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  1. Thanks DX I think I'll let them do the work, see what happens, then respond if necessary. That's very good to know. Many thanks.
  2. Hi It was a credit card....and Sainsbury's. Thank you.
  3. I meant I have a Crapquest letter harassing me for something else that is SB. Thanks.
  4. I've got one of those too...!!! The PAP letter is new on me, but I'll have a look and keep my eye open for one.
  5. Hi London Yes I was aware, thanks for that. I just wasn't sure on the SB letter, but as you advised will sit and wait. I am of an opinion that in most of these cases that if there was a dime to have the claims form would have been issued a considerable time ago. Thank you.
  6. OK thank you very much. Yes they have current address. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi London I need to go back to specifics as this started in 2008....was defo SB in 2016....no payments or acknowledgements made. What would you suggest please? Many thanks.
  8. Hi all A long time since I've been on here. I have an old credit card account, that was passed around lots but has recently reared it's head, I know it's statue barred and kept them away prior to that, had the usual threats etc and then yesterday a home visit with a card left. This has been statue barred for 3 years, they know and I know it...last had contact years ago. It has just been sold on someone else who made the visit. Shall I wait to see if I get issued with a claims form or send the SB to the agent? I've lost touch a bit so will need some guidance please. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks Ford...think Ill sit tight.... S.B.
  10. Hi Ford No nothing different...in fact the CCA is worse than the illegible ones prior. I need to check the produced terms that are enclosed but am pretty sure that it's them trying their hand ..especially as they want me to deal with them to settle the balance.... I think I need to see if they apply for a lift of the stay first....lets be honest if they had me bang to rights surely they would have submitted said documents to the court before the deadline.....may it bite me on the ass but they don't scare me anymore.... S.B.
  11. So too late for initial court claim I receive another illegible(and unenforceable) copy of the agreement with from what I can tell a generic set of terms. And they (Cabot) tell me that they can now obtain a CCJ...but they would prefer me to deal with them direct. I know they now have to apply to the court to get the stay lifted..so do I sit and wait or shall I rely to their dribble? Thanks in advance....S.B. X
  12. Called the court today and it's defo stayed....so I guess I am pleased about that.......good news....for now...
  13. Ok thank you Andy and Dotty....will sit tight. Happy New Year. S.B.
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