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  1. I appreciate this is getting boring, but 3 days later letters are still arriving from HOMESERVE. I am now "returning them to Sender" unopened
  2. Concerning the meter and time switch. An ex EDF/EEB manager ( well actually a retired relation)has looked at these for me and agreed: (a) the meter calibration date reads 1985 (b) the meter seal reads "Eastern Electricity 1985" © an original cardboard tag is hanging from the meter dated 12/1/1986 (d) the time switch has a calibrated date of 1985 Assuming a refurbished meter may read 00000 how come since August2009 (4 months) I have used 270Kw in a one bedroom flat. Conclusion, they are the original eqpt fitted when the house was built. EDF Customer Services told me to ignor
  3. Just an update. 3 days after posting the last message I receive 4 letters through the post all from HOMESERVE. 2 of them asking why I had cancelled the DD and to ring Customer Services. The other 2 acknowledging the cancellation of the policies. Will I ever shake them of ????
  4. No, there was no money lost as I had already cancelled the Direct Debits. When HOMESERVE rang back to ask why I had cancelled the DD, my mind was preoccupied. My son had just been rushed into hospital an hour earlier with severe abdominal pains, so when the phone rang I picked it up immediately expecting a medical update. But OH No it was the dreaded HOMESERVE Not only did I explain I no longer required their insurance, I had other things on my mind as my son had just been rushed into A & E and I was in no mood to discuss insurance. This didnt deter HOMESERVE for one moment, of she
  5. After having a new Ideal CH boiler installed the Corgi engineer gave me a guarantee form to fill out and either post it off or telephone the 0800 number printed on the rear. Making sure my boiler would be registered I telephoned the number and registered the boiler but I was uneasy because customer service didnt seem to know about this new IDEAL model. Now I thought I was ringing IDEAL, but when I jokingly said " its strange you dont know about a boiler you manufacture" I then realised I was talking to HOMESERVE. After a long winded registration I was then bombarded with offers of insur
  6. I am on Economy 7 with EDF. My meter and time switch are both dated 1985 with the supplier "Eastern Electricity Board" I have tried in vain with EDF to get these changed to digital. EDF insists on telling me the meter was changed last August and "Go away" When I pointed out both appliances were stamped 1985 I was informed that this was irrelevant, they were refurbished items according to their records and this was correct. My question > if the meter was refurbished would it not have a "REFURBISHED" sticker or some form of test certificate attached ?? I cannot get them to accept NOBO
  7. Just to confirm my previous message about Currys - the two machines were identical even down to the description and graphics on their respective web pages. I personally think Price Promises are not worth the cardboard they are written on.
  8. Outside my local Currys store there is a large sign which says it will beat any price offered by the likes of Comet, John Lewis and a host of others. Classic Price Promise. They would even offer 10% back on the difference I was after a Washing Machine: Currys Price £199, Dixons Price £179. When I asked the assistant if they would keep to their Price Promise and sell me their Washing Machine at the Dixons Price, I got a flat refusal. "No" she said, "We do not sell ay Dixons Prices" I mentioned considering both Currys and Dixons are part of DSG Retail it was ridiculous. I was told Di
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