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  1. Babybear was one of the very first female friends I made on CAG She is a wonderful person, and despite her problems, soldiered on to make herself ready to listen to everyone She helped me by listening to me both on and off the forum And we made friends for which I will truly be grateful I must admit I have been having problems of my own recently and have not been on CAG or chatted to BB But I love her loads, and I aint religous, but I will pray for her speedy recovery tonight Get fighting woman....You have the love of all the peeps who you have helped on CAG behind you..... And you once told me ...Never give up the fight....So look forward to seeing you again on here and you sending me an e-mail Sending you all the love and Karma you deserve, my good friend xxxxx
  2. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article6572891.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=797084
  3. Where is Mr Fuzzy Bobble? Have his lasers eaten his internet connection?
  4. Sends BB a sloppy non sexual snog I know the feeling....Off to my lonely king-size bed in a moment
  5. What about the 17-59 year olds....Bah Humbug !!!!!
  6. I agree with DMD.....Over-processed greasy crap But great hangover fodder, to be purchased on the way to work
  7. I take it you have a very long tongue, or very long eyebrows:D You said no - busted
  8. Too much vino plonko results in my flying ceiling escapades....Or do I mean spinning ceiling? :-?
  9. Most certainly Mr Rooster I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred
  10. Can anyone help me out though with the ''I want a refund letter'' Please?
  11. You along with Fuzzie and others have kept me sane Well as sane as I will ever get
  12. And its peeps like you who have kept me laughing instead of crying
  13. I have today made my final payment to our most beloved ****-bag 'He' issued me with a CCJ for £3xx for an 'alleged' debt to HSBC for £8k+ I like to think of him as my own personal Robin Hood No doubt my phones will be in meltdown in a months time, when no more payments are received I cannot wait I also have another BC issue I had a CC with CrapOne which BC got his grubby paws on The debt was for £3k+....I was issued with a CCJ for £3xx I had paid around £1000 on this before I joined CAG and realised the error of my ways.....BC has now returned the debt to CrapOne I wish to reclaim my overpayment of around £600 Has anyone succeeded in doing this?, and is there a letter kicking around I may use? All I have left to deal with now is MuckHall - Littlewoods catalogue - LOL - CCA heaven Judge & Priestley (1st Crud) N&P credit card (again CCA heaven) Robbers Way - last missive dated April 08 (Old M&S storecard - LOL) EOS Solutions - last missive dated may 07 (Old HSBC CC) I would just like to add my sincere gratitude to all the members of CAG who have helped me When I first joined I was a suicidal quivering wreck (Which some of you may remember) It took a while to convince me, but I finally found the courage to face the DCA demons And without you guys I do not know what I would have done....Basically you saved my life I have made many friends via CAG, many of whom I am in contact with on a regular basis via facebook and email And now instead of crying (well I still do alot of that) I have a laugh and a joke with you all my good friends Once again ...My dear CAGers....Thank You If I get a refund from BC...A large donation will be flying to CAG x
  14. I would prefer to chase, and if i am victorious CAG will get a nice donation Just need to ponder how to word the letter to BC
  15. Can I get a serious answer to my question please? Shall I ask for a refund, or have I got more chance of winning the lottery?
  16. Bryan Carter is an angel in disguise I think he is the new Robin Hood
  17. I have not heard anything more about this debt since it was returned to CapOne in Dec 2008 I have paid Carters considerably more than the original CCJ Thanks to CAG for opening my eyes...... I ceased paying them What do you think my chances are of contacting BC and asking for a refund of my overpayments? Is it worth a try?
  18. Plodding along as usual Just got my heart broken yet again...I will never learn *Sighs*
  19. No bids as yet - I was only joking hun How are you, I've not spoken to you for ages xx
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