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  1. I got my CCJ and CO set aside, but that that about 2 years after the original CCJ. Mine was set aside on the grounds that HFO Services obtained the CCJ, yet they had no legal standing in the matter and that HFO Capital should have made the claim. You need to look at the original claim form and check the claimant and check it matches what they stated in the POC.
  2. Turnbull has now given up on consumer credit litigation http://www.turnbullrutherford.com
  3. Capital are based in Ireland, Services used to do all the collections, they're based in UK, probably trying to collect as much as they can out of the UK as possible.
  4. Can you give a little background on the original creditor, which HFO claimed Services or Capital and did you defend the claim.
  5. The FCA have picked up the baton from the OFT and they will do a good job.
  6. I've alerted as many people as possible, apologies for those I've missed, but I've no PM facility, could everyone who has had dealings with HFO/ Roxburghe please contact the OFT with their dealings with this rabble, can't believe they're appealing with the way they've carried on over the years.
  7. Interesting development, is there a specific contact at the OFT?
  8. Roxburghe recently had their licence revoked, they are appealing this, you should complain to the OFT, I'm sure they would be very interested with your issue.
  9. http://www.legalfutures.co.uk/latest-news/solicitor-appeals-oft-sanction
  10. http://www.legalfutures.co.uk/latest-news/solicitor-appeals-oft-sanction
  11. Yes it is the the same people and they can continue to trade as they're appealing the licence refusal.
  12. If you can PM me, or at least try, CAG have stopped me from sending PM,s, don't know if I can receive them, cheers.
  13. Not got the new contact, I'm busy til Fri will them send my Rox stuff to OFT. There was an issue with a lot of Barclaycard accounts which HFO said they bought, but Barclaycard records showed they were sold to Rox.
  14. Roxburghe to appeal, don't forget the lies linking Barclays/ HFO and ROXBURGHE I've lots of stuff to send to the OFT, just been waiting for the opportunity...
  15. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/16628/online-news/three-debt-firms-deemed-unfit-lose-credit-licences
  16. If people are still having issues with HFO/ Roxburghe please continue with complaints to the OFT.
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