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  1. Babybear was one of the very first female friends I made on CAG She is a wonderful person, and despite her problems, soldiered on to make herself ready to listen to everyone She helped me by listening to me both on and off the forum And we made friends for which I will truly be grateful I must admit I have been having problems of my own recently and have not been on CAG or chatted to BB But I love her loads, and I aint religous, but I will pray for her speedy recovery tonight Get fighting woman....You have the love of all the peeps who you have helped on CAG behind you..... And you once told me ...Never give up the fight....So look forward to seeing you again on here and you sending me an e-mail Sending you all the love and Karma you deserve, my good friend xxxxx
  2. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article6572891.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=797084
  3. Where is Mr Fuzzy Bobble? Have his lasers eaten his internet connection?
  4. Sends BB a sloppy non sexual snog I know the feeling....Off to my lonely king-size bed in a moment
  5. What about the 17-59 year olds....Bah Humbug !!!!!
  6. I agree with DMD.....Over-processed greasy crap But great hangover fodder, to be purchased on the way to work
  7. I take it you have a very long tongue, or very long eyebrows:D You said no - busted
  8. Too much vino plonko results in my flying ceiling escapades....Or do I mean spinning ceiling? :-?
  9. Most certainly Mr Rooster I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred
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