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  1. ]Just found this in a very old thread of mine, it was written by R&B after we had been talking about the fact that DCA's will hang up on you as soon as they realise you have become empowered and will no longer take their persistent bull. Next they stop phoning altogether, just as you were gaining the confidence and knowledge to help yourself................ Here it is, it might make you laugh............................................................. TELEPHONE HARRSSMENT, THE LACK OF.. Dear sir, i write in relation to the above and your complete lack of backbone when threat
  2. Hi CB hope you are well. I'm sure they would have trashed my file with it, but yes its another thing to look into. I've not been well for months but seem to be getting a bit of spirit back (well for today anyway) so that's on my to do list. My credit file should be looking much healthier in the near future.
  3. Thats good, I clicked on his name to see when he was about last but only got an error, just tried again and it worked so got to see his profile with the info on. Thanks Night Owl.
  4. Update. Well I paid this so CCJ was satisfied. I cancelled DD with IND knowing that would get some sort of response from them as something as simple as asking them to give me details in writing as to why they are trying to take more money than they were awarded simply led to no reply at all. Any way, they quickly wrote asking asking me to re instate the DD with the bank. I phoned them and sent a covering letter telling them they weren't going to get any more money as I had not just paid the full CCJ but I had over paid by two months (my error) so they actually owed me money. the lady on th
  5. Gosh I wish there was an update from the OP as if you read post 19 it sounds like the out come may have been death!
  6. Update Just before Christmas I found out that my records say that I was cancelled the day before:jaw: not on the day which is when I was actually cancelled It now boils down to a complaint to the hospital. The person at PALS who told me to put in a complaint believes me and told me to complain however she said "it will be my word against theirs" I received a letter saying they would look into my complaint and when they complete their investigation they will respond to me within 25 working days in writing. So another cop out as the time line for the 28 day guarantee is up in a couple o
  7. sorry what does FOI mean? I wondered if contacting the consultants secretary would help too. I have read where other people have had surgery cancelled but they later found out that the info held about them actually said that they cancelled it which was utter lies as the hospital cancelled. Thinking out loud ... i will telephone consultants secretary first thing monday to make sure they have the correct facts, rather than sitting here and hoping they have. Thanks Bankfodder
  8. Sorry i haven'ty been able to read the whole thread as my eyes are really sore so can't read much at the mo. I just thought i'd add what i know, for an enhanced CB check then any information that has been recorded about you can be disclosed by the relevent person in the police authority. From what i have been told a person who was arrested is this, A dna swab , mug shot and fingerprints are always taken at the station after your arrest, if you are not charged, cautioned or what ever the fact that you were arrested and what you were arrested for are documented. I was told by so
  9. thanks for the quick reply, thats an easy thing to do, I have been looking for info on how one would force the procedure but can't seem to find anything. I have even found documents detailing how they (the hospital staff) should file cancelled appointments, what code they should use, flow charts to follow etc. but funnily enough I can find nothing much about the process which would help the cancelled patient.
  10. I've had my surgery cancelled on the day i was due to have surgery with the reason of "no beds", it seems as if i may not get the surgery within the 28 day guarantee as the hospital shuts down for surgery for two wks over xmas apart from emergencies, Does anyone know anything about this 28 day guarantee ? This is basically what it says....... If your operation is cancelled by the hospital at the last minute (on or after the day of admission, including the day of surgery) for non-clinical reasons, the hospital will have to offer another binding date within a maximum of the next 28
  11. Hi Andy, Yep, few more payments to make then this CCJ will be satisfied, My mistake (when looking at the original judgment amount) so I resurrected the thread a bit early, I think thats a good thing though as it gives more time to get ready for them. Luv. Q.x.
  12. Hiya, I have located the original suspended attachment of earnings form, the fee for attachment of earnings has been added to the CCJ so that explains the differing amounts, the charge of £65.oo has been added which is the cost of enforcing an AOE's.
  13. Many thanks CB, you're an with a fab memory! luv Q.x. two links re. Estoppel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estoppel_in_English_law and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estoppel
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