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  1. Many thanks 42Man! Just one more thing, should I yet again enclose a £1 postal order for asking them again for the correct CCA or not? Don't want them to use that as a get out clause.
  2. Can anybody point me in the right direction ... please?
  3. Well yes I am facing a default as I have not been able to pay anything for over 4 months now. Circumstances are per:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-1551497.html I guess my main aim is in having the balance wiped out due to the agreement not being correct. Or have I missed the point of chalenging a CCA? I'm not entirely sure of all the angles on this despite what I have read on the matter so far.
  4. The date I signed it was 02/10/2004. So what should/do I do next?
  5. Starting a fresh thread on this after helpful advice from a few members... I have sent a CCA letters to HSBC and I had a reply from HSBC after 4 day's but I am not sure if what they have sent me is enforcable as it is only a copy of a small aplication slip which I think was my original application, can somebody guide me please on this? (I'll be honest, I am really getting a bit confused by much of this CCA stuff and after reading so many threads on it and my head is spinning.) And if they have not sent me the correct CCA details what is my next step in this and when should I write to
  6. Hi creditcardmug, this will be my 5th post so I can now start a fresh thread and link to my "clear" scan of the doc. Will post now, many thanks for your help so far!
  7. Tell me about it! I had Campylobacter myself a number of years ago from I suspect a meal from KFC but proving it of course is/was another thing. I thought I was dying at the time and even in hospital when I was admitted they thought my apendix was about to burst, nasty stuff. It also stayed in the system for several years after and I had two further bouts of it. Fast food? Not for me anymore.
  8. Thanks for reply, trouble is cannot post direct links to an image until I've made "5" posts - already tried. Guess I'm one nearer now though. Thanks for advice too on starting the new thread.
  9. Many thanks for your reply Rory & sorry for my delay in replying, a lot of personal stuff having to be dealt with at the mo. You are correct in that I am not a homeowner. I have considered asking my creditors to write my debts off but I guess I am just not convinced that they would. How likely is this consdering my circumstances? Also in the meantime I have sent CCA letters to HSBC & Capital One and today it is 7 day's since they have recieved them. I had a reply from HSBC after 4 day's but I am not sure if what they have sent me is enforcable as it is only a copy of a s
  10. Hi, please help this newbie work his way through a maze, and I hope I have posted this in the correct place. I have already had advice from National Debtline and that was to go bankrupt, which I cannot even afford to do (I do realise that £150 is waived because of my circumstances) or do not really want to do especially if there are more options open to me to try so here's my situation. I only have 3 debts - Capital One (Visa CC) - £1950 HSBC (Overdraft) - £810 HSBC (Mastercard CC) - £4000 I have been unable to pay regular payments any of these since the end of Februar
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