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  1. Abbacus Thanks very much for that I will just not respond to anything. Is it 7 years before the matter is time barred providing there has been no communication? Missy Allen
  2. I sent a further letter to Frederickson International with regard to not being given a copy of the enforceable Credit Agreement and I have received a letter back stating that I need to request this from their client but I need to ring them to discuss discharging the outstanding balance. What should I do now? Missy Allen
  3. Hi People Yesterday I received a letter from Frederickson International Ltd. They are now chasing the debt on behalf of Royal Bank of Scotland although the original card was taken out with NatWest. They say they have been instructed by RBS to collect the outstanding balance. Do I send them the same letter that I sent Intrum Justica? Thanks Missy Allen
  4. My husband has a debt with Abbey Business Banking for an overdraft. He is no longer trading and has been paying the debt back £50 per month. In December he could not pay £50 so he wrote to Abbey explaining that he could no longer afford to pay £50 and offered £25, he also sent a full statement showing incomings and outgoings. They have refused to accept the £25 but we have paid it anyway. Abbbey said they had not received the Incomings and Outgoings Statement so we sent it again and they have today sent another letter saying that they want £50 per month. We cannot afford that my husband's wages are reducing on a weekly basis. I have already paid a further £25 for January. Iam going to write to tell them that we cannot afford any more but has anyone got any ideas.
  5. Hi Womble They sent me a copy of the CCA together with T&C's but I took the card out over the internet and apparently at that time a signature was required. It wasn't until some months later that the law changed and it was acceptable for there to be a tick in the box only. I'm not sure if the T&C's are the ones that were applicable at the time of the application. Unless someone gives some advice to the contrary I'm going to wait and see what happens.
  6. Hi dvdriley Keep making regular payments, I have to agree with the earlier post no one will call at your home. I would write to the debt collection company and inform them that you are making regular monthly payments. The County Courts would not look favourably on anyone instituting court proceedings when the person is make regular monthly payments. You may of course be asked to prove that is all you can afford so you may have to put together an incomings and outgoings list. Good luck. Missy Allen
  7. I have received a further letter from NatWest - the same as the last one and attach a copy. I have written to them stating that if they take the matter to court they can only rely on the evidence they have provided. Should I point out to them that they require a signature not just a tick in a box on the internet application or should I just ignore them and see what happens? http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq331/bernadetteallen/scan0006-1.jpg http://i461.photobucket.com/albums/qq331/bernadetteallen/scan0005-1.jpg
  8. Hi bobtailmad My current position is as follows:- I have tried contacting the FLA but they will not accept my claim over the telephone and advise me to make a complaint over the internet. I have made 3 complaints so farand not one has had a response. Lombard told me that the Financial Ombudsman cannot get involved in this matter due to the amount of the credit but they are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Lombard say they have currently "reviewed" the file but I have to agree with you they do contradict themselves, back track and actually make things up. Lombard have stated that they do not have to supply me with VAT documentation because they defaulted the agreement - yet I only followed their advice! They have admitted they have given me the wrong advice on one occasion but it happened on many occasions. Originally I was told on many occasions that the VAT documentation would be with me shortly and the delay was due to a backlog of repossessions etc. 6 months later they decided that I could not have the VAT documentation because they defaulted the agreement. I believe this is because the debt owed to Lombard by me is then less if they do not supply VAT documentation. I received a letter a couple of days ago (which had to be authorised by the MD's office) which was completely incorrect and said that I was refusing to pay the outstanding amount which is completely false. I will, however, keep you updated. I will be writing to the FSA regarding Lombard's conduct. I have had a really bad experience with NatWest and RBS (all three are the same company) and I had a bit of success by perservering with RBS who supplied invoice factoring to me. Just out of interest have you got any written and signed documentation? Have you got any correspondence which you could rely on? If want to post the full story I will see if I can help at all - but I'm not promising - this is Lombard after all!!! Good luck
  9. Fred My apologies I do not have a default notice only letters threatening to register a default but I do not actually have a Default Notice. Missy
  10. I have received a further letter from Caob stating that I have to get back to them within 14 days. I have double checked and MBNA sent a Default Notice in July 2008 and this states the correct credit card account number, however, Cabot Financial are still quoting an incorrect account number. Should I ask Cabot Financial to confirm that the T&C's are the original T&C's at the time of signing the agreement as I presume once this has been clarified it will be pretty obvious whether the agreement is enforceable or not. Thanks
  11. I have a NatWest credit card that was taken out in 2001 and the copy CCA NatWest sent me does not contain a signature - is this enforceable? If not, how do I respond to NatWest who are stating that they will pursue me for the debt as they consider the debt to be enforceable? Thanks Missy Allen
  12. I have now received a further letter from NatWest stating that they have supplied a copy of the CCA and they do not consider the account to be in dispute ad will be persuing me for full repayment. However, I have read that the Agreement requires a signature if taken out before December 2004 - my account was taken out in 2001. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to proceed. Thank you
  13. Coverplan refuse to honour the agreement as I have replaced the washing machine myself so unless I take them to court I am not sure what I can do as Coverplan will not answer any correspondence any more.
  14. Hi, I need some advice. My husband has a Lease Purchase Agreement with Lombard. The Trailer (the subject of the Agreement) was sold which left a shortfall under the agreement. For the past 7 months the matter has been going through the complaints procedure and due to the conduct of Lombard I have informed them I am going to take it to the Financial Ombudsman. Lombard have stated " As your agreement in non-regulated". What does this mean - just that the amount borrowed was over £25,000 and therefore is not covered by the Consumer Credit Act or does it have different implications. Thanks Missy Allen
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