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  1. did you renew the policy (calling them) or did they auto renew? if auto it will still renew despite a payment being missed from the previous renewal. Did they say what payment was outstanding i.e was it the final instalment? I only ask as I know our systems for (RBS,Churchill etc) will not send the policy holder any letters if the final payment has rejected due to a renewal has already been issued. The 1st the customer is aware is when we start sending chase letters a few weeks down the line. Also if THEY have cancelled the policy they should not be charging you the privilege for it.
  2. the policy will provide you with the minium cover required by law to drive in that country If you want to extend your existing cover i.e comp to cover you while abroad you have to pay extra dependant on the number of days abroad.
  3. you would have to listen to the questions carefully, as I know Direct Line, Churchill and anything underwritten by RBS their sales script asks "have you had any accidents,claims or losses in the last 3 years whether insured or not". As the car was only TP does not mean that nothing was paid out. They dont put up streetlights for free
  4. Have you check you email to see if they were sent via that method?? also try your "junk" folder as it could have been put there. I know some companies do email them to save on costs.
  5. if Swintons have cancelled the policy there should be no charge as you have not instructed them, they have taken it upon themselves to action this, just because you were insured with the AA does not make a difference, it is not illegal to insure a car twice (complicated when theres a claim,but not illegal). Call them and start the complaints ball rolling, I can see there is nothing in the policy wording regarding if THEY cance,. only a cancellation fee of £50.00 applies. you say swinton and the aa have now cancelled your policys is this correct???
  6. Is it correct to assume that the policy auto renewed and then the vehicle was stolen and that the motoring offence should have been delared during that period of cover? did they give a reason for voiding the policy?? usually any undisclosed convictions are added to the policy and any backdated premiums paid. If however there are other motoring offenses and then this additional one would have not allowed the policy to renew due to underwriting criteria then they can cancel back the to last renewal date.
  7. i would ask why they requested your licence??? my exp is usually to confirm motoring offense detail or information has come to light r.e someone claims to have a full licence but only hold a provisional or claims request it following a total loss,but they usually ask for the V5 and keys aswell.
  8. all depends when your renewal date with Swinton is/was and if you took out the AA policy before Swintons had issued a renewal offer (usually 21 days before the renewal date). If you took the policy out online I assume that the statement of details would be all that you would received as the policy documents also confirm this, also if you have paid for the policy, they have provided you with that insurance cover. They could also hold your NCD until such charges are paid, your AA insurance could then be cancelled or premium increased. Give us the dates the AA policy started and the Swinton it will then be easier if any overlap or not has occurred
  9. they offer upto £200 all dependant on the severity of the complaint,also they would take the man hours of investigating into account, easier to offer £20,30,40 etc quid than spend hours checking calls,writing letters etc
  10. UKI will be dealing as normal, but the instruction to offer compensation of upto £200 came from the Director to clear the backlog.
  11. Just abit of info, if you have complaint regarding the above but have yet to do anything about it,now is the time to do it, the complaints dept has a back log of about 11,000 complaints, and there are basically chucking money at them to go away, as long as its under £200 As from the 19th RBS no longer underwrites Tesco so they are trying to put their house in order before they migrate to Fortis.
  12. agree with Wulfrym, Ins comps will not send renewals recorded due to cost. They also have to send a renewal at least 21 days before the renewal date. When did you get rid of the car? was it before or after the renewal? as this could help your case with the FOS.
  13. Insurance companys only have to supply 95% of their records within 7 days. The cases I have seen, and there have been many, it can also be due to customer error supplying the wrong reg number etc.
  14. dont panic. 1st off start a complaint about the consultant who has implied that you have commited fraud to obtain cheaper insurance. 2nd,double check the contents sum insured is £2,600 and not £2,600 for high risk items etc within your total contents cover 3rd. Insist that your cover is increased, its YOUR policy,by them knowingly underinsuring you they are breaching FSA 4th. Check you policy r.e cancellations, if you cancel you may have to pay the full premium due to open claim,but as its so low at the moment it may be worth it just to take out cover with another insurer who will cover you adequately. 5th. Keep ringing,why cant they increase your cover??? woud they take this long if you wanted to reduce cover??? I think not. 6th. Iam surprised that their web site allowed you to input £2,600 despite it being a 3 bedroom house... what company is it?
  15. NCD will always be issued by the Insurance Company. Surprised it doesnt state on you renewal notice?? Ring the Ins company direct if no joy from the broker.
  16. Check the policy wording under cancellations etc, ususally if an Ins company they should only charge on a pro rata basis, ask them for a breakdown of the cancellation charges. But to me it sounds like that if they are demanding more money they may have been a bit naughty by removing the NCD discount, thus increasing the premium and then cancelling the policy thus asking for a higher pro rata payment. Im sure others will post, but as far as i know as long as you have disputed the debt, they are not allowed to hound you for it until sorted? not 100% but someone will fill in blanks from the forum.
  17. Ok, my experiance with these is that when a policyholder inputs the wrong date one of two things can be done. The ins company can amend the date (dependant on what system they are using) or cancel and issue a new one, which they were prepared to do. For them to then turn around after you have accepted a quote and then refuse because you didnt go through a quote earlier is not a reason to refuse. There has be to underwriting criteria. Otherwise they would have to refuse everyone who calls up to change details or gets cuts off mid quote. When you called did you mention the police stop? only reason I ask is that some companys will not insure if the customer mentions that they have been stopped and needs a certificate etc to release the car from the impound. I would log a complaint with that company askiing why they will not insure you but were quite happy to for October.
  18. Why did yo have to pay 2 deposits?? you usally pay deposit then however monthly instalments. Did you setup a new policy for the other car or simply change the detail on the policy?
  19. CUE also helps prevent fraud, you could try and claim, find there is no cover, take a new policy out elsewhere where there would have been cover and then submit the claim again. But agree, as these are only enquiries i.e just calling and asking am i covered for........then I cant see how these should be logged. If we did log every enquiry there would be millions of entrys.
  20. id start at the bank & find out why THEY cancelled the DD.They have put you in this predicament,once they realised their error they should have reinstated the DD mandat
  21. depends on the company, some will waive the o/s as it would prob cost more in man hours etc to investigate. Some companys do operate a 3 strikes policy in regards to missed payments.
  22. doc is a waste of time and alot of people are under the impression that if they got comp cover they have it....not true. All companies impose terms dependant on age and occupation to limit the 3rd party extention & then it will only provides TPO cover whilst the vehicle is being driven.
  23. check the dates as you should only notify of the CONVICTION date and not the OFFENCE date.
  24. if a property is non standard they will ask for the rebuild cost, if the rebuild cost has been over estimated it can have an affect on part of claim because if they had to re house in temp accomadation due to a claim, the amount the insurer would pay towards the costs is based on a percentage of the rebuild cost.
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