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  1. Heres the default notice, with no numbers to contact them on to arrange payment (not that i can) heres a better link, hope you can read it
  2. CCA letter sent recorded delivery 27/11/08 to Restons. I received court papers from Northampton today (They quick off mark) do i respond to court docs, saying denying all and await CCA. I will type up wording from court doc on monday when not in work (prying eyes and all that) Help:( Office is empty at the moment so here is the POC. The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendent under a contract dated on or about 6/12/2005 in the sum of £11224.46 inclusive of interest to the date of this summons at 8% per annum from 18/11/08 to 27/11/08 particulars acc no (my account number) 18/11/08 default balance 11214.35 21/11/2008 post refrl cr -12.00 21/11/2008 12.00 27/11/2008 interest 22.11 Total 11224.46 Together with Interest pursuant to s69 County Courts Act 19 at the rate of 245.53 pence per day to the date of judgement or sooner payment. So what do i do now. Please help cos i am poo pooing myself.
  3. Not got default notice to hand will have root around.
  4. thanks I feel better already although i know it will be slog. I will send letter and po tomorrow and see what happens and post it here if i get it.
  5. Thanks, Thats all I can afford, will it all be done by letter? Can bailiffs take property off me? I have other debts and I have just arranged payments with them no need to go to court. Is it enforceable, whats all the forms with £1 sent to the creditors. Its confusing and Im rambling as its a shock. Sorry
  6. Dunno if in right place but help and advice needed please. About £11k owed to MBNA credit card after marital split, wrote to them with circumstances and offer of £20 per month (income had gone down by more then half) heard nothing other than I'm in default then got letter from Restons solicitors wanting payment of full amount by today or an offer of payment. Filled in income and expenditure and made offer of £20 per month from whats left over (about £60) got letter today saying offer been refused and Restons been instructed to commence legal proceedings. So what do I do now. So many threads to looks at and I am really confused. I dont want to go to court. Please help:-?
  7. Help please. Whats my next step? Reported to local authority that their 30 ft tree which is 1 metre from my wall has damaged both the wall and cracked my driveway. Reported it in march 2007 yes thats right 1 year ago and after many letters, lost files and all that twaddle. They wanted estimates to repair which i provided and surprise surprise lost again. Re sent them (£6000 to put right) Then loss adjuster attended and after 3 weeks of chasing him he offered me £975. Although in his letter he said £9750. So I responded with below email Thank you for your letter dated 22/4/08 following your visit 3 weeks previously and the contents therein. Notwithsatnding I have waited in excess of 1 year for this offer I shall be refusing and seeking legal advice. The reasons being ; 1. In your letter you offer £9750.00 and then in form of discharge state £975. I presume another mistake or is it a generous offer. 2. In your letter you state the 'some cracking to the wall that could be consistent with slight uplift from root growth but much of the wall is undamaged'. The wall is damaged beyond repair so therefore Sefton are liable for replacement. 3. Again in your letter 'There are cracks to the concrete driveway, caused in my view by long term settlement of the driveway and not the type of uplift that would be consistent with root growth' That is your opinion that it is not root damage, and I wish it to be inspected more thoroughly ie by lifting the concrete to inspect and following the visible treeroot from the tree,through the 1 metre of tarmac and then under my drive. 4. In the form of discharge you wish me to sign for 'in full and final settlement, present and future, which I have against Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council brought about by tree root growth affecting the front boundary wall and driveway area'. This is unreasonable as you state that in your opinion the drive way is caused by settlement not tree root and therefore that clause is unnecessary unless you believe that the damage is caused by tree root or that there is a likelyhood of damage. Can you please acknowledge receipt of this email He responded like this I acknowledge receipt of your email below. In response to the points raised:- 1) I do apologise, the figure is £975.00. 2) I disagree - there is limited cracking that could possibly be due to the roots and I believe that a repair is possible. 3) The driveway seems to have dropped rather than being lifted. If you want to arrange to have trial holes excavated through the driveway at your own cost, I would be more than happy to re-inspect. 4) The Form of Discharge was worded to take into account the items for which you are claiming, but could be changed. As a matter of negotiation, I would be prepared to discuss with you a slight increase in the offer put forward but this would unfortunately go nowhere near the figures suggested by your estimates. Now the problem being he has not given me a breakdown how he arrived at this arbitary figure of £975 and without admitting liability he would negotiate upwards but nowhere near the real cost!!!!!! He form of discharge wanted me to sign my rights away to all future claims against council re the tree, so he can swivel on that one. Oh and the tree is leaning and i cant get my car on my path Here some piccies of the tree, note the tarmac and follow the root to my driveway.
  8. What a fantastic eye opener. The information here looks so useful and cant wait to work it back to all thise institutions who are hassleing me. You have given me light and hope. A big thank you.
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