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  1. .hi not sure if this is the right place we took out a secured loan in march 2008 a long story but felt we had no choice, the loan was for 15k over a period of seven years, in one of the agreements it states when a quarter of the loan is paid of we will owe £867,69 you times this figure by every thousand you borrow so that balance back in dec 09 was £13,013.35 we have saved up over the past year and have cashed our premium bonds in so we are in a position to pay this loan of phew! So with a bit of reckoning up i figured it would be down to 10 to 11k so when the settlement f
  2. hi i sent the letter of to ratio money, since then no reply apparently they have contacted my husband on his mobile and left a message to get in touch,i dont want to get in touch by phone, i would like them to reply to my letter. any ideas? also because i am dealing with it my husband will not have a clue. most gratefull jue
  3. hi martin over this bank holiday i will be putting forward my two claims to the abbey and ford credit any comeback i will certainly let you know and as i have said before many thanks will let you jue
  4. hi martin i did'nt want to mention last night, but i have another two ppi's, just got the aggreement back today of the abbey, and the loan is still ongoing till august next year, upon looking at it, the ppi was for 1200.00 pounds and the interest is for £199.00 but as i have said still ongoing, i did not think it was for this much, i did agree to taking it, i remember but also i did not know that is was going to be an extra £20.00 a month i really thought is was £10.00 and also we are self employed and upon taking it out , i remember the girl saying nothing about anything else but unemplo
  5. dear martin i gave ratio money all the documents i had, which where for two ppi's one was only for 100 the other to my knowledge is for around 1900, they were the original documents, i will as i say send the letter of tommorrow and will let u know when i receive the reply hopefully documents will come back to me many thanks jue
  6. Hi Martin First of all thanks The company in question are called Ratio money, The company I am reclaiming from is called The Bank of Scotland. I will write that letter straightaway and send it of tommorrow. When I receive all the paperwork back do I then contact the fos. i am a bit unsure of this. Ratio money have never contacted the ombudsmen, i have phoned them up, my name does not appear on their list, will i still have to write to them and explain what has been going on, also will i have to write to the bank of scotland to explain to them that i am dispersing of Rati
  7. i started the claim back in march 2008 and i have contacted them later on that year to see how it was going on, alway got fobbed of saying that the claim was still ongoing, now we were now to june 2009 i said to them i was not satisfied with what they have done and i wish to disperse with their services,I also wondered why they did not forward our claim onto the ombudsmen,[checked it they hav'nt] they told me they dont like to deal with them they would prefer to deal with a solicitors wrote them an email to state i do not wish them to act for me anymore and next thing we had a phone call to s
  8. i have been one of them site fees gone up to much over the time we had our caravan not on your site though,, we are paying for a caravan we do not have now, we sold it,,cut our losses and still paying for it im afraid, caravans owners are a law upon themselves. we will never buy one again and will also advise people to do the same BEWARE DO NOT BUY A CARAVAN
  9. are you related by anychance, your give a good repo for the site,,,, we have been ripped of a caravan owner still paying for our deed,,,no one is nice in the caravan indurstry take it from me
  10. hi i am at this moment requesting the aggreement from ford credit. just waiting for it when i get it i will be willing to forward it any help is great. As i have said i am reclaiming its been going on for so long now. but when it was started and the ball was in montion, they sent me a four sheet document stating all about the ppi, i thought it was a bit late to do that, i sat there and the man basically forced it on us, they gave them out like sweeties i think. many thanks
  11. hi can anyone tell me if they have had a refund of ppi from ford credit,, i have one ongoing and wondering if there is anyone that has been sucessfull, also when you sign the finance agrreement, is it all added on for the term of the loan, just not sure, if it is when you trade that car in has that ppi been fully paid or they have refunded some in way of deposit for next car, my son had a car for a year paid a ppi and then traded it in for another,just not sure what they do because they never tell you , he is going to reclaim back but just basically wondering. thanks jue
  12. hi i have a complaint going through started it in april 2008 not heard much from the company i have asked to act on my behalf,,, 2 letters in 16 months not much joy when i ring them,, they always say they will get back to me, never do. i dont want to start with another company in case i go to the back of the list with the ombudsman,, is this normal? cheers julie
  13. hi thanks for your reply,, we had taken out the gold insurance which includes cdw, everytime we have been its be ok,, the person behind the desk did not mention atall at anytime did we want extra cover,, we would have declined it,, there were 8 people in our group at the desk and we all have good hearing; it was for personal cover it really was done underhand im afraid,, basically it just to warn others who are going over to watch what they are signing for and make sure you dont have any suprises like we did,,, we rented two vans as there we 18 of us and i guarrenteed my card, well al
  14. hi just hoped i have put this into the right thread.. its just to do with car hire mostly in florida,, we have been to florida four times dealing with the same company [alamo] this time our fifth however we were stung for things we did not know we were signing for, the company we dealt with were always the same.so you come of the flight tired and signing forms for car hire as always just do it and get the car,,, the last time was the same however when we got home noticed weeks later that they had charged us for items we never agreed to. they did this underhand im afraid, the company
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