery as well as taking my claim to small claims on friday . Is this legal i.e parallel action. The winding up order costs £750 I believe - but this is principal more than cash.
  2. Thanks goldie, Well the company owes me £2500 so I have compiled another letter containing a statutory demand as well as the court papers I intend to submit on Friday. Its sad really - In his letter to me he states mistruths about scope of supply too - I havent responded to anything at all just to say what the action is - Is this the right course action - I believe so ? Cheers
  3. Hi I keep this very simple - hope someone is able to help out I have a limited company. I did some work over several months for another company at an hourly rate which was paid every month no problem. The guy I worked for got smart about hours worked and basically wanted more hours worked without paying etc... so i decided based upon that and teh fact he was on stop with several creditors and already was late with my project through no fault of my own that I would no longer supply any hours to them. There is no contract in writing with my limited company although we have had
  4. Hi Wonder if anyone can help. I owe small arrears to CSA - I am paying it back under protest within 24 month period in line with agency steer. I ask this question. Is it possible or indeed feasible that this would stand up in court under "demanding money with menaces". I ask this as they keep ignoring my letters regarding arrears being incorrect - end of.
  5. I forgot to mention this is from a creditor from my failed IVA - I kinda thought that a default has probably been issued before anyway but havent got any paperwork relating to the debt at all. No statements or anything .
  6. Thx peeps Im a bit confused now - does this mean that they are kinda charging me to issue a default notice in the first place (like an admin fee?). Cant see how that can be justified its probably a template excercise taking two minutes. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.
  7. sure I have typed it out word for word: "if you do not respond to this letter, you will be served with a default notice in accordance with section 87(1) of the consumer credit act 1974. THE COST OF THIS DEFAULT NOTICE IS £50 AND WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR BALANCE." I was wondering if the £50 was legal as I couldnt find anything about fees within the consumer act 1974.
  8. Hi group, Im new lol. How much is a creditor able to charge for a default notice?
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