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  1. i get charged £56 for going £1 into the red by this ghastly bank. I am voting with my feet and frankly do not care how much they say I owe them. Its all one sided and I thought contracts were two way affairs. They have no respect for their customers or changing individual circumstances and deserve to be put out of business. I have a nice space under a floor board! and can no longer really call the Halifax a bank. I think its just a little extra brain damage in difficult times. The direct debit fashion plays right into their hands. Boycott ! :mad:

  2. Thank you for your reply.


    This firm does not come over as being one with a genuine case. i too,sent my first reply to them snail mail and then decided i would back it up with a recoreded delivery copy. Their next letter to me implied I had been ignoring their letters for which I would be punished by the judge in court . It is obviously a tactic they use to continue their intimidation tactics, a game called "lets pretend we haven't heard anything." I will use registered from now on. but what a waste of time!


    GOOD LUCK and do let me know if you find out anymore. Even visiting CAB here takes a whole mornings wait.

  3. Hello all


    It's my first post and the title refers to a bunch of shysters with which some of you may be familiar.


    I'm being harassed by these cowboys and the last (of four so far) letter threatened that they would send someone to my home to question me about my income and expenditure!


    The CAB are on the case and I've been informed that they are in the process of reporting AR to their local TSO citing my and other similar cases.


    Is anyone here currently 'involved' with this outfit?


    i am being harrassed by this company also, i would like to hear how you get on and also share my experiences with them. If they carry on as they are I will be on to the OFT about it. Keep posting!

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