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  1. Hi, my uncle owes £5000 to a credit card and £3000 to an overdraft. He suffered a stroke at the end of last year and is no longer working. Natwest have agreed to monthly payments of £5.00 to each. We've recently been offered £1200 and £800 for 2 mis-sold ppi claims. On the acceptance form Natwest state the money will be paid to the overdraft account. I've been reading about the Right of Set Off and believe the bank can take money from a Current/Savings account to pay off arrears and missed payments so just wondering (i) the ppi is not a Current/Savings account so can they still take it? and if so (ii) Natwest have agreed to reduced payment plans in which no payments have been missed, so is there any arrears? Any thoughts please Thanks
  2. Hi, My partner paid ppi on his Credit Card from 2001 the year he took the card out. The ppi was cancelled in 2008 when he started to make token payments as he got into financial difficulties. In 2010 we reclaimed the mis-sold ppi (he was a casual worker and would never have been able to claim on the ppi) we asked for refunds back to 2001. The case was on hold but now they are agreeing to pay back premiums paid to 2004 only as a gesture of goodwill with no interest. We wrote back asking for it to be paid to 2001 but they've said no. Is he entitled to claim back to 2001? Thanks
  3. Thanks ErikaPNP, I gave them a phone this morning and have been told the advisor yesterday got it wrong. It is only 4 weeks I should've be entitled to the credits not 28wks. Looks like it's all sorted now (I'll have to pay back the 3wks extra that I've received but I thought that would be the case) & they're sending a letter out to confirm situation.
  4. Hi, I normally work 30 hrs per wk & receive Working Tax Credit. On 1st November a relative suffered a stroke & I have been off work since to help look after him at home. My work have allowed me time off for as long as I need it, it is unpaid. I wrote to Tax Credit people 7 wks ago to inform them of the situation and asked for my WTC to be stopped as I am not working 30 hrs anymore. I am still getting paid WTC so I phoned the Tax Credit people today and they've said I'm still entitled to WTC and my file is down as Unpaid Leave and that I'm entitled to it for 28 wks. Does anyone know if this is right??? seems strange to me, I don't want to end up with an overpayment to pay back. Plus I don't see me returning to work anytime soon as my relative needs the help. Any help appreciated Thanks
  5. Yes, I've got a receipt, just checked it and it does say on it 'cash' not cheque.
  6. Hi, not sure if posting in correct place. I paid a cheque into my account yesterday and it showed online as a credit . I've now had a phonecall from the bank saying that the Cashier had incorrectly entered my cheque as cash and they've had to remove the cash credit from my account, but also that they've lost my cheque! When I check online there is no evidence that anything was ever paid in, the transaction has just disappeared. I've just checked my receipt and it does say on it cash. Anybody know what my rights are? Really needed the money on Friday. Thanks in advance weejay6000
  7. Sorry to hear that. With my Company it's the Director who deals with the appeal. Good Luck.
  8. Thanks for the reply elche I've checked my Company Handbook and it doesn't specify who will hold the investigation or who will hold the Disciplinary. Saying that, my Company employ a few hundred people so it would have been best practice if one person conducted the investigation and a different one held the Disciplinary hearing. weejay
  9. 'I'm no expert but believe the guy that conducted the investigation cannot hold the disciplinary. Any result of the disciplinary will not stand. I'll try and get a Mod more clued up to advise.' I'm very interested in this point by Scott, is there anybody that can confirm this is the case for me? Thanks weejay
  10. My Company have confirmed the subsistence rate will be removed. I will loose out on at least £45 per week gross. Some of the contracted workers are talking about Constructive Dismissal but with me only being casual (9 years though) I don't know where I would stand. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thanks mustang. Another thing, my Company keeps employing new workers even though there's not enough work to go round the regular staff. I feel as if they're trying to push us long timers out and replace us with new staff on reduced wages.
  12. Hi I am a long term Casual Worker (9 years). My parent Company bought over Company A and from January 2006 we started trading as Company A. I remember signing a Variation Agreement at the time. My problem now is that my wages are continuously dropping. Firstly, my shifts vary and can last anything from 4hrs to 14hrs (usually 14hrs). Our guaranteed minimum shift pay was for 8 hours, this reduced to 7 & 1/2hrs, then to 6hrs they now want to reduce it to 5 hrs. My job involves travelling all over the country, travelling time we do not get paid for. I could travel 5hrs, work 5hrs but used to be guaranteed 8hrs, now it's 6hrs and they want it to go to 5hrs. If I have to stay overnight I would get a nightly allowance, this is now reduced by £3. I no longer receive my Christmas Bonus £50. If we are required to work in Europe we used to get a full days pay for travelling (based on 8hrs) , now it is only £20. My main concern now is that the daily subsistense I receive £9 gross is being cut out completely. This is a reduction of £45 per week. I cannot afford this reduction and wonder what, if anything I can do based on the fact I am a Casual worker. The only line I remember from my Variations Agreeement was that ' I would not suffer' by staying with Company A Hope this all makes sense, any questions or help would be appreciated.
  13. Just to keep you updated guys. I've still got hold of the cheque Capquest returned to me but now 7 weeks later I've received a letter from their solicitors 'HL Legal' demanding arrears of -£108.56 ... yes, that is a minus sign. There is no address to reply to HL Legal only Capquests. Shall I just ignore this letter, any thoughts on this latest development please?? wj6000
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