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  1. Noodle does give a number but im now 100% sure its taken out of thin air, if you look at the full report it will give 1-5 but a number under it. Mine is 554 (2) where it has stayed for over a year, even though i payed off two loans - stayed in the black, payed of a large proportion of my mortgage, and the one and only default fell off in july (SB).
  2. LMAO i used to do this with a sheet of black paper (kills the toner) when i used to get spam faxes, it was looped and i would leave it for ages, rinse and repeat. Eventually the spam faxes stopped.
  3. they just done it to me, i ignored and eventually they did a attachment of earnings to pay, i was livid... mine was from 1998 so they say
  4. sabby, i know how you feel, you want these parasites to stop bothering you. Ive / we all have been there on this site, and the advice is the best you can ask for anywhere. DCA's such as the one you are dealing with have ZERO powers, they will huff and puff threaten and always say "may do this" or "may do that". At the end of the day that is as far as they can take it. The agreement you originally agreed to is set in stone, the DCA cannot change it, if housing benefit is not mentioned as a gross part of your income then that they way it is, never to change. You have filled in the form - now forget them, any other paperwork they send you just file away, ignore the parasites they want you to reply - by you replying they will rebuttal and you will end up in letter tennis and a heap load of stress. The government for some strange reason decided to make a quick couple of quid and sold the debts, your conditions are the same, they cannot mark your credit file even if they do so what?!. You have stated you have worked hard to clear it but at the end of the day if your not planning a mortgage etc how is this going to affect you unless you work for the police or a financial body. If they do you should be able to get it removed. Relax, dont worry about it, i was like you and lost sleep because of a toothless DCA that even came to my door. Life is to short to worry about this. DX is top read though what he has said and you wont go wrong. regards
  5. Thanks guys this is interesting, two different views, my take is that for a account to be statute barred then i would have to have acknowledged the account within the 6 years of the final payment, be it via letter or payment. BUT under the offset ruling a bank account can take funds without permission under law. So if you had a savings account with the bank and get to 5 years 11 months - under what dotty50 says they could take payment and effectively reset the clock. I dont think that would be fair or just as the account holder has not acknowledged the account, so i tend to sway towards thinking it would not reset the clock. Im just amazed that accounts under legal dispute can be collected on in this way.
  6. what is that ive never heard of that? They decided to take payment direct from my account without my authority after the first missed payment, i had already set the ball in motion to move my account over to natwest so hadn't used that account, i was waiting for my funds / direct debits to transfer over, the halifax took the payment then closed the band account. I was only paying them beforehand via direct bank transfer and never set up a direct debit with em. i realised what they had done at the time but did not feel inclined to chase as i was away from that bank. thanks i just looked up the rule, thats excatly what they have done. BUT the account was already 2 months or so in dispute at the time so im not sure how they legally could have done that. as they took the payment without my express authority i take it i am sb now as they took payment under shady if not illegal manor
  7. hi guys well im sure im now sb, but there is an issue. My last payment to halifax was in may 2009 after they failed to issue cca. I didnt pay in june. BUT they took payment direct from my current account in july, just while the account was in limbo during its transferre. Could i argue that the debt is now sb or would i have to wait until july when they effectively stole from my current account for the clock to count down?. cheers
  8. the file wont fall off until jan 2016?, or will it be sept 2016 because of the second default? The original default notice i got was back in sept 2009 so halifax waiting until jan is acceptable? thanks
  9. Hi guys and gals Ive got a problem with noodle, i have a default notice put on my file 5 or 6 months after the notice back in 2009-10 then they put another default notice in sept 10. here is the thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?196210-Halifax-cc-cca&p=4703400&viewfull=1#post4703400 sorry admin if this a problem but i thought i would highlight it in this room as it is specific to credit ref agencys is this grounds to have the markers removed, i was sure they could only default you once. many thanks
  10. na its defo not been restarted, so having 2 defaults is incorrect? the only other accounts dead or alive are ones that are in good standing only this one is affecting my credit rating now you can see that the point of cause was june, they told me they had defaulted me in sept 09 but they didn't until feb 10 then again sept 10. Do you think i have cause to complain? and hopefully get them removed?
  11. Thanks guys, i decided to get a report through noodle and as i was surprised to still be getting annual statements from halifax fleecers. It shows the account being in arrears from June 09 (AA) but they failed to default until feb 2010 (df) then again in sept 2010 - 9 months then 16 months later?? Here the cracker its marked partially satisfied (PS) in july 2012. So im going to assume that the debt was finally purchased by a bottom feeder although halifax is still the account name. The account is listed as with a £0 balance and SATISFIED. There is no more markers to this amount on my file. Why is it then Halifax are still sending me statements if the account no longer exists from 2012? Between march and present there are no entries other than the DF in sept 10 and PS in july 12. The account is in the closed account area.
  12. Hi guys, Only about 8 months now until its well and truely statute barred YIPPEEE. Will it become statute barred at the 6 year birthday of the default or from the first missed payment, if its the latter then its only around 6 months even better? Ive had numerous letters from all sorts of collectors, usual threat o grams - but all of them have the wrong amount by 9 k. they have a zero missing so it looks like they arent pushing too hard to collect for just 1k. Even the default amount is incorrect on my credit file. My wife still gets text msgs for mrs linda harris on her phone and to call urgently (like .... we will). BTW this default hasnt hurt my rating that badly as ive purchased two cars on credit since the default went on or its down to the low amount the default actually lists that maybe the reason - mind boggles.
  13. im 99% sure your sd now, if the last payment was made in 2007 then your well and truely statute barred.
  14. ok excellent i was sure that was the case. With neither warranty guys or manufacture budging who should i take this up with. The warranty guys are saying its a cosmetic issue which it isn't, its a RUST issue that will fail the whole thing at some point. you can barely see it so its not cosmetic, you can see the black film bubbling from the oxidisation of the metal. Im surprised that beko wont stand behind their products i certainly wont now
  15. Hi guys can someone help We have a BEKO fridge freezer, with extended comet warrenty. Ive just spoken to the guys that have taken ownership of the warranty and they have refused to help - stating cosmetic issue not a breakdown. The problem is the freezer door has rusted, under the paintwork!!. Near the water dispenser and at the foot of the door. there is no damage on the door and it has been kept dry and clean. The machine was purchased 17/10/2011. The warranty centre said to call beko as its a manufacturing issue. When i called beko on 01923 654649 (head office number) they passed the buck back to the warranty centre. I then explained this is a manufacturing issue not a breakdown. He then said i will give you a number of a repair centre that will do the job at my cost!! I then said under the sales of goods act he needs to address this issue, he said its void as it was with comet?!?!. I was just amazed at the poor attitude of beko customer service, he was not helpful or had an ounce of empathy in him. I came of the phone steaming. Can anyone give me any pointers which direction i should go now to get this expensive 2 1/2 year old machine repaired before it falls to pieces under its own weight. If anything i now know i wont be purchasing beko again, i will stick to the samsungs from now on, i wish i had in this case it was only that the beko was slightly larger when we bought it.
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