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  1. Hello. For 4 years me and my partner have ignored letters and letters from companies asking for money. So bad we totally lost track. Recently the letters have been getting nasty and are all from solicitors/debt collectors/courts etc....I think we both have 2 CCJs each and we both have terrible credit history. We have never paid minimum monthly payments on anything for 4 years. One letter we have is something about statuatory demand of insolvency act for over £8000. I dont even know who we actually owe money too because up until now we have just thrown the letters away. Im guessing owe over £25,000. We have rubbish paid jobs and live day by day, but we are fully employed and receive no benefits of any kind. Im struggling to get hold of the citizens advice, and the CCCS needed to know exactly what we owe and who to. Trouble is I need to see someone face to face who can say right, this is your options, make a decision and they will take care of it for us. I cant afford a private solicitor so what do I do?
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