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  1. did you renew the policy (calling them) or did they auto renew?


    if auto it will still renew despite a payment being missed from the previous renewal.


    Did they say what payment was outstanding i.e was it the final instalment?


    I only ask as I know our systems for (RBS,Churchill etc) will not send the policy holder any letters if the final payment has rejected due to a renewal has already been issued. The 1st the customer is aware is when we start sending chase letters a few weeks down the line.


    Also if THEY have cancelled the policy they should not be charging you the privilege for it.

  2. i v been done over in portugal lost everything in my car, direct line told me im not covered due to not having the green card however iv been advised they have to insure me when overseas


    any advice form the mighty forum:-x



    the policy will provide you with the minium cover required by law to drive in that country If you want to extend your existing cover i.e comp to cover you while abroad you have to pay extra dependant on the number of days abroad.

  3. you would have to listen to the questions carefully, as I know Direct Line, Churchill and anything underwritten by RBS their sales script asks "have you had any accidents,claims or losses in the last 3 years whether insured or not".


    As the car was only TP does not mean that nothing was paid out. They dont put up streetlights for free ;)

  4. if Swintons have cancelled the policy there should be no charge as you have not instructed them, they have taken it upon themselves to action this, just because you were insured with the AA does not make a difference, it is not illegal to insure a car twice (complicated when theres a claim,but not illegal).


    Call them and start the complaints ball rolling, I can see there is nothing in the policy wording regarding if THEY cance,. only a cancellation fee of £50.00 applies.



    you say swinton and the aa have now cancelled your policys is this correct???

  5. Help!!! I am trying to research on behalf of my husband how long we have to disclose that he has had car insurance void by inception.


    Long story short we were broken into and the car was stolen in 2007 (a very traumatic time, especially when the car was never found again) When the policy was automatically renewed we had not updated that he had since received three more points, thus voiding his insurance. We accept that it was his fault and have ended up paying £10000 out as we were not insured.


    What I find utterley appalling is that now since the theft his car insurance has more than trebled due to the 'void' of the insurance. Surely this can not be for the remainder of his life? How long do we have to declare??? To add insult to injury whilst researching I found out that if you are caught drink driving it would only affect your premium for 5 years!! I am thinking that I should turn to crime.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Is it correct to assume that the policy auto renewed and then the vehicle was stolen and that the motoring offence should have been delared during that period of cover?


    did they give a reason for voiding the policy??

    usually any undisclosed convictions are added to the policy and any backdated premiums paid. If however there are other motoring offenses and then this additional one would have not allowed the policy to renew due to underwriting criteria then they can cancel back the to last renewal date.

  6. all depends when your renewal date with Swinton is/was and if you took out the AA policy before Swintons had issued a renewal offer (usually 21 days before the renewal date).


    If you took the policy out online I assume that the statement of details would be all that you would received as the policy documents also confirm this, also if you have paid for the policy, they have provided you with that insurance cover.


    They could also hold your NCD until such charges are paid, your AA insurance could then be cancelled or premium increased.


    Give us the dates the AA policy started and the Swinton it will then be easier if any overlap or not has occurred

  7. 11,000.00 - you sure ??? - just for outstanding, for Tesco alone ? Sorry to doubt.


    If the £200.00 is offered on every case that's over 2million squid.



    they offer upto £200 all dependant on the severity of the complaint,also they would take the man hours of investigating into account, easier to offer £20,30,40 etc quid than spend hours checking calls,writing letters etc

  8. From what I have read, the existing Tesco policies underwritten by UKI will gradually migrate across at renewal to Fortis between now and next October. The complaints on the existing UKI policies will be handled by UKI as per normal, in line with FSA required timescales.


    Having 11,000 claims outstanding appears quite high, but I suspect that this is for all types of policy and for both customer service issues, as well as claims, probably mostly claims.


    I can't imagine that UKI will be throwing money around. Now that they have lost the new business, they are going to want to minimise costs as they run off the Tesco book.



    UKI will be dealing as normal, but the instruction to offer compensation of upto £200 came from the Director to clear the backlog.

  9. Just abit of info, if you have complaint regarding the above but have yet to do anything about it,now is the time to do it, the complaints dept has a back log of about 11,000 complaints, and there are basically chucking money at them to go away, as long as its under £200


    As from the 19th RBS no longer underwrites Tesco so they are trying to put their house in order before they migrate to Fortis.

  10. hello i made a claim on my home insurance for my laptop

    sent off all that they needed i didnt here anything for 2 weeks so i rang them and asked how long the claim would take they had sent me some forms to fill out about what i had in the house and how much they cost etc i filled these in and sent them off.

    they told me i was under insured i asked them to explain to me and they said that i was only insured for 2600 for a 3 bed house that i own.

    i couldnt belive it i said they must of been a mistake i hunted my insurance docs out and there it said 2600 i dont no how i have missed it i had done everything online so dont no how it came to that my other insurance i was insured for 40000 and told them this.

    i had even put the laptop down for 500 for high risk the man said i should of known something was wrong when i paid as it was low i said my last insurance was only £40 more so didnt think anything just thought it was because i had an extra years no claims.

    i asked the man who was the underwriter if i could get it for 40000 like my last insurance as it wouldnt even cover my suite for that amount yes its my mistake as i should of noticed the amount but i didnt.

    as i said to the man why would i insure my 3 bed house for under 3000 pounds he said i had done it on purpose.

    i am worried the insurance with them doesnt cover anything so if god forbid anything happen in my home i wouldnt be insured.

    he wont up my insurance and said it could take weeks to sort out i cant get other insurance at the moment because this claim is pending and i am under insured what can i do the man was real nasty i didnt do it on purpose it is a mistake that i didnt no of until i made the claim for laptop.

    i dont no what to do


    dont panic.


    1st off start a complaint about the consultant who has implied that you have commited fraud to obtain cheaper insurance.


    2nd,double check the contents sum insured is £2,600 and not £2,600 for high risk items etc within your total contents cover


    3rd. Insist that your cover is increased, its YOUR policy,by them knowingly underinsuring you they are breaching FSA


    4th. Check you policy r.e cancellations, if you cancel you may have to pay the full premium due to open claim,but as its so low at the moment it may be worth it just to take out cover with another insurer who will cover you adequately.


    5th. Keep ringing,why cant they increase your cover??? woud they take this long if you wanted to reduce cover??? I think not.


    6th. Iam surprised that their web site allowed you to input £2,600 despite it being a 3 bedroom house...



    what company is it?

  11. Is it the broker or the insurance company ?


    I received a renewal notice but it did not contain any no claims information, I have contacted the broker and asked for a copy of my no claims entitlement, but it falls on deaf ears. I have not renewed my insurance because I've stopped driving for a while, but I will need it in the future.


    Where can I get this information from if the broker persists on ignoring my requests ?



    NCD will always be issued by the Insurance Company. Surprised it doesnt state on you renewal notice??

    Ring the Ins company direct if no joy from the broker.

  12. hello everyone,

    been a long time since i posted here and the site has changed quite a bit, so if this is in the wrong place, my appologies, though i am sure it will be moved if it is, anyway, my problrm:

    my daughter arranged her car insurance through swinton, and like most people arranged to pat by monthly instalments. she made the initial downpayment and set up the direct debit. a week later a letter arrived giving her 2 weeks to provide her proof of no claims. her previous ins. co. failed to send her this in time, so swinton cancelled the policy. when the alootted time for the direct debot arrived ( a week after the cancelation) swinton took the months premium. she then receibed a letter from them demanding more money, which she obvioulsy disputed. swinton completely ignored her letters and passed the supposed debt to a DCA. (regal credit consultants) she wrote to them stating she dis[uted the debt, which they have ignored and have now sent her a final demand, giving her 1 week to pay the full amount or they will apply for a CCJ.can anyone advise me on what he exact position is?




    Check the policy wording under cancellations etc, ususally if an Ins company they should only charge on a pro rata basis, ask them for a breakdown of the cancellation charges. But to me it sounds like that if they are demanding more money they may have been a bit naughty by removing the NCD discount, thus increasing the premium and then cancelling the policy thus asking for a higher pro rata payment.


    Im sure others will post, but as far as i know as long as you have disputed the debt, they are not allowed to hound you for it until sorted? not 100% but someone will fill in blanks from the forum.

  13. Hiya folks new here.


    I have a bit of a wierd one here, but need help.


    My insurance ran out on the 14th Sep, I went online and renewed it with another company.


    Everything seemed fine, they asked for my no claims proof I sent it.


    On Tuesday, im driving to work, I get pulled over by the police about 500 yards from my work.


    He gets out and tells me I am not insured, but i had recieved a letter that morning from my new insurer, i tell him this.


    He looks at it, and the letter was thanking me for proof of no claims and also saying there was gap between my old cover ending, and my new one starting, i had set up new insurance with them to start on the 14th Oct. So basically I had filled in the wrong start date and was driving about without being insured.


    The policeman said it was an obvious, genuine mistake, so said If i parked it in my works car park, and phoned by insurance straight away, he wasn't going to report me.


    So off he went, took no details and handed me no ticket.


    I thought nice bloke. (I actually think he was off duty or something, he was on his own)




    I phones my insurance and explains this to them and asked to change the start date of my insurance, they said no and that id have to go through a new qoute.


    I explained that I was just about to start work, so asked if I could phone back on my break, they said that would be fine.


    So 2 hours later I phoned back on my break.


    The women cancelled the old one, went through the procedaure, and offered me a new deal, starting straight away.


    I said ok.


    She said hold on a minute sir, went away, come back and said that the company wasn't going to insure me (over ruled by someone), I asked why, and she mumbled something about not taking the offer of a new policy earlier on when I phoned in the first place.


    So a few questions.


    1. Does this mean ive now been "refused" insurance, which you are asked on every insurance website, meaning I can't get insured.


    2. If it does, does anyone know where I can go to get insured now???


    3. Will other companys simply not even qoute me now because i have been "refused" insurance.


    4. Can I really have been refused insurance because I made a simple, genuine mistake, that I phoned up to tell them about??


    Any help would be really appreciated.



    Ok, my experiance with these is that when a policyholder inputs the wrong date one of two things can be done. The ins company can amend the date (dependant on what system they are using) or cancel and issue a new one, which they were prepared to do.


    For them to then turn around after you have accepted a quote and then refuse because you didnt go through a quote earlier is not a reason to refuse. There has be to underwriting criteria.


    Otherwise they would have to refuse everyone who calls up to change details or gets cuts off mid quote.


    When you called did you mention the police stop? only reason I ask is that some companys will not insure if the customer mentions that they have been stopped and needs a certificate etc to release the car from the impound.


    I would log a complaint with that company askiing why they will not insure you but were quite happy to for October.

  14. Hi


    I setup a policy on the 24th september on a car and paid a £50 deposit, on the 30th my car failed the mot and i got the car collected and scapped on the 2nd october and bought another one when i updated my insurence i had to pay an additional £40.89 deposit again and the insurence will be £68 per month. i found a company who will do the same insurence for £39 per month. i spoke with swinton who told me if i want to cancle i can not get my deposits back but if i cancle will have to pay a for what has been used plus a £50 cancerlation fee. Any ideas ?


    Why did yo have to pay 2 deposits?? you usally pay deposit then however monthly instalments. Did you setup a new policy for the other car or simply change the detail on the policy?

  15. 1) My personal opinion is that the CUE entries should only be placed, if the Insurers had to do anything e.g send a loss assessor out. If it was purely an enquiry to establish whether something was covered or to find out if worth claiming, I don't think these should be recorded. If you had to report every minor event in the home, it could get a bit silly.


    2) Yes I would suggest that until the CUE record is sorted out, that you should declare these enquiries, otherwise you could get into a silly situation. Some companies are looking for any reason to decline claims and to void policies.


    If only enquiries and no Insurer actions, I would suggest that you contact the company concerned and ask that they correct their records. Once they amend their claims information, these entries on CUE should remove themselves.


    CUE also helps prevent fraud, you could try and claim, find there is no cover, take a new policy out elsewhere where there would have been cover and then submit the claim again.


    But agree, as these are only enquiries i.e just calling and asking am i covered for........then I cant see how these should be logged. If we did log every enquiry there would be millions of entrys.

  16. Hi all! Just joined tonight. Thought i would share my experience so that i may helps others in a similar position.


    I missed my direct debit payments on three seperate occassions with my motor insurance company. Normally they would re-apply for the monies in 5 or so days and at that point the money would be i my account and they would get it. On the third missed payment they wrote to me to advise me that i could no longer pay the policy by direct debit and would have to pay the full outstanding amount of my policy or they would cancel it.


    I admit that i was in the wrong by missing the payments.


    I called them to see if there was anyway they would reconsider and let me continue with my dds only to be told no. i advised them that i would be unable to pay the outstanding amount to which i was advised that my policy would be cancelled in 7 days and i would receive a letter advising me of my final payment, which would include a £47 cancellation fee. At this point i advised the operator that he could not cancel my policy within 7 days as 2006 amendment to consumer credit act of 1974 states that you must be given 14 days notice. After advising them on several occassions they cancelled my policy in 7 days.


    I then sent them the following letter recorded delivery;













    Dear Sirs,


    Further to our many conversations on the phone between the xx/xx/xxxx and xx/xx/xxxx and your letter dated xx/xx/xxxx I am writing to you in response to the cancellation of the afore mentioned motor insurance policy.


    Firstly, I would like to advise you that in not giving me the correct amount of notice of cancellation as set out in part 7, section 88, subsection 2 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 and subsequent revision within chapter 14, section 14, subsection 1 of the Consumer Credit Act of 2006 you are in breach of part 7, section 87, subsection 1 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. You have also breached our Credit Agreement as you will note that at the very top of our Credit Agreement it states “Credit Agreement regulated by the Customer Credit Act 1974.” I would assume this is a typo and should read CONSUMER Credit Act 1974, either that or you have fraudulently claimed that our Credit Agreement is regulated by an act of parliament, an act of parliament which does not exist! Assuming I am correct in the assumption that you have not committed fraud and this is just a typo, then once again I will state, you have breached our Credit Agreement. It is worthwhile noting that I did advise your operators of this prior to my policy being cancelled. As a consequence of this breach I am no longer in contract with you or any other affiliated company with regards to Policy Number XXXXXXX and as such, I am no longer subject to any rules, stipulations, terms and conditions, timescales or penalties which you would normally have the right to apply if the correct cancellation procedure had been carried out legally and lawfully.


    With regards to the £xx.xx outstanding balance which you advised me of in your letter dated xx/xx/xxxx I require a breakdown of this balance to assess the validity of your claim. I was advised by your operator XXXXX XXXXX on xx/xx/xxxx that part of this final payment would include a £47.00 cancellation fee. I fully intend to pay for any monies associated with the insurance of my car from the xx/xx/xxxx to the date when my policy was incorrectly cancelled on xx/xx/xxxx however I will not be paying any cancellation fees or any other penalties associated with this cancellation due to your breach of our Credit Agreement. Please forward your breakdown of this cost by return.


    Upon assessment of your breakdown I shall advise you of my revised valuation of the outstanding balance which I am generously agreeing to pay you despite your breach of our Credit Agreement and an Act of Parliament.


    Please find enclosed my Certificate of Motor Insurance as requested.


    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.



    Yours Sincerely



    After around a week i got a standard reply saying they were looking into it and that could take up to 8 weeks and they would not attempt to take any monies from me during this time.


    Around a month and a half later i got a letter saying they were sorry for any bad service i received and acknowledged my points. They stated they were looking into them closely and that all outstanding monies would be waived. They considered the matter closed. They didnt say i was right at any point but i would guess i might have been, why else would they waive the monies?


    Just thought i would share so that this can be used to peoples advantage. Why should insurance companies think they can do what they want and not follow the law?


    If anyone wants to know anything else about this send me a message and i'd be glad to help.





    depends on the company, some will waive the o/s as it would prob cost more in man hours etc to investigate. Some companys do operate a 3 strikes policy in regards to missed payments.

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