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  1. Hi, I have claimed Contractual Interest at 34.9%, they have offered difference between the charges, but won't budge with the rest. I need to file at court, but am really worried that I will do something wrong with the POC or that the claim will be stayed. I have read that Cap One will pay at the court stage with just 8%. Because I am so confused with the Contractual Interest, I wondered if it is better to just go for the 8%. Could anyone give me any advice about the POC and interest (I have been putting this off for weeks). Also is it very likely that the claim will be stayed, as I can
  2. The thing is that, I haven't had a statement but I think they have paid it into my account. I was over the limit for about that much and they have been hounding me daily by phone. Since I received this letter the phonecalls have stopped, which is a massive relief. So assuming they have paid it off the account, what would your advice be. Thank Lydhan
  3. Hi, I have sent SAR and Prelim letter to Cap One for charges and compounded contractual interest at 34.9%. I have had a reply offering a goodwill payment of £242, my total claim is for £1800. Please could someone give me some advice as to what to do next. If I accept the offer as part payment, how do I adjust my schedule of charges to reflect the £242 on my LBA. Would it be okay to just put the figure as a negative at the bottom of the charges or do I need to apportion it. Any help greatly appreciated, I've been going around in circles trying to find the answer!! Lydhan
  4. Hi, Earlier in the year I was successful in claiming back my charges from Smile. I accidently went over my limit and the charges are starting again. Each month their charges push me over the limit and the next month I am charged again, in a never ending cycle. My question is, can I claim these charges back when I have already been through the process once and if so has anyone been successful second time around. Thanks for any advice, Lydia
  5. Hi, I have an account with Witt and they have applied two £20 default reminder charges to my account. Do the same rules apply to Witt as the banks regarding penalty charges and am I within my rights to ask them to remove them. Thank you, Lydia
  6. Hi, I am in exactly the same boat as you, the same DVD and same amount of money. I had a letter demanding £58.99 for Wallace & Gromit which I had forgotten all about. I paid the £18.99 and hoped thatt would be the end of it. They then sent a letter demanding £40.00 and threatening court action, which I ignored. Then the court action letter for silly money, so I asked for a breakdown of the £40 and said the debt was in dispute. They didn't reply and this month I have got the same two letters again. This morning I got a letter from Scotcall Debt Collecting Services saying that if I don't p
  7. lydhan

    Lydhan v MBNA

    Hi, Thank you both for the reply, I have sorted the charges now and will start the online claim asap.
  8. lydhan

    Lydhan v MBNA

    Hi, I have received my list of charges from MBNA for £450 and have sent them the prelim and LBA letter. They have credited the account with £240 as full and final settlement. I sent an email to Gareth Tunnicliffe to say thanks, but they still owe me the rest, I haven't heard back from him. Even with the £240 credit, I am still over my limit and am being threatened with default. Could someone please advise me what I should do next. I have done the 8% calculation for moneyclaim based on the total amount and am not sure how to adjust it now they have made a part payment. Any advice would
  9. Hi Alan, Thank you for replying so quickly, can I just ask whether I should write to the Solicitors S C Gray or Music and Film, to dispute the charges.
  10. Hi, At Christmas I bought some on offer DVD's for my children from Channel. I didn't realise at the time, but I had to buy so many in the first year. In about March, they sent me a DVD which I had to pay for as part of the contract. I totally forgot about it and didn't pay. Last month I received a letter from a debt collection agency, re my debt to "Music and Film" (Channel have changed their name), for the DVD price of £18.99 and £40.00 charges. I paid the £18.99 and today Ihave received a solicitors letter demanding the £40.00 before the end of the week or they are taking me to court for £
  11. Hi, Last week I sent my DPA request along with my £10 cheque to Mr Steve Bailey. At the same time I sent a letter to the department who are constantly pestering me for payment and explained about the DPA request and that I would be recovering the unlawful charges applied to my account (all of which are due to charges). Yesterday I received 10 seperate letters through the post with my statements enclosed. There was no mention of the two letters sent and my cheque has not been cashed. Today I have received another letter threatening me with default etc because I have not paid despite their o
  12. lydhan

    Smile bank charges

    Hi, Thanks for the reply Talula. I can see a link for recent statements online, but that only goes back 12 months. Just wondered if you can go back further than that.
  13. Hi, I sent my DPA letter to Smile on 15th May and so far haven't received my list of charges. After reading the threads, I have noticed that some people have been able to get their bank statements from 2004 online. Could anyone let me know how to do this, as my account started in 2004 Thanks
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