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  1. Out of interest (having obviously never been to court before) How long after returning the claim form am I likely to end up in court? Bearing in mind of course that needs to be allocated to my local court?
  2. Oh trust me they have! I am still not wireless though...
  3. Should also add that in previous correspondence I was informed I was now liaible to pay over £250 if this went to court. Funnily enough the Court claim is for alot less than that...
  4. Whereas it is in fact ok to fabricate a story, pm someone that story and attempt to dupe someone into providing information? My friend the police officer doesnt seem to think that is ok, and my friend the lawyer says its definately dodgy ground...
  5. Hi perky! Just to let you know I received my claim form today from Nottingham County Court! Only 4 spelling mistakes - impressive!!! I like the way you state I have lied in the claim, but forgot to mention that you got one of your minions to pose as a genuine poster on here in order to dupe me out of information, which at the end of the day you dont know if what I have said is true or not Strong evidence indeed! I wonder if the judge will class that as "obtaining evidence through deception"? Fortunately I kept all your correspondence so can easily prove you deceived me I shall wait and see what my legal friend has to say
  6. Piddled me right off that is! I previously posted about my Virgin experience here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/broadband-other-internet-issues/139714-has-anyone-got-contact.html Well...this afternoon my new wireless router arrived with handy "plug and play" installation and CD setup. Half an hour of fafthing I gave in and called Virgin Media Technical "Support" (25p a minute plus 10p connection charge). First woman I spoke to logged my issue and offered to call me back to save my phone bill. 25 minutes later I gave up waiting and called tech support again. Went through the whole bloody thing again, explaining exactly what had happened blah blah blah (basically half way through the cd installer it causes my laptop to blue screeen). This woman again offered to ring me back and promised to do so in 15 minutes and if not ring back and ask for her. ANyway she rang...and it was all going far too well. she was explaining how to set the thing up manually. Then discovered that Virgins helpful helpful CD had disabled the Windows Wireless Connection Manager. This woman would not accept it!!! wouldnt have it that this worked perfectly fine until I tried to install virgin wireless manager. So she put me on hold. For 20 minutes. Before disconnecting me. So I rang back, asked to speak to "Nipja" as had been told to. Cant do that. Virgin have call handlers globally, and they cant possibly trace her. I then had to GO THROUGH THE WHOLE BLOODY THING AGAIN. We are over 2 hours in by this point, and I am back to this man asking me if I have tried installing the CD? "and have you tried restarting the computer madam?":-o This guy called me back adter going to have a think (he learnt some new words tonight!), and put me through to his supervisor. Supervisor (2 minutes into the call) says "Sounds like you have a faulty disk madam, I will arrange for a new one to be dispatched to you" (supervisor also learnt some new words tonight). SUpervisor then offered to put me through to customer services so that I could make a complaint. That brightened my day - its been a while since I laughed that hard (possibly since the last time I tried to contact virgin media customer services). I hung up at that point and promptly dispatched a very long email to Virgin Media Chief Execs right hand woman who was absolutely wonderful last time... Ok feel slightly better now Ive got that out!
  7. caryl, you just being discreet or is there some off-board 'action' from these jokers. They are known for it. By all means feel secure in being able to PM me about it if so. Hopefully it is plain by my postings that I am not a PPCer in disguise.

    Here to help if needed.


  8. Posted In Wrong Location.

  9. Sorry for delay - work getting in the way of life again! lol Had a telephone call from Penny about an hour ago, and as promised she has "fixed" everything for me Will shortly be credited for my overpayment from the last few months, plus my bill will be reduced to what it should have been all along. She has said that she will email me once all of this has been done so that I know she has done it. She also apologised profusely for the state of their customer services and has said that they are looking in to it, or something along those lines. The moral of this story: if you want something done properly, go straight to the top and complain
  10. Ty Tiglet - wasnt aware of this. Probably should have been, what with being a nurse and all! Probably in one of my RCN Bulletins they chop down tree's to send me every week, that go straight in the recylcing bin 90% of the time
  11. Resolved your issue instantly? well I have been with them 6 months, they have been overcharging me £16 a month for 6 months...so thats a nice lovely cheque for £96 in the post me for hopefully! Reckon I can get a wireless kit out of them also?
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