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  1. Ok guys, thank you for all your replies. I am feeling quite relieved now. So to see if I got it right, basically if the collector calls again, and assuming I was here and answered the door, all I need to do is tell him/her the person has moved and DO NOT allow him/her entry into the flat. Am I right about that? Thanks folks!
  2. Ok folks, I am trying to calm down a little and explain my situation now as I was quite worried. I was sharing a flat with my flatmate before, and he moved out several months ago, and I have no measn to get in touch with him now except his old e-mail. However, before he moved out, he has been owing money to O2, my guess is the amount he owes is between 2k - 2.5k, when I got back home today I found a note from a debt collection agent on the floor, it basically says an operative will be coming again to collect the money owed to O2. That's when I start to get worried, because I didn't tell the letting agent that my flatmate has moved out, therefore his name is still on the tenancy agreement. my worries are that if the person coming to collect the debt asks to see the tenancy agreement and found my previous flatmate's name on it, does he have the right to say he is still living in here and therefore chase me for the debt? Or would they just take stuff from the flat like bailiff does and sell them in auction? My head is filled with ideas of all the bad things that could happen now, so please, could someone give me some advice on what to do, how should I deal with the operative when he/she comes again? Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I think my landlord has told them my name, otherwise they wouldn't know that. But i am not entirely sure.
  4. Hello everyone, I have moved to my current flat 7 months ago. The flat used to be the office of a restaurant directly below and I rented it from the boss of the restaurant. The landlord has been using a business supplier called Opus for electricity supplies, and he didn't swich it back to domestic supplier after i moved in and no one has told me about who my electricity supplier is. At first i was feeling a bit odd that i didn't receive any electricity bill for the past 7 months, but then i thought maybe the landlord used to pay his bill half yearly or annually. Just today i finally got a electricity bill from Opus demanding payment of almost £1800, i was totally shocked. It was not expected at all, i didn't think i was using electricity from a business supplier as the landlord knew the flat isn't going to be for business purpose anymore and i would expect him to switch to a domestic supplier before he let it out, if not then he should at least tell me to switch it. Price they charged is more than 6 times higher than what british gas charges. I have absolutely no idea what to do now, i am a university student and i just don't think i could afford to pay that bill now. Could anyone here give me some advices on that matter please? Thanks
  5. Thanks so much TheChancellor, i forgot to mention that in their letter they say this conclusion was reached by Ombudsman if that makes any difference. They have also said for s.75 to apply there has to be a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement involving an actual or contemplated pre-existing arrangement between the creditor and the supplier. If my credit card issuer (Lloyds TSB) is liable for this under s.75 of CCA, what should i do next? Should i write to them or report them to other insitution? Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, I have just received a letter from my card issuer, they said the transaction was a four party transaction, their relationship is with world pay which fulfilled their duty to forward the fund to coolercases, but they have no relationship with the seller. There was no creditor-debtor-supplier relationship, therefore were unable to get involved in the matter, does anyone have any advices on this matter? Any alternative way to recover my money from the seller? Thanks.
  7. Thank you guys all, i have really learnt a lot here, will ask my card issuer to do a chargeback tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all the useful advices folks, I will ask them to do a chargeback as soon as possible, but when i placed my order, i have not receive any document from the company, not even an order confirmation, that's something that i thought weird at first. The only thing i have received after i placed my order is an email from world pay which is their transaction handler, with all the transaction detail such as transaction ID and merchant cart ID, would that be enough? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the reply Lula, I didn't know i can do that, yes I did pay by a credit card, could all major bank credit card issuer do that? If there is any, could you tell me what is procedure to ask my credit card issuer to do it? Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, I have made an order online with Coolercases UK two weeks ago, it is an online retailer for computer cooling components. After I made the order I have asked them to cancel it before it's shipped, I wrote to them 4 times but they never reply, tried to call them, they never pick up the phone. It has been two weeks now, I have neither got the items i ordered nor any refund for my order, when i was placing the order, they stated that orders should take longest 3 days for delivery. Even if they have not cancel it, I should have got my order last week, but now I have not receive anything from them, not even a word, but they have already taken payment from my account. If anyone has any advices on how could I recover the money, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for all the quick replies. Unfortunately i don't, i did not tell any utility company when i left. only things i have that can prove i was not in that address now are my reference letter and record on my passport which shows i was not in UK in that period (if that helps). i had not tell council tax of my leaving also since i do not need to pay any, my letting agent did not give me a copy of tenancy agreement as they considered the letter would be a sufficient proof.
  12. Hello everyone. I am new to this place, having been reading for a few hours, this site really does look quite knowledgeable. Hope i can get some advice here. Long story short, i have been receiveing letters and phone calls from BCW for the past few months in regards to a gas debt for my old address, but i am not the person they want, the person they want is the person lives in my old address now, i had already moved out from that address last year, but somehow i forgot to tell British Gas of my leaving, hence my name still appears on the gas bill. Although they asked me to post my tenancy agreement to them to prove the period which i stayed in that address, which i did, but they claim they did not receive it. So i went to the letting agent whom i rented the flat from last year and asked for a reference letter since i dont have the tenancy agreement anymore. Before i post the reference letter to BCW, i have asked one of their agent, and he said they would accept such letter. but one week after i posted the letter, another of their agent told me they will not accept the letter (he has not even read my letter yet), they will only accept my tenancy agreement. i am really confused now, which one of them shall i listen to? i have no idea what i should do now, they sent me a letter recently which says it is a final notice before they commerce legal proceedings against me. Please if anyone could help, advice me please. From my point of view a reasonable person would considered my reference letter a formal document as it contains: my name, my address for last year, the period i stayed there, a signature from the letting agent and is also a headed leter. I am really not so fond of this BCW group now as they have been so rude for a few times merely because i had difficultie understanding their scottish accent ( yes i admit my english isn't so perfect), please if anyone has some advices, let me know if my reference letter is sufficient enough to prove the period which i stayed in that address. Thank you all.
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