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  1. I had an agreement with Harlands to pay for my sons Kickboxing Classes. It was a 1 year agreement. I think I made 7 payments of £29 by direct debit (1 bounced and got paid late so got a £25 charge which I paid) I then moved address and my son stop going to the kick boxing classes, becauses of financial differculties the next direct debit bounced and the DD got canceled by the bank. I made the mistake of not taking any further action and since I had moved I didn't here anything from them. Now a few months later I receive a letter from CRS with a demand for £371.20 includin
  2. Thank you for the advice, I have been so busy working just haven't had time to progress this mater far yet. I will today send off a SAR for both cards, I dont think there is any PPI but should be some default charges. When I wrote to Barclaycard asking for 2 months to sort out a payment offer they gave my a 30 day freeze on charges. I then wrote back just before the 30 days was up and ask for another 30 days as I was trying to sort out what benefits I was entitled to so couldn't do a firm budget plan at the moment. They wrote back giving me another 30 days, but for some re
  3. We have 2 barclaycards both we have had for many years, 1 was originally an Egg Card. Both cards in my wifes name. Current Balances: 5311.19 8405.12 We have received a default notice for both cards as we have paid very little in the last 6 months. I have just written to them asking to freeze interest and charges and give us 2 months to respond back with a payment offer. Is there anything else I should be doing yet?
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