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  1. UPDATE Flux put my insurance through an outfit known as Pen Underwriting who are acting for insurance company L&G. Claims against Pen are handled by another outfit called the Direct Group. Eventually, a loss adjuster was appointed and we gave him full details of the theft and a list of items stolen. As far as I can determine, they sat on my claim for about 6 weeks before contacting their jeweller to value the stolen items. After the jeweller submitted their valuation there was another period of inactivity. After several phone calls and emails, they eventually passed the
  2. You don't say how your son paid for the car. Was there a credit card or HP involved in any part of the payment ??
  3. Can't speak for Peugeot but since they are a sister company of Citroen I have considerable experience of their new car warranty. Maker will only pay for 1 hour of mechanics time to investigate fault---customer must pay the rest. According to Arnold Clark anyway. It certainly would not cost anything like £800 to check master cylinder. Get rest of system checked out first before authorising removal of clutch.
  4. Looking for Car or house insurance, then Adrian Flux will give you a very keen quote. When you try to make a claim they wash their hands of you, and punt you off to some underwriters who don't want to talk to the public directly. Phone calls to their night number are sometimes not passed on to the daytime operatives and in fact sometimes not recorded. They fail to recognise the Consumer Protection Rules for this country in that when you buy insurance from them, then the contract is between THEM and YOU. They are reticent to obtain police crime report from the police. Like
  5. I'm confused here. One comment says tread below 1.6 mm and other comment says fault is on inner side wall---which is it?? Also, any half decent dealer should not be selling a 13K car with tyres remotely near end of life. Had I seen an MOT advisory prior to purchase, it would have been a condition of sale that advisories be rectified.
  6. Please settle argument with local garage . Lady bought car from dealer and engine blew up about 3 months later. Garage guy says Trading Standards says dealer only responsible for first 28 days, but on this form it suggests the CPA gives up to 6 months protection. What is the precise time For CPA protection ??
  7. Can you prove to dealer that they are the tyres that were on car at time of sale ?????: Many dealer warranties exclude glass & rubber.
  8. Goods purchased in store and paid by CC. No problem with refund by Morrison. Like many of my generation, being stonewalled is not acceptable.
  9. Morrisons supermarket sell clothing under the Nutmeg brand. Generally, these goods are of decent quality and not too expensive. There is a fairly wide range. Like other supermarkets, their sizes should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Unfortunately, Morrison's merchandise these clothes through an outfit called Deeset. When things go wrong then your troubles really begin. Deeset won't reply to emails. They operate a confounded automatic phone system where your call is put in a queue. EVENTUALLY, you receive a message that no one is avai
  10. You can still claim via Visa Debit card, but bank will resist and say you can't. Contact Visa direct if bank won't help.
  11. You may have something there re windscreen cleaning products. I have exactly the same problem
  12. Thanks for your usual helpful input Hammy.
  13. Many thank you's for that DX. Will follow this up.
  14. Would you accept 34% of your wages??? My claim was raised through the "Simple Procedures" part of Small Claims. I followed the courts instructions to the letter, and then this sheriff makes a mistake in the papers he read. He failed to read the whole claim as set out in their form, but instead focused on an invoice relating to the claim but NOT part of my claim.
  15. On his site people are frequently advised to follow CRA and take errant traders to the small claims court. Success rates appear to be most encouraging. Yesterday, I took a rouge motor trader to a SCC at the local sheriff court, and because of a major error by the sheriff, my claim was reduced by over 66%. What can i do ? Scottish Law
  16. Enough is enough before I land in the loony bin. Going back to big tub and washing board !!! New machine has started to vibrate really violently and it sounds like a car with the big end bearings well gone.
  17. And so it came to pass, and the white van men arrived unannounced as I was having breakfast. This time they call themselves Expert Logistics. They unpack a beautiful black washing machine and bring into house, whereupon the young lad set about installation. There has been a lot of crossing of fingers and touching of wood, but it appears that, at long last I have a new washing machine that actually works as it should. Hope it doesn't break down as I am informed a call out charge is £119 !!!!!
  18. I can't buy the shirts I want from the popular internet stores ( or local shops). After searching the net more fully I came across the C&A website. This website is in English and displays a selection of shirts I want to buy and in my very large size. I tried to order a couple. When I got to destination address (what country) I discovered C&A don't deliver to the UK. Deliver to nearly all Europe. What happened to their UK stores?? Matalan sell Morley shirts that are designed to suit me but only go up to 2XL. Is there a C&A Outlet shop in UK.??
  19. You aint not never gonna believe this- --The Panther van had it's tyres slashed during the night and Mc Connachies (pert of AC !!!) could not repair it timeously (in this day & age) They didn't see fit to hire a van for the day?? So, next morning AO delivered my new machine -- -great, and the guys agreed to remove the faulty machine. Ah Ha, new machine was badly damaged when packaging removed, so had to be taken away. Eventually, a subby of Panthers came to uplift the faulty machine, and were not happy chappies when told to uninstall. One guy phoned his boss to
  20. AH, that's what it was. Well you should see the feedback they are getting this week. Numpty No.1 reckons Montrose is nearer to Fife than Perth. Numpty No.2 Can't spell the name of one of their largest dealerships. Numpty No.3 Doesn't know when they are getting the urine taken out of them----I have asked for a franchise LOL However, it looks like the story may have a very sad ending----my next car may well be a KUGA. Started with a Ford and may have to end with a Ford-----then you will get all the negative feedback LOL
  21. Well, Monday has come and nearly gone. More emails from Panther regarding uplift time at 1.30pm. By 3 o' clock no one appeared so I emailed them- --again no response-- -tried phoning- --again no call back. By means foul or fair I got a drivers number and was told there had been a mix up of rounds that morning. One email at 4.05 said they would be here at 10pm, quickly followed by another saying they would be in touch about another uplift date. It seems Appliancesdirect have a knack of using naff transport firms.
  22. Just found out there is no Citroen dealer in the county of Fife or indeed Dundee. Makes me wonder what is going on with them, as Citroen used to be good sellers in this area. Not convenient for spares & replacement cars.
  23. DX. What can I do, if anything, about this irresponsible lending. LLoyds have virtually told me to go away and claim to have closed case. The "Senior" I was dealing with transpires only to be a part timer and refused to forward my emails to the director I sent them too.
  24. You have got to watch this outfit. Recently, I had mega problems with then trying to sort out a mess for a close friend. They allowed them to run up huge debts without checking properly that the friend had the income to repay. Friend is an OAP.
  25. Same own here in Glenrothes Pete. No security guard but manager is offensive enough anyway. He forgets who ultimately pays his salary. Like most big businesses they are totally understaffed, hence no one available to answer phone. They tell you they can't answer the phone because all staff are working with footfall customers-----that's right--people can't get an answer on the phone so they are forced to visit the branch. Despite all their promises, their internet banking is still in trouble.
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