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  1. Hi Guys I am quite new here and far be it for me to interrupt your disagreement However I came across this which reading between the lines you are discussing. Debt-free loophole closed off by High Court | This is Money Does this now mean that unenforceable agreements will leave the debt still outstanding and the default will remain? I would like an answer in laymans terms, clear and simple I am paying one of my credit cards off to CapQuest because I recieved a signed copy of agreement that looked enforceable. However I have not recieved a signed agreement from another,
  2. Thanks for your help on this. I caved in though and have started paying CapQuest £10.00 a month as it was not worth the hassle and I know I owed it and they had provided the agreement etc. Okay you may think me mad but they have removed interest applied and have frozen the amount owed so at least my payments are reducing my balance and they have assured me that this will reflect on my credit file which it has at mo. However on another note and am not sure which way to turn is that I have a Mint card opened at my current address which I have never defaulted on!! No late payments, no
  3. Hi Guys thanks for all your support. I have another question though, what is this 12 days + 2 and this 12 days + 1 calendar month to send the agreement? I read on another thread that it is 12 + 2 days and so does this mean that I don't have to pay nothing on the Egg and Marbles ones? Somebody said on another post in another thread that there isn't a calendar month? What if they send it to me after the 12 days or calendar month? Can they start chasing me again or do they have to stop and remove any thing on my credit rating? I am confused LOL. I am new to all this lark. Thanks in advance a
  4. Hi Moonwoman Well if that is genuine I think you have the "real deal" I wish I could pay 5% of my debts to clear them and would be over the moon! Mind you many years ago my friend and her then boyfriend paid a motgage settlement of way under what they owed, bit similar to yours I think and worked out fine. I would have to check with her on the exact amount though. I just know that she was very surprised and paid it before the bubble burst so I wish you luck. Maybe it's a mortgage arrears thing, lower? Regards Kat
  5. Hi again Have you managed to get any defaults if you had any off? How would I go about mine? I am holding off on the re-mortgage at mo as it will stuff it up! I just wish I hadn't had the dam cards in the first place as all too easy and you don't feel at the time that your spending your own money in advance and then it just spirals out of control! I used to save for everything and then discovered the credit card, woe is me. In a way I would like to pay what I used but not what they say I owe now and not if it aint gonna improve my credit file so they can go swivvle!
  6. Cheers Scott, just sussed out the quick reply without including all the message LOL.
  7. Hi Debt4get, like the name by the way, I am not good with puters and just finding my way round the group into posting so not attempted to upload it yet but looks like Monacool's with my signature! yikes. With my other cards (which I am paying) they seem to update it as am with credit expert when I finally got round to sussing that site out. Do crap quest not do that? I don't like that default by them sitting there! Well I hope it dont go that far but my mate told me yesterday that she had a ccj from a dca on some debt she had (not crap quest) and she hasnt been able to get it off yet
  8. Hi Monacool Thanks for your support. Have had a problem with my internet so not been on line for couple of days but all is well now, am crap with computers, Yeah I got the assignment thingy in the same envelope as the agreement. That letter was addressed to my old address! So guess that was before they found me I shoulda known that it wouldn't go away I guess but am finding it quite stressful. I think I will go down the charges and interest route next mind as the amount is well over my limit at the time! Cheek of it, how can that be? Many Thanks Kat
  9. LOL That made me laugh as I am an aussie by birth! Not offended though Don't you think what you describe above is true of all nationalitys that are drunk on a plane? I consider myself brit as been here since the year dot but have come across many brits, germans etc etc etc on a plane or train that are drunk and come across uncouth LOL! Bah Humbug!
  10. Hi Miserable M I too am a newbie and have been taking heed from advice on the forum which is real great but hadn't posted till now. I'm in a bit of a state over some debts I accrued some time ago and when I got made redundant and moved house I kind of buried my head in the sand and didn't tell any of the people I owed money to that I had moved and stopped paying due to so much money owed and hoped it would go away as wasn't recieving any post from em. However all three relating to Capital One, Egg and Marbles have all caught up with me and I am between a rock and a hard place. I done all
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