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  1. have you tried using the publicly available MID database which will confirm if the vehicle is on the register??
  2. as you cancelled and the TP may have registered a claim the full premium would be due. If a claim has been reported you should have received all the relevant claim forms etc
  3. i would also check the small print with laptops, as where they maybe covered for A/D, they are not covered whilst they are being carried.
  4. "potential incidents"?? thats why we take out insurance. If they are referring to the claims they have jumped the gun. If you have decided not to claim, then the u/w are correct to asked you to get things fixed to avoid any further potential loss as UB67 stated (lock not working,possible theft,leaking flat roof,water damage etc). I would complain and advise them that they have potentially made you uninsurable as not many other companys will insure someone who has had insurance cancelled. There is also a possibility that the 3 claims have been recorded and will show on the Claims Underwriting Exchange (CUE) and will get picked up by other insurers
  5. id wait for a more definate reply from Endymion, but i think you shouldnt reply by email, if you are going to request the file as per DPA etc wait till you get the whole file in one go, otherwise they could be drip feeding you information like this for months.
  6. call them back and log a complaint and then ask to escalate it. You had a renewal price, which you thought was a bit high, I assume you went through to the retention unit as you had had cheaper quotes elsewhere? they said they will try to reduce your renewal price. They gave you a figure,you agreed & paid in full. Job done.Their calls ARE recorded,ask them to listen to it. Whilst a complaint it open they cannot cancel your policy until resolved. Also mention the FOS,this also speeds things up.
  7. my cousin had the same problem,took out a new phone,phone call soon after saying that CPW had passed her details on & would you like insurance etc
  8. unfortunately i totally sympathise with your position, I see this day after day,youngsters get their 1st car (Corsa usually) get comp insurance (thinking I must have comp to protect my car) pay the £1,000sss premium by monthly installments,then have a bump. Cha Ching say the insurance company. Excess please (possibly in excess £600) then the full premium is due if the car is a total loss, which basically leave the poor kid paying us and losing his car. FOS cant do anything as the insurers are presenting the customer with a policy and a price and if the customer accepts it,then thats it. I would only suggest try getting quotes for the lowest group car (ford ka,corsa,106) (you only need it to get from A-B) & TPO cover.
  9. also check the limits on your personal possesions cover for items worn or carried about your person. They usually have limits of £1000,1500,2500 unless otherwise stated,and any single item over £1000,1500,2500, would have to be insured as a single item. They would also state about having valuations every 2 years or so.
  10. i cant see how the other insurers can say its not the other drivers fault. Your daughter stationary at a junction (so this would put her on the LH side of the road,waiting to pull onto main road?). So if the TP turning into the junction and slid on the ice, cant see how they hold your daughter at fault
  11. if the insurers voided the policy, shouldnt they have had the OP to sign the claim over to them to deal under article 74 of the RTA?? (can someone with claims knowledge back that up?)
  12. find out the reason for the 7 day cancellation, If THEY are cancelling you do not have to pay the full premium regardless of the claim (but accertain the reason first).
  13. i had the same when i complained about increase in telephone line rental,had a reply from an outsourced call centre, they said it the increase was to improve their television service???
  14. if they have listened to the call and confirmed that the rep assumed you wanted to think about it, they should not assume. You give clear instructions to cancel on the 31.03.10. They made an offer which you would think about and would call back if you wished to accept,if you had not called back by the agreed 31.03.10 they should just cancel. Start the complaint ball rolling.
  15. if this is a clear case of RBS error they will backdate the canellation and refund 100%.Have they now cancelled the policy and commented on any notes that may have been on your policy from last year? Sometime consultants forget to lapse auto renewals even when instructed to.
  16. they have acknowledged my complaint and are looking into the information that they are given out. But having had a look on the ABTA website and the fines they dish out following complaints is minimal ranging from £400-£1200. Not even the price of a holiday!.(what do you expect when they are self governing).
  17. there are quite a few articles on google about this kind of problem with the Plasma TV,which have easly been resolved. It looks like there are 3 fuses in the back of the TV and one of them has gone. Did it make a poping sound when you turned the TV on?
  18. 1st things 1st. 1. Were you & your ex down as insured & partner(living with you at the address as if you were married) or You & your ex just as a named driver? if partner,they are allowed to make changes etc as they are treated as a joint policy holder. If she was just a named driver then Admiral are in the wrong by changing the address,dealing with claim and the named driver If it was someone else driving not named,your insurance would still have to deal with the TP claim and would not deal with any damage to your vehicle.
  19. check with the insurer as Confused.com are only an aggrigator site and not the underwriters. If your mum is the reg keeper and you the named & main driver,mum pays for the policy,mot,servicing,vehicle still kept at mums address etc and there is no huge age gap that would give u/w or claims any concern about the policy being fronted. Then there should be no problem, they would just adjust the risk accordingly and charge any extra premium if required.
  20. agree with mossy, as long as she has not cashed the cheque and returned it etc the car is still hers.
  21. Hi just thought Id share my experiance (which is not over yet) of booking online with TC. We were given TC world wide travel vouchers and decided to use them for a summer hol. So i go online find a holiday i want, so check their FAQ`s as i want to pay the deposit online and the balance with the vouchers. And there it is FAQ 58: If I book a package holiday online, can I make a payment in a Thomas Cook shop? If you book your package holiday more than 14 weeks in advance, you will be able to pay a deposit online and then pay the balance either online via the Make a payment link, or in any Store. so happliy i pay the deposit,then off to the store the next day,where im told that they cannot access online bookings from stores or take payment with vouchers only store bookings,i explained the faq statement etc and showed them a printout of the above and the vouchers state can be used to pay for part or all of your holiday etc,but again they cannot help,what a shower. I still doubt this will be resolved as they did allow me to send off my vouchers,despite the website confirming that you have to pay 1st then send the vouchers off before they will refund. any advice if this goes pete tong (wrong;)) how can they get away with all this false information?
  22. Tesco & DL are u/w by RBS so they will be able to liase with each other once you notify Tesco of the letter
  23. sorry you feel that your not getting the right advice, I know how tescos work & we deal with Police roadside stops,court attendance & witness statements. If the information was wrong how did the courts arrive at the conviction? can i ask a few q`s? 1. Why were you calling to make a payment? 2. Are you a permanently named driver on your sons policy or are you on there as a temp driver? 3.why were you stopped if insurance was in place? 4. Who amended the policy to remove you as a driver? Iam not trying to blame but to understand the events that led to you being uninsured and to advise on what might have happened.
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