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  1. To all who took the time to read and reply to my post, Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I would never be so foolish to follow such advice from one person without at least considering all other options, which is why I'm on this site now Would anyone recommened entering into an IVA? Thanks again Richard.
  2. Hello all, This is my first post and I greatly appreciate any help offered. My debt began, like a lot of people, at University. I was offered a £500 credit card which soon became £2,000 and the rest followed. By the end of University I had, and still have: Barclays Graduate account student overdraft - £2200 (maxed out) 1 Barclaycard - owe £1800 1 Mint card - owe £1400 1 Asda (GE) Credit card - owe £500 1 AA Personal Loan - £10,000 I left University last year and unfortunately have been unable to find my desired job, which I had hoped would have helped me clear those debts. Since leaving home and moving into a rented flat I am starting to find it more and more difficult to make minimum payment and live a comfortable life. I'm making minimum payments which is obviously getting me nowhere and i'm still left with next to nothing at the end of every month. I've always been on time (bar the odd occasion) with my minimum payments but a recent conversation with a work collegue has tempted me to sway over to the dark side. He has suggested that I simply do not pay the money. I have no assets so there is nothing they can take from me. All of the credit cards were appyled for when I had my old job, I have since changed jobs so they have no record of my current employers. My tenancy runs out in 2 months time so he has suggested the next house we move into is registered in my girlfriends name. He has told me that if they cannot contact me at my work or my home then they cannot take me to court. My only exception is with barclays. I opened a graduate account and gave them details of my current employers. I am wondering if Barclaycard would be able to obtain my work info from Barclays. If so then paying off my Barclaycard will be my priority. I would like to know if this is true. Do the credit companies have to come into direct contact with you before they can do anything. Also, if they cannot contact me, is there a timeframe where the debt will be completely wiped off. Thanks
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