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  1. Hi all, sorry to bring this thread back to the top but they have now sent me a copy of my signed contract so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what options are available to me. What are the chances of them writing off the debt with a part payment? Will they only accept the entire amount or is there a chance of negotiating? And as I genuinely can't afford to pay the full amount, can I offer to start paying it back on a reduced monthly rate? Also, I think I've read somewhere that the gym may write off the debt if I take out another agreement with them, is that right? That certai
  2. Thanks again for your help so far. The money Arc are asking for is strange really. They claim my current arrears are £381.60 which amounts to the eight months I haven't paid for at £47.70pm. However the total figure they claim I will be liable for is £513.45, which works out at 10.8 months...so where that figure has come from is anyones guess! As for talking to them on the phone, I didn't know who it was until I had answered but the bloke I spoke to wasn't in any way rude or confrontational to be fair. I'll give them 10 days to send out my contract and then take your advice by r
  3. Thanks for that spamheed. Bizarrely, within ten minutes of me posting on here I actually received a phone call from Arc! It was the first time I'd spoken to them as they've obviously been ringing me regularly at home and I'm usually at work. Anyway, I told them that I didn't have a copy of my signed contract and asked them to send me one out. Arc certainly haven't got that at the moment but they said they will 'try' to get it from the gym and send it to me as soon as possible. I presume they cannot make me pay without this proof that I entered into a 12-month contract?
  4. Hello people, I've read a few threads about people who have been badly treated by these two companies after trying to cancel their membership after 12 months, etc. However, my case is very different so I thought it was deserving of a new thread. I signed up to a 12-month contract with Virgin Active but quickly realised after the first two months that I wasn't going to get enough use out of the gym to warrant paying the 40 odd pound each month. I asked a few people what to do and was basically given some pretty awful advice that I wouldn't be seriously chased if I just cancelled my di
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