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  1. i get charged £56 for going £1 into the red by this ghastly bank. I am voting with my feet and frankly do not care how much they say I owe them. Its all one sided and I thought contracts were two way affairs. They have no respect for their customers or changing individual circumstances and deserve to be put out of business. I have a nice space under a floor board! and can no longer really call the Halifax a bank. I think its just a little extra brain damage in difficult times. The direct debit fashion plays right into their hands. Boycott !
  2. Thank you for your reply. This firm does not come over as being one with a genuine case. i too,sent my first reply to them snail mail and then decided i would back it up with a recoreded delivery copy. Their next letter to me implied I had been ignoring their letters for which I would be punished by the judge in court . It is obviously a tactic they use to continue their intimidation tactics, a game called "lets pretend we haven't heard anything." I will use registered from now on. but what a waste of time! GOOD LUCK and do let me know if you find out anymore. Even visiting CAB here takes a whole mornings wait.
  3. hi i am being harrassed by this company also, i would like to hear how you get on and also share my experiences with them. If they carry on as they are I will be on to the OFT about it. Keep posting!
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