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  1. Good Morning I have a letting agent who was managing my flat on a 6 month shorthold tenancy, my tenants moved out after the 7 months and I have now since moved back in. I have asked my agent to claim for a carpet because the tenants moved in a kitten without permission. The pets I presume destroyed the bedroom carpet which was only 6 months old when they moved in. I have also claimed for destroying a large wardrobe left broken and dismantled and one week’s rent owing. My agent asked me to bring in any evidence so I took photographs and took them to his office he then said he woul
  2. More great news today I found out there were 4 vans and about 8 people and I haven't even moved in myself yet. My agent has told me they were rummaging around in my upstairs rooms when they arrived on the scene I am now booked to travel to Plymouth next week I am dreading it now. I may even put a for sale board up sort of feels nasty now )-: Oh yes for someone who asked the meters were my gas and electric meters never been used by anyone except me and I am not with Npower and certainly no debt on them.
  3. Apparently the flat next door was 5a when it was a newsagent and was later changed to 7 by the land registry. I believe the address they had was 5A which should have been 7 the next door flat. Yes I believe 5a went about 10 years ago when it was converted to flats Lori
  4. Thank you for all your replies really really helpful. I went to a solicitor today with my property deeds and they phoned up Npower. Thay have admitted to their mistake and have said they will put the meters back next Wednesday. I was disgusted when they said I was supposed to go all the way to Plymouth and sit and wait all day until guys to fit them turn up!!! Surely they should be at least giving me a set time? I had to laugh when they said your flat is quite safe we only sent in a locksmith and 2 bailiffs I have seen all the horror stories on bailiffs on the tv and on the net. T
  5. I own a flat in Plymouth undergoing renovation. I myself live in Horncastle Lincs over 300 miles away! My agent has been in touch earlier on today to tell me N power have broken in taken away the meters and changed the locks to which I have no Keys. Now I am so stressed out I don't know what to do apparently they had a warrant for the person who lived in the flat next door nothing to do with me different name different flat on the warrant. Now I am stuck 300 miles away cant afford the travel at the moment (as just after Christmas ) I am so worried has I Use the property to store m
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