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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51949[/ATTACH]hopefully this works
  2. yes i received a copy of the agreements and statements this morning the agreements are headed HFC the statements are headed HSBC all showing the same account number thanks
  3. hi its been a very long couple of years but im 99% sure that i did , but never got any reply all the letters and calls stopped so i put this to the back of my mind untill the start of this year
  4. hi been registered on here for a while and am very grateful for all the help and advise i have read i need your help with lowell/hfc/hsbc loan the loan was taken out in 2003 and i was paying it until 04 when my daughter was born and was then unable to make the payments 2005 i started to make token payments to the debt company that took over hfc until 2009 when i could no longer continue the payments since then i have had dozens of letters from different company's and until this year i have been ignoring them January this year lowell started sending me letters so i sent them a cca a month later i got a letter saying they are still looking in to it then feb and march i got the standard letters from them saying they want payment again so march i sent a formal complaint / account in dispute which they acknowledged the letter 15 days later may they said they are still investigating and will let me know no later that 8 weeks from the date of complaint 1 day before there time limit for dealing with the complaint they sent a letter saying there investigation is taking longer than expected and they will respond as soon as possible that brings us to today i received a letter showing the dates they sent letters and me replying to them but also says that they did fulfill the requirements and sent me a copy of the original agreement (i never received anything) they also outlined the outstanding balance and when payments where made and when it defaulted they included a copy of the agreement this is readable and signed but not dated for the signatures other than a date wrote in a blank space near the top the same as above for the ppi loan that i need to deal with separately as i can not remember ever being told about this there are terms on separate sheets but these are not readable at all they included a payment statement which shows my last payment that i was aware of as may 2009 but also shows a payment of £1 for June 2010 which i can only think was a cca or sar request i had made as i have checked my bank and can not find anything regarding this i would be grateful of any advise you can give thank you
  5. so would you say i would be better waiting and using the refusal of cpr31.14 as my defence or should i send a moified cpr18 asking only IN THE XXXXXXXXX county court CLAIM NO: BETWEEN: XXXXXXXXXX Claimant and XXXXXXXXXXX Defendant PART 18 REQUEST FOR FURTHER INFORMATION To: XXXXXXXXXX (claimant)   Please answer the following questions: 1. Was a Default Notice issued pursuant to section 87 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended) and if so: 2. Upon what date, for what amount and what was the date for remedy of the breach? 3. Was the issuance of the Default Notice noted in the communications log? 4. Does the amount claimed include charges, and if so what amount?     TAKE NOTICE THAT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THE ABOVE REQUEST WITHIN 14 DAYS OF SERVICE OF THE SAME UPON YOU the claim was the 1st and my acknowledgment was on 6th tx topv6
  6. i have searched thru all of my bank statements and there are no payments to wescot , littlewoods or any other debt agencys going back 6 years yes the court clark at the county court bulk centre confirmed the claim on here system and i have recieved the claim form n1cpc claim form i have logged on to mcol and have clicked the box "i intend to defend all of this claim" i did this on the 4th of this month i sent the cpr 31.14 on the 8th of this month i have just tried to log back on mcol but can not find my user id so i have sent a email to request it again to see if anything has changed
  7. tbh i have never made a payment for this either to littlewoods or wescot i have moved several times in the past few years and can only vaguely remember sending a SAR to wescot regarding this but i can not ever remember receiving a reply i have never acknowledged the debt in writing or over the phone on a letter recieved from wescot they have a date of feb 2009 as a date they informed me unless i pay in full they will take legal action so this maybe around the time i sent the request
  8. hi thanks for the quick reply the debt is from a littlewoods account going back to 2005
  9. hi everyone , first of all i just want to say what a great site this is i have been a long time reader of this site i recieved a county court claim form from westcot for a debt that was cc 2005 as far as i can remember i did many years ago SAR requests wescot but with moving house a few times i cant remember if i recieved anything from them when i recieved the claim form from them i have disputed the claim and sent them a CRP 31.14 i stupidly forgot to put the date on the letter but i did sent it recorded delivery the total ammount of the debt is less than £250 today i recieved a letter back from wescot breifly saying "we acknowledge receipt of your undated letter request it is in our opinion and having considered crp27 it is clear that upon your defence being submitted that this matter will be allocated to the small claims track, you may disagree and the court has discretion in respect of the track allocation, but based on the financial value alone it is difficult to envisage anything other than allocation to small track claims i can confirm in accordance with your request we have approached the original lender and requested all available documentation. However having particular regard to CRP1.1 (1) we will confirm at this early stage that all information you have requested will not be forthcoming and you should therefore take the necessary action that you believe is appropriate. it is our opinion that all information you have requested will not be necessary to prove our case." how do i reply or what should i do regarding my defence to the court???? i have contacted the court a couple of days ago , regarding wescot as i am still recieving phone calls from them and also recieved a letter from them stating that unless full payment is made the will take legal action to obtain a ccj against me when i phoned the court i believe the woman i spoke to made a note on my file regarding this and has said this is not what wescot should be doing and that i should make a note of this and if it goes to my local court to take the evidence with my to show harassment any help will be greatfully recieved thank you
  10. i am wanting to dispute the debt? the total amount owing is over £10,000 ,and with just being made redundent and a lack of work available around here i can not see anyway i am going to pay this any time soon thanks chris
  11. hi i have just recieved a credit agreement back from hfc and noticed they have included ppi this agreement is from 2004 my questions are i have defaulted on this account and stopped paying it in 2005 can i still make a claim ,as i have only just noticed this the credit agreement and the ppi both do not have a "date of signiture and date of agreement" any advise on where to go from here and what letters to send thank you chris
  12. thank you for your very quick reply i have just been rechecking the credit agreement and have noticed the box for the date of signiture says "date of signiture and of this agreement" can anyone help with what letter to reply to them with thanks again chris
  13. hi this is the first time posting on here , so i hope im in the right place i have a personnal loan from hfc taken out in 2004 which i missed payments on it was passed to lewis group who now have passed it on to moorcroft i have recieved the cca today which is a photocopy with the terms and conditions photocopied on the back the terms and conditions are almost unreadable there is no date of signiture at all also i have just noticed they have been charging me ppi, can i still claim for this thank you chris
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