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  1. Thanks - I knew I was being a little paranoid... guessing using my address would be a different matter... Just hope that MH don't start phoning me up every week again...yawn
  2. My worry is that the previous owner has used this telephone number when obtaining credit more recently - as MH now have a different address linked to this phone number but before (say 8 years ago) I'm pretty sure MH posted something to this address .. (Suspect previous owner left quite a few debts...and might be a bit dodgy)
  3. It was the number when we moved it - and the name of person they were trying to contact is the previous owner... So it is 12 years...
  4. And I think I might have just posted this in the wrong sub forum - damn - don't know what to do about that or how I managed it ...sorry
  5. I bought this house 12 years ago. I don't have contact details for previous owner. After we moved in we did get a few letters from different companies - I suspect they were debts but sent them back no longer at this address... After a year or so we started getting frequent calls (one or two a week) for previous owner and pretty sure something in the post too from Mackenzie Hall. I told them she didn't live here anymore and in the end sent them an email too and asking them to stop harassing me ... Silence for years. Until last week I got a message on my
  6. Just out of interest .... Have just got a ticket (civil penalty charge) from Town and country parking at a local shopping centre....for staying longer than 1 hour (first hour parking is free and then it is £1 for second hour) We went to lunch and forgot the time and was according to my timing about 5 min late back to the car...to find a ticket. Very annoying but... Usually I check the time on the machine/ticket matches my watch...but this time my (7 yo) daugher got it and I didn't. I did do a time check just after I left the car of 13.35. Which fits in with ... As soon as we arrived
  7. Hi..regarding post no 43 Long time no post... Just thought I should let you know how I am getting on. Received last letter regarding Lidl parking charges at the end of June. These were from a debt recovery co...who were threatening to send an Outside field agent to my house if I didn't pay up within three days. I sent the draft reply from the sticky -the debt is in dispute and warning about harrassment ...haven't heard from them since...have been away so there is always the chance that they have been here when I wasn't ...but if they did they didn't leave a card or anything... Thank
  8. laguna - sorry I should have asked how your dad got on? Did he pay or contest? I sent more or less Barnsley boy's letter by registered delivery earlier this week...I'll repost when/if I get a reply..
  9. Thanks laguna...that's really helpful. I might give the guy in the article a call to see how he is getting on...and possibly he could help me if I do get to court...
  10. Thanks Barnsley Boy ...I'm glad you don't think I'm a troll - I don't think I'd have the courage to carry on with this without support... I am just going to send one letter (more or less cut and paste of yours!) for all four charges and see what happens ... The company involved is TPS parking Solutions Ltd (not Parking eye) and I will send the letter tomorrow...unless anyone has any more advice...
  11. Thanks to lamma and pin1onu... I am going down the I wasn't driving path...for now. Do you guys think I need to treat each charge individually or do one letter to cover all? ...and should I even do the letters?....I think mine is a bit like the newspaper article about the woman who won in court against Excel...does anyone know exactly what she did? The 14 days for the first one is up on the 8th May ... Barnsley boy and Geronimoman..I hope you don't think I'm a troll (I'm guessing this means someone pretending to be something they are not) I was a bit worried to repost but I kind of need
  12. Hi - I've read all the posts here and on other sites with interest...but I'm not sure where I stand -feeling a bit daunted. My partner has just received 4 parking charge notices from a PPC on a Lidl carpark in Scotland. I should explain that he was driving my car so the notices have been sent to me as the registered keeper. If he pays within 14 days the charge per ticket will be £45 otherwise it will be £70 with an addition charge of £40 for administration if payment isn't received within 28days (yep that's a minimum of £180 and a possible £440). Until recently he had a small restaurant
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