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  1. That's really interesting, so theroretically the previous owner might have sent in my girlfriends details and she might very well be the RK. Saying that we never received any communication. What would be the deal if we sold the car on (parts/repair), would we need to get the buyer to sign the V5C and send it off? We would not want any previous owners to get into trouble for the old banger.
  2. Thanks, buzby! That's really useful advice. I think we will sell it for spares/repairs. Just to clarify, RKs = previous owners? and also, when my girlfriend bought the car, should she have registered it in her name, or was it fine not to do it, since it was off the road? Cheers
  3. Just to report back, Thames Water referred me to Morrison PLC (the contractors), which at least got me an acknowledement and a claim number from Morrisson (back in January). I had supplied both companies with evidence. For six months I kept sending Morrisson letters and they just ignored me. Then I send them one last letter, stating that they had failed to inform me of any outcome of their own investigations and ignored my letters. I also wrote that I would go to the small claims court unless they paid me 70% of the new price of my 3-year old jacket within 30 days... I got a a cheque through the post within a couple of weeks. Result!
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to sort out a problem my girlfriend made for herself by purchasing a 2nd hand car six years ago. The problem is that she didn't actually get her drivers licence and just left the car in her parents' driveway. out of sight, out of mind situation...please don't ask. As far as I know, its not registered in her name (we got some paper work that came with the car and that is in the name of the previous owner). She never attempted to take it on the road, and certainly didn't apply for a SORN. MOT is gone by now, too. She'd like to sell it now, but we don't know how to put the paper work in order first so we can do that. Any advice on how to go about putting all the papers right? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, not sure I'm posting this in the right category. My jacket was damaged when I walked on a pavement past a building site on to replace Victorian Water Mains. Their fence had sharp ends sticking out. The building works was commissioned by Thames Water, but carried out by some contractors. The jacket was waterproof and is now pretty worthless. Is it worth pursuing Thames Water (or the contractors)? and how would i go about it? are they responsible, since the fence had sharp bits sticking out? i took photos of course. Thanks for any feedback or suggestion
  6. I wrote that letter and heard nothing back. Now I received a letter from a different debt collection agency "mackenzie hall". They send this to a previous address (and it was forwarded to me): "we are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter. We have been provided your address as being the possible resdiential details of our subject. therefor if the person named above, then please contact our office immediately on telephone number 01563 556 547 quoting reference number ...., whereupon further detailed information can be provided. If however you are not the person named above and/or have any information regarding the persons possible whereabouts, then please contact our investigation team in confidence on the alternativbe phone number or email address below." Then phone number, e-mail address and printed signature. They don't mention the word debt of course, but I googled them and that's what they seem to be about. Should I just ignore them? I'm still trying to get through to TFL to settle the original debt, but they are playing hard to get... And all that for not touching Oyster card in on the bus.
  7. I've had a similar experience with the inspectors. i was caught out, no option to pay up until it went to court, I missed the court date cos I was abroad at the time, I complained and it went back to TFL. I did not hear from them again, but I believe this debt collection letter might originate with them... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/143376-first-letter-eversheds-arrow.html#post1506985
  8. Thanks Scott, that is brilliant. Will write that letter now. All the Best small change
  9. Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here, so first of all thanks everybody for keeping this great resource going. I received a letter from Eversheds acting as solicitors on behalf of Arrow Global LLC to obtain immediate payment of £148.18, then the whole spiel about consequences if I don't pay quickly. Threatened Consequences: Appropriate recovery action, pay in full within 7 days, otherwise your account would not be closed, if not paid in full, your account will/may be reported to relevant credit agencies. if settled in full within 21 days it will be reported as settled. Background: I have no idea who these people are. This is the first time I received anything or heard in fact from Eversheds or Arrow Global LCC. I did not receive a letter that any debt had been sold on, nothing. The only thing I have that can be called a debt is an outstanding fine for fare evasion on the bus (I know, stupid mistake:(-won't do it again) , I challenged them on the amount (which was around £165), it went to a hearing, there was a technical hitch and it just went back to TFL. Now I was kinda waiting to hear back from them to know what and how to pay up. Now, this might be what Eversheds is on about or maybe it's all made up. Ages ago somebody cloned my credit card, so it could be that as well. I suppose I really want to ask two questions: Firstly what do these threatened consequences actually mean? Secondly, how do I respond to Eversheds? In a way to find out what this is about without admitting to some debt owed. I'm grateful for any advice. cheers
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