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  1. If I take this to court can the banks use the same argument?
  2. Hi everyone. Just thought I would say after asking for my money back I have now had another stalling letter back from HSBC saying the usual FSA stuff from the first one. I have now written back with my LBA. I wonder what they will say now?
  3. Pete you're an absolute star for helping and if I pull this off I will gladly make a donation to the upkeep of the site. Stay tuned.
  4. Thank you very much for your reply. The FAQ has cleared a few things up for me. I fully intend to continue to persue this. Should I send them a letter simply requesting my charges be refunded or should I go straight for court action now? I apologise if I have missed the answer to this somewhere.
  5. Hi everyone. So like so many I have decided to reclaim my unfair charges and this morning I have received a letter from HSBC detailing what charges were applied over the past 6 years. However I am a little unsure how to proceed from here due to what the letter says. Here's a quote: However, the bank (along with a number of other banks) has now become involved in legal proceedings with the Office Of Fair Trading ("OFT") in relation to bank charges which we believe will resolve the legal issues ragarding the fairness and legality of your bank charges. It would be our normal a
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