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  1. i forgot to mention ive also logged a complaint with mp as i dont think the late fees are fair due to the economic down turn i will wait reply and keep u updated
  2. ty all for the help i will print these letters off and take it from there
  3. oh and i did try putting things in writting but i just got a nasty home visit by the store manager
  4. also whilst im thinking on i sent a letter similar to this about 6 months ago and the harrasement stopped i can afford to pay but i suffer with M E and i struggle to deal with things also i have only 1 month left on 2 agreements and 1 year on another also one item i intend sending back as it is no essential but ive asked em to take it back before and they would nt
  5. i have just paid it up to date but what im upset with is the harrasement i will send the letter harrasement by telephone letter and await response thanks for your help
  6. hi im wondering iof someone can help i was 3 weeks behind with my account as we are struggling i have brought it to the attention of the brighthouse store manager and got no help, so anyway 1 week before christmas my step dad died and ive had a bad time of it then i ended up with pneumonia because i was run down and from the 3rd of january up to today my account was late and what happened was yesterday brighthouse phoned on the shop number and let it ring constantly off the hook without pause for 20 mins then put phone down for 5 mins and repeated it again then they phoned on a witheld number and then a mobile number i know this numbers were them as they did this once before ive had to have my phone constantly unplugged for the last 3 weeks as this is how i was hounded from the day after i went late. as ive found out because of my phone being unplugged my mum could nt get hold of me and not fogetting shes just lost her husband of 22 years so she was nt in a good state hopefully somone can advise me thanks donna
  7. i cant work out how to make my own thread but i will work it out eventually but i do need all the help i can get as it has made me ill today
  8. i hope something is done as ive been getting harrasement off this company for 3 weeks now due to me being late with my account i explained 6 months ago i was struggling also my step dad died 1 week before christmas and ive had pneumonia but they dont care so ive just emailed the news of the world telling em about my problems
  9. baisically what im trying to say is yes i want to get the charges but how do i do it as there threatening to take my goods away if i dont pay em and its in final stages and also how do i deal with harrasement from them i would be very greatful if someone can help me as the charges have only occured because of a break down in comunications between them and me
  10. about 6 months ago i had a problem getting brighthouse to repair my dryer which i was in proccess of purchasing from them it was not drying it was making wierd noises and they took it away after 4 months it still wasnt back i tried to chase it up with no joy in the end they sent me what they said was a reconditioned dryer what a load of rubbish they sent me the original one back just with reconditioned stickers on still had same problems and now because of extra dry times i had to use my dryer more and in extre circumstances i had to use radiators more and because of this it has left me struggling as ive ended up with a 500 pound electric bill just in 2 months im now struggling to pay my brighthouse agreement ive had charges applied which im now struggling to pay. so anyway they phoned last week was i coming in on the saturday and i said yes not realising i was at a wedding so anyway they kept phoining all day my partner kept answereing and explaining to them i wasnt in and a payment would be sent on tuesday as i did but on the monday i got a call where was i on the saturday and i explained i was at a wedding and the lady said i could have come out of the wedding to contact them. So in the end i wrote a letter complaining about harrasement and asking for charges to taken from my accoun and for them to actually come and take away 2 items and take the payment of them from the monies owed i got a letter back not explaining anything but yesterday whilst i was at casualty without any warning they turned up to take back there items and there was no one in again they left a nasty message all i want to know is there anywhere i can go about the charges and the harrasment i have paid the amount owed less the charges and the amount for the items that i need returning
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