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  1. PcWorld and Currys store managers are paid their bonus on the bottom line of the store to help focus their minds on the profitability of the store. They are also measured on many many areas such as discount given and returns. Great for the profitability of the business but not so good for the customer with an issue. this system does not encourage the long term view of building loyal customers though. Managers are rarely in the same store for much more than a year or two so long term satisfaction and repeat business doesn't come into their way of thinking. You would e better buying from smaller privately run local stores; if you can find any.
  2. It sure is, is that wrong? Glasgow City Council, Penalty Charge Notice road Traffic Act 1991 (As amended).
  3. That is interesting that they 'blinked first', they made me go the whole way even though they had all the facts. So either they though I would blink or the person employed by the council to do this doesn't know the law. The later I suspect; Public Sector Parasites! They even admitted in their appeal submission that the road markings were not correct but still maintained the tickets were valid! Maybe a complaint to the Council Omnbudsman about wasting resources is required or alternatively, I'll just go get on with my life. One more victory for the little guy.
  4. It was mostly for 'sport' I was sending them invoices because the council knew fine well the lines etc were not legal but forced me to go to appeal. I didn't know it was possible to claim expenses afterwards, they keep that quiet! I will be doing it that way as well, thanks for the tip. The one thing I have learned from this site is not to enter into ANY discussion with the private companies, it is hard for them to threaten someone that doesn't reply to their fake letters.
  5. Working for a national furniture retailer, I hopefully can add a bit of perspective to this. Most furniture retailers (and others) hike their prices artificially for a period so they can then offer a 'discount'. Legal but not nice. The only national retailers I know of that don't do this are Ikea, Habitat and BoConcept. The end result is that the sharks that are offering 3 years interest free credit (it is built into the price, they aren't a charity) nothing to pay for a year and 50% off are kidding you on and their prices will be up and down like a wh*res knickers. Buy from these guys when they are in price establishment, you will pay over the odds. The 'sale' price is the true price, the full price is created to enable them to claim they are discounting. It is the same as 'free delivery', a big con. It isn't free, it is built into the price. This means that anyone who chooses to collect to avoid waiting in for a delivery is still paying for that delivery in effect. I remember a Scottish company offering a 'buy the 3 str, get the 2 str free' offer. The only problem was the £799 sofa was being sold for £1599.
  6. Just wanted to share some successes. I have had tickets for my own car on private property, been ticketed and ignored the letters, they stop very soon IF it is on private land. Please do follow the advice on this site and absolutely ignore every letter you receive, there is nothing these private companies can do to enforce the 'illegal' tickets. It has worked for me. My company's delivery van has been targeted by Glasgow City council for parking in a loading bay. We are off loading but they say we are exceeding the time limit. The signage does not have any time limit shown and more importantly the lines are faint and no kerb markings are visible from the pavement. I have appealed 3 tickets to the Parking Adjudicator and won 3 so far. I will now send an invoice to Glasgow City Council for reasonable costs if they issue any more tickets as they know they aren't legally enforcable at this spot and will set a debt collection firm on them if they don't pay!
  7. I am going for voluntary bankrupcy in Scotland, no other choice, long story (supporting now bankrupt relatives business). No go on debt management plan or trust deep for various reasons. House a tip so hard to sell. £60k equity in house, so £30k of mine as my wife is mostly financially 'clean' and not involved in bankrupcy. Got very young kids. I know the trustees need to get the value of the asset of my share of equity or near enough. Anyone know if they will actually take the family home as I can't raise this value myself. Also anyone know what % of the asset value they would actually accept to leave house alone?
  8. From personal experience, I think you SHOULDN'T make any offer at all. I really do recommend sending them the template letters from Bernie the Bolt if ignoring them doesn't work (it often does). I personally wouldn't write to them any more than twice though, the second letter reiterating your postion and using his cease and desist wording as well. Pat Davis used a great expression to describe these companies when I first came for advice on this site; 'Do not feed the trolls'! The point being, do not waste your time or encourage these companies by taking them seriously. Tell them how it is, then ignore them, IT WORKS!
  9. Just wanted to remind anyone looking at this damn good site that clamping of cars on private land by private companies is illegal in Scotland. The police and councils CAN clamp and tow away from the public highway but on private land they are depriving you of the use of your vehicle so technically theft! LOVE IT!
  10. Please do not entertain the idea of communicating with them in any way. Absolutely ignore them and eventually they will realise they aren't getting anywhere and will focus their time and energies on some other gullible person. For your peace of mind, worst case scenario, IF it went all the way (it won't) you could just pay the basic fine IF you get an actual summons through (you won't!). I used to reply using some of the template letters from other posts and they go away but now don't even bother, all the demand letters and lawyers letters go straight in the bin. I have avoided 14 tickets this way, it's a kind of sport with me now, sad I know! Maybe i'll get a life instead. You certainly shouldn't let anyone bully you into paying something they can NEVER enforce because your last line of defence no matter what is that they cannot prove who the DRIVER was. They cannot pursue the registered keeper, just the actual driver.
  11. We have in our terms and conditions that we CAN charge a redelivery fee (furniture company) and storage fee if customers mess us about at the last minute. We apply a kind of informal 'do they pass the attitude test' rule to decide if it should be charged so can only think of twice we have charged it. Good customer service, building relationships etc. If people are taking the mick, then yes but sometimes people have problems at the last minute. Your problem would be getting them to pay up if you did actually invoice them. The key point is that by publicizing these at the point of order, customers are much less likely to take advantage so will have less need.
  12. I have personal experience of NCP. I parked in one of their car parks 11 times in 3 different cars without paying (it's a bad habit I know!). They finally got round to writing to me, I sent a letter with a similar sentiment to the one you sent. They still sent me further letters, I ignored them and finally they stopped once they realised I wasn't playing their game. Trust the advice you are getting here, don't worry about it, just enjoy giving them the proverbial two fingers!
  13. I think I have enough knowledge of contract law to know that one person cannot be held responsible for another persons actions in this context at least, I am happy with that. I will let you all know how I get on with the council, should be interesting. Pat, Michael, lamma and Guido, thank you for the advice, Geral, thank you for showing me that the 'IEAs' are running scared. I'm off now to find a very hungry, unfed troll to drive my car, let him pay the ticket.
  14. The last two comments are above my level of understanding, Michael, I assume you are saying that owner liability is not correct in this case and perhaps that Geral has another agenda maybe??? What is PPC? Logic says to me that it should not be correct legally or otherwise to hold one person responsible for someone elses actions???
  15. The advice on this site works. I have followed it. I have had three tickets on three different cars on the one site. I wrote to the debt collection agency saying I disputed the facts my car was parked there, could they provide proof but also saying that there are other people driving my car/s (my car, my father in laws car and a work vehicle) but I am unable to provide their details. I informed them I would not reply to any other letters concerning this apart from summons from a court with a court date! I have not heard another thing from them. I think the key point to stop a debt collection agency is to tell them in writing, by registered post, keeping copies, that you dispute the ticket and will not entertain paying it. This allows you to ignore them unless they do up their game legally which is unlikely as these tickets are legally unenforcable.
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