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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply It was a charge. It was £50 per application (2 of us) and £25 guarentor fee. The problem I have (maybe morel) is that it was a fee to put an application in and at no point was I told they would accept further applications while ours was being processed.
  2. Hi, first sorry if its in the wrong place. Myself and my partner put an application in for a property to rent. The cost in putting this in was £125. Everything went through, they was just waiting for a works reference to come back. We had no contact from them, but noticed the house was taken off the website, so we thought great, its all gone through. My partner called to be told we have not got it as works reference had not come back and they accepted another apllication which was put in a day after we put ours in. At no point were we told they would accept further applications, and at no point does it mention it on their website either. Every other letting agent we have rang has said there is a application on it if there was one and would not even accept viewings. This particular one has told us after we did not get the house that they would have accepted three! This would be a guarenteed extra £250 off peole that would not even get the house, nice little earner! I don't think we do but do we have a chance of getting any of our money back, we would not have even gone for it with those fees if there was a chance we would not get it through no fault of our own. Any help at all would be so grateful. Money is so tight at the moment, new house and baby on way, just feel so let down.
  3. This has happened a few weeks now in the Blackpool Store, and had no problems so far in not having to go into town and pay it, they just tell me to try again later, and last week it still was not working by saturday close, so they said to ring monday and that I would not be charged late fees (actually didnt pay it till the wednesday as their system did not start working till then). Just ring them up, tell them you are paying by card as that is one of their payment methods (we are all told this on signing up) and you will pay it as SOON as their system is up and running.
  4. sadly i did, they had them on display, and you could test them. However, they do have a 7 day trial period from delivery of item, and i have not recieved it yet. I phoned yesterday, which i recorded, and he seemed like he tried to avoid the answer of getting a refund. Really can see it being a struggle to get my money back.
  5. I started a subscription for an electronic ciggarette where they send you out the unit then send out the nicotine tips every week. I signed up for this in a shopping centre. They told me the price was £9.99 a week, which I thought was ok considering I spend £35 a week on fags. I signed up for this on 25/09/09 an was told they would take the money off my card that day an send out but I would not recieve till the monday as that was a Friday, I was fine with that. However no money was taken at all, I tried to contact them the next week and could not get through, always on hold then cut off. Payment was taken on 05/10/09 but I was away in the lakes so thought ok, just have to start using it when i get home. When I arrived home on 10/10/09 nothing was there. To make matters worse, they has taken £11.47 out of my account. On 12/10/09 another payment was taken, this time for £17.23, but I dint realise this till this morning on checking my bank, my account was then made overdrawn meaning I will get a nice £35 charge!!! I have still recieved absolutely nothing!! I rang them today and actually got through. He said he will lookk into it where my item is, and that those prices I paid are correct as its £9.99 + vat + delivery, none of which was told to me, in fact a specifically asked what would be taken out as I only leave enough in my account to cover outgoings, as the rest of the money is kept safe at home to cover food and things. I said to him im not interested at that price as its cheaper just buying them froma shop. He said I have to send a recorded letter to them cancelling as long as Im in the timescale (it should be as the terms say 7 days trial from delivery of goods, money back if not happy). Now Im not happy with this farce at all, Im going to send this letter tommorrow, but Im now stuck witha £35 charge which I will get for being overdrawn, no idea if i will atually get my money back or not, paying out for recorded delivery (yes not a lot but its my money), maybe having to do the same if these other parcels come, eventually. Any help with this one or any things to put in the letter to help things along. any help appreciated
  6. We paid £100 for our bay window blinds, and they were cheap, and the blinds are no where near as good as high quality ones, but we were only staying there a year so didnt want to pay too much, but our finishing on corners was top notch, the shoddy work you have been given is totally unnaceptable! As others have said, dont be bullied, and I truly hope this gets sorted, for the money you are paying, nobody in their right mind would think that work is ok!
  7. I remember having an argument in my younger years (owning the road, knowing absolutely everything), and was pulled my a (surprisingly) nice officer. I went through just after a light turned red. He said, red means stop, amber means stop, green means be prepared to stop. I said yes but if Id have slammed on the car behind may have gone into the back of me (HE was the car behind me I must point out), to that he stated would be his problem for not traveling at a safe distance. Still dont think I would slam on, rather have my rear bumper go through a red light than some one go smashing into my backside with my daughter in the back, still they just diont see it that way We are lucky where we live, we only have one of those cameras on our traffic lights, and thats heading away from here, our town is far more focussed on general speed cameras and ANPR cameras.
  8. If I worked for that DCA I would volunteer to do the doorstep harrasment
  9. Hi, I noticed this morning that I have been having £10 payments taken out monthly from this company. I had no idea why, so I gave them a ring. At first they could find nothing to do with me or my adress, but it finally came to light that I had set this up for my ex in Jan 2008. We split up in april 2008, and to be honest I completely forgot about this, I was more concerned about sorting access out for my daughter. They told me that its now being handled by their solicitors (even though global d r took the money this month), the solicitors are G M Law. They have told me to put it in writing to them, firstly could someone give me an idea what to include in this letter. Secondly, is there any chance at all of reclaiming any of these amounts back, there is zero chance of me doing it from my ex. I know I did set this up, but this is not my debt. Many thanks for any input.
  10. Update: I had the laptop ready to take back in yesterday, and I got a phonecall saying they had a delivery of new ones in and I could pop in and exhange it. When I got there, they had everything sorted, new agreements, and.......my refund To be honest, no hassle at all, which is how it should be when im paying that much for it!! Thanks again all, for your advice and confidence building, to be honest I'm the type of person that would sit back and keep something I'm not hapy with, so I'm really gratefull, Im very very happy now.
  11. Hi, thanks for all the replys. Yes they have already said I will have to sign a new agreement, this is mainly due to the fact it will be a new machine, not said anything yet but I will be making sure The payment I have made goes towards the new one. Plumberjon, your right, they are all over 2 years. Also, Im at my parents at the moment due to a split from my ex partner, and paying that£1 odd is worth it to keep any responsibilty and actions away from them, so I really dont mind paying for that. I definately dont want the OSC, and to be fair, they didnt try pushing it on me, maybe they remember the letter I took in from this website Lefty, for once, Im really hoping you are proven wrong
  12. Part result - I rang them (how I got the confidence for that I dont know!!) They said they dont have any in stock at the moment, but when they do, they will ring me and I can just come in and exchange it. Fantastic, thanks BankFodder, like you said, their not all that bad sometimes.
  13. The one advertised on the site is: Acer 18" Laptop Features 18.4" WXGA CrystalBrite Display Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 4Gb RAM 320Gb Hard disk drive Blu-ray Disc NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512Mb Graphics Card Cinedash Media Console Wi-Fi 6-in-1 card reader Built in CrystalEye Webcam Fingerprint reader Windows Vista Home Premium Dolby Home Theatre This is the 8930g model. The model I recieved was an earlier 8920: Intel Core 2 Duo (T5750) 2.0 GHz Processor with 2048KB L2 Cache and 667MHz FSB Memory Size: 4096 MB (2 x 2048MB) Storage: 320GB Hard Drive 18.4 inch WUXGA CineBrite TFT LCD Montior CrystalEye Webcam Modem/LAN/Wireless LAN Bluetooth 2.0+EDR Blu-ray Disc/DVD-SuperMulti Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS Graphics
  14. I got an Acer laptop from Brighthouse yesterday, and didnt really have time to check it in store (stupid I know - rushing!!!). Basically it was a quality refurbished one (descibed on the agreement as condition - excellent) This I would not say to be in excellent condition just good. There are many many many scratches to the outside case. Also, when I was looking for the laptop, I researched on their website and saw the one I wanted. I went in and thought it was the model I was after, it was the on 18.4" one that was advertised on their site, and the outer box they gave me it in stated this was correct. However, I turned the laptop on, and looked at the specs, its an earlier model (lower CPU, lower graphics card). I am not happy with it, and I did not take out the OSC (just DLC), so where do I stand on taking this back and asking for a brand new model, I dont mind paying the extra for it, its a lovely laptop (fantastic even) just I want the model that is on the website. many thanks all
  15. I have been charged by these for the past few years, and to be honest, I dont even have a clue what Im paying for. I have always assumed its something that was passed on from a debt I had, but I cant figure out what it could be as anything that size I paid off (eventually!!). The payments are still going strong and fast, and have worked out I must have paid 'at least' £2300!!! Biggest loan I ever had was for £1200 and that was paid, iI have had credit cards, but maximum on them was £500. And I have my car finance through Welcome (groan, but I pay them on time no arrears, and thats just over a year old). What are my steps here, I have cancelled my Direct debit. I really dont want to phone them as I have serious issues when speaking to ignorant people over the phone, and seem to swear a lot (in fact sales people have really dwindled these days!!). Any help as usual, is really appreciated. The amounts not great a month (just over £38), but if thats supposed to be my money I would much rather be spending it on my daughter when I see her. Again thanks all. Jay
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