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  1. I have a confession to make too farther. I told Lowell's to stick the debt up their fking arse so how many hail Mary's and our farther's do I have to say? It was the only time I lost my temper too It did feel good though
  2. My wife owed £1400 and they sent the same letter and then sent another letter saying since she has not responded we have no choice but to send it to another debt collection agency. Lowell's Lowell portfolio red Hampton illegal a company in Halifax and McKenzie hall then passed to another that never happed. But they had been writing for over a year and then it became statue barred
  3. I never made a payment and I know this for a fact but the default date should still show on my credit file shouldn't it? I know it was written off for tax purposes by capital one data should still show?
  4. Should there be information on my credit file from Capital one because according to Lowell I made a payment in February and default date was 10th of July 2006. There is no information at all apart from Lowell when they started recording data in March 2008 when they bought it and I thought it should still show Capital one data? And I will keep the letter and it feels good when its statue barred
  5. Lowell sent my wife a letter stating her debt was not statue barred as she acknowledged the debt by making a payment of £100 on the 14th of March 2006. So she sent an email on the 14th of march 2012 telling them this debt was now statue barred and I will not be paying it. She received a letter this morning stating this debt now comes under the statue of limitations act and we will now be closing the account. Her default drops off on the 14th of October 2012 but as of March 14th 2012 the debt is statue barred so the statue of limitations defiantly goes by last payment and not default date like that idiot lying git on the phone told me. Thanks for the help guys and now I'm just waiting for my letter to come through now
  6. Just posting this sorry if its already been posted http://www.legalfutures.co.uk/latest-news/spin-out-firms-merge-to-create-largest-debt-recovery-law-firm
  7. We enclose a copy of your agreement as requested. I knew straight away they were trying to pull a fast one because we both got accepted at the same time but get sent totally different agreements? Its only two days away till its statue barred so I think a nice statue barred letter will be sent They told me it goes by the default date but tell the wife it goes by the last payment so wish they would make up their minds? I also will be reporting them
  8. My wife just received the cca from Lowell's and it has her signature but under the date it has her date of birth. The agreement date has 21st Dec 2005 but the cca writing is really tiny and its not the same one they sent me this looks like an up to date one they sent the wife with her signature lifted and put onto a new cca. So it looks like they are trying to con my wife And last payment was made 14th of march 2006
  9. Consumer action group they got this government out of debt and got the letters and phone calls stopped so try them
  10. Well its statue barred on the 14th of March and the wife will be so happy and mine is statue barred now so I'm happy Last payment March but the default wasn't registered till October for some strange reason. Thanks for the help and sorry about no posting in the other post cap one debt
  11. Lowell sent my wife a copy of the notice of assignment but its not a Photostat copy its a printed letter with the word copy printed going through it and its all in colour not black and white. The telephone number that is always at the top left hand corner is missing and further down where it says to call them has these words >. Where it says turn over to find details on how to pay its blank so is this an obvious made up notice of assignment to try and fool my wife. The notice of assignment was sent three years ago according to Lowell's and this letter looks like it was only printed a few days ago. They also said its not statue barred as my wife paid £100 but it will be statue barred on the 14th March 2012 and then my wife is going to tell them where to put this debt What do you guys think of this notice of assignment?
  12. Wife received a letter stating if she doesn't set up a payment plan in the next 21 days they are passing the debt to another debt collection agency who may send a door step agent or take her to court. Lowell's sent her letters then passed it to credit resource solutions in Halifax who passed it back then Lowell's passed it to McKenzie hall who passed it back then Lowell's passed it to Red debt collection who passed it back. Just wanted to know if anyone knows who the next debt collection agency will be? Its stat barred in October but they keep threatening ccj and bankruptcy but the wife told them to get on with it but they sent a letter a few weeks back saying comments noted about us not being able to afford to pay anything and if we can be of any help in the future please let us know then they send this? They send letters texts asking the wife to ring she ignores them and she doesn't' answer their security questions so I think they've had enough and want to pass it to someone else. Was hoping they would give up
  13. Lowell's never offered me a bloody discount and my Capital one debt is six years old in July so not long to wait. Its a shame they never offered me a discount because I could have paid it off with my new Capital one credit card
  14. Going to use letters from Lowell's now as puppy training material They don't scare me they just get annoying with all their threats that go absolutely no where. Like I said I'm more scared of the wife than a letter from Lowell's. Thanks for the replies
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