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  1. We used to get them in our previous 1 bed flat, because they seemed to have our address registered twice. "6 XXXXXX Close" had the licence, but "Flat 6 XXXXXX Close" continued to get threatening and rude letters, despite it being the same flat! They're just a bunch of retards!
  2. Did you take a photo after the cars had stopped?
  3. Do you have a second bedroom, so one of you could stay, then sub-let the second bedroom?? If you paid the check in fee when you moved in, then you shouldn't have to pay this for the new tenant, as it's their cost, not the landlord's cost! (Unless the greedy EA charges the fee to both the landlord AND the tenant). I would ask for a complete breakdown of the letting fee.
  4. I think the last line of your 2nd reply saves your skin!! Take that line away, and it reads that you are going to do everything in your power to make sure you get the flat for the 12 months as agreed, starting 24th July. I even read it that the proceedings you were going to start were to get vacant possession of the flat! I was holding my breath all the way through, thinking that I completely see where her lawyer is coming from, but breathed a sigh of relief when you specified an address for the return of the deposit cheque, which does to me indicate that you are accepting the annulment of the contract.
  5. It depends on the cancellation terms and conditions on your policy. What does it say? Normally you can cancel the insurance (T&Sc permitting) with just some sort of admin fee.
  6. After the 9 months, did you see the team leader and request a meeting to have the probation period signed off, or did you just leave it up to him to do it? I'm on a 6 month one, and the day that 6 months is up, I shall be in my boss' office asking for my permanent contract!
  7. I know it doesn't seem fair that others have done the exact same thing and haven't been suspended, but the idea of contracts is that when you choose to break something in your contract, you do it at your own risk, and it's nothing to do what others do. You need to forget what others have done, and concentrate on your own rule breaking. From what you've posted above, you've obviously broken quite a lot of rules in the contract, so depending on what your contracts says, this would often be enough for dismissal. In both companies I've worked for, if I got caught for any of the above, I would have been dismissed! As for the diary, I'm not sure where you stand on this, as you stated that it was left out on your desk. Had it been in your bag or something, then I guess that would have been a different matter. By the sounds of it, they have enough evidence of gross misconduct for dismissal without even needing to use any evidence (if they actually found any) in your diary. If you've been there for 10 years, maybe it's time for a change? Could you not negotiate a good reference from them if you resign, in exchange for taking no further action on the theft of your diary or something?
  8. Well now you've paid for it, she might as well go, but make sure she doesn't take ANY credit cards with her, as they are known for giving you the hard sell to make you buy photos costing £100s!!! If it's a £30 deposit to make sure she turns up, then you should then get this back. Make sure they don't bully her into putting this towards a photo then paying the balance. DEMAND the £30 at the end of the session!
  9. Sleeping tablets are evil!! They make you stress even more as you feel more pressure on yourself to fall asleep. I suffered from insomnia when I was a teenager, so would often be wide awake until 3am or 4am, which isn't great when you have to get up for school! I sympathise what an evil thing it is! I really recommend going to bed at the same time every night (including weekends), then getting up 8 hours later. Get yourself either a hypnotherapy relaxation CD to listen to, or do yoga starting an hour before you plan on going to bed. An hour before you go to bed, don't do anything that would stimulate the mind (no reading, no tv, no crosswords, no cryptic thoughts!), and definitely don't have anything electrical or distracting in your room (i.e. tvs, LCD displays on stereos or clocks). It's worth a try, and at least you can tell work you're doing somethign contructive to get better!
  10. Well, first they should have spoken to you, asked if you were ok, and perhaps offered you some help i.e. seeing a GP, treatment etc... If you're then off sick again, they would give you a verbal warning, and ask what actions you were taking to help yourself get better. If this went on for longer, then you would receive a written warning. Finally, as a last resort, you would be dismissed. They have gone about this completely the wrong way, and you should demand that they re-instate your position as otherwise it's unfair dismissal! As for the vertigo and insomnia, how's it going? A trip to Australia won't be good for the insomnia!! I presume you've tried going to bed and getting up at exactly the same time every day, regardless of whether you've slept or not? How about hypnotherapy? Yoga?
  11. I think it's a great letter, and I wish you all the best! I had 16 days of sick in 1 year (kidney infections - really can't come to work when I have to pee every 10 minutes for 24 hours!!!), and the HR boss just told me to "get over it". It's not a reason to sack someone, and they must've been able to see you were ill! I was just given a "review meeting", where I pointed out I'd had an operation to try and stop illness (5 days off of my 16!!) so they left it at that. I know people who have months off at a time, and I hear that council workers have some of the worst sick rates ever!! ps - since operation, my sick rate is now about 1 day per year!
  12. Just to clarify, you applied for a new job, got offered it, handed in your notice, and now the company you currently work for want you to pay back a loan that you signed to say you'd pay back should you leave? I'd say given the loan is 0%, then having to pay it back upon leaving is fair enough. If it's a loan for £1700 and if they deducted this from your salary, then you must earn £38k p.a before tax. Are you sure you have no savings??
  13. If it was their fault, you won't lose your NCB, but then you'd need to prove it was their fault. Did you get the name and number of a witness? (The cyclist? The car behind you?) If your light was green, they probably jumped their light. Never underestimate how much "crash" injuries can hurt, as the adrenaline and shock from the incident will overpower the "ouch" involved, so you might find in a few days that it really hurts!
  14. Was the window open, or closed and not locked? If it was open, then the insurance probably won't pay out, but if it was closed, but you just hadn't locked it (i.e. they still forced the window/prised it open), then you might stand a semi-fighting chance...
  15. This is what concerns me, as I was planning on selling the car in about 12 - 18 months, and am worried that it will be difficult to sell, or I'll get much less money for it, all through no fault of my own. The repairs are all to the rear (from being shunted), so the important bits (the engine!!) are still 100% fine at least, and I suppose at least I'll have a new exhaust, back panel, bumper, spare wheel, brackets etc... I did say to the garage that I wanted it repaired so you wouldn't be able to see any damage, including inside the boot where all the metal had been pushed upwards. Not overly convinced by this. Say you have 2 million drivers on the road, and all are insured, then when an accident occurs, the insurance company pays, and those bad drivers having more accidents will get higher premiums, and those drivers who don't cause accidents will get lower premiums. Let's say that only 50% of those 2 million drivers now have insurance. The same amount of accidents will occur, and statistically an accident is now likely to involve one insured driver, and one uninsured. Unless the uninsured driver can always pay for the damage out of his/her pocket (or doesn't drive off as they're uninsured), then surely insurance premiums across the board will eventually double, to cover the amount of uninsured drivers too??
  16. In that case, you should re-vamp your CV immediately, and post it online with a recruitment agency like monster. I know you must be angry about this, but at the moment you need to stop dwelling on the past, and think about the now and getting another job.
  17. Our bonus for 2007 was not "issued" until March 2008 (also big global company), but I got paid mine because I handed my notice in a week AFTER the bonus letter was dated. If you handed in your notice BEFORE the bonus was issued, you won't be entitled to it. As for the extra hours, it depends what your contract says. I often do more than my contracted hours, but I signed a contract saying I cannot claim overtime. (And those here that do not sign and claim overtime, cannot get bonuses, BUPA, or promotions!)
  18. I was under the impression that most jobs (and not just directors) have a covenant in the contract that does not allow them to work for or set up a rival company for so many months or years after leaving. I certainly have one in my contract! I think the best thing you can do is look for another job, either a different one, or go back to your old company. The company wasn't actually founded, so at the time you left, the job didn't as such exist, so although you could try and sue, it might be rather tricky to sue for something that wasn't necessarily set in stone.
  19. Well the accident was 100% the fault of the other guy, which he has admitted, so I don't see why I should be out of pocket, or miss out on things all because of his careless driving, and it's HIS insurance premium that will be increased. Ideally, I'd rewind time and make that guy late for work so my car was never even hit in the first place, and then I wouldn't be walking round with pain in my shoulders and back, and having to take icky pain killers, and ending up with a car that will no doubt lose alot of its value due to it being in an accident and having been repaired. Sadly I can't rewind time. Hopefully he'll have learnt his lesson, and whatever made him not pay attention, he won't do it again and make someone else have to go through all this. Surely it's all the uninsured drivers that increase the premiums? Another thing, the address on the guy's insurance was 100 miles away from where I live, and I know he works locally, and I'm quite sure he lives locally, indicating that he had the wrong address on his insurance. I presume it would be better for me not to mention this, just incase it makes his insurance invalid???
  20. Thanks everyone for your posts!! I am dealing with everything through my insurance company, and they told me that I should deal with them rather than the other guy's insurance, as his insurance would prioritise his/their interests. Still not got car back, but hopefully I'll have it by the middle of next week!! No, it's not them! It was a company appointed by my insurance company who phoned me up, and they'd paid £250 to my insurance company for my details as I'd been injured. I'll read their documents before I go ahead with it. It just depends how long this pain is going to last for! I won't be after £££££s! Just enough to cover my expenses, and enough to go out for some fun when it stops hurting, as I'm missing out on so much at the moment, and it's starting to get me down. I was given a whiplash booklet at A&E, but find most of them make the pain worse not better. I have a permanently aching back at the moment which is really starting to annoy me now, as it's making my job difficult as I keep having to get up every 15 mins to walk round and stretch! Am going to go back to docs and ask about getting some physio if the pain doesn't go away. It's only been 2 weeks, and my booklet says it can take upto 4 weeks for the pain to go. Can't take ibuprofen as I'm asthmatic! Does anyone know how to stop the thumping heart at junctions, as every time I stop for traffic lights, I look in the rear view mirror thinking the car behind is going to smash into me!?! I'm normally such a calm and confident person, and have been driving for 10 years, but I can't stop feeling paranoid now that it's going to happen again. I saw an old W reg V (1981?) Vauxhall on the road today, and tried telling myself that it obviously hasn't been crashed into badly in the 27 years on the road, so it's a rare thing, but that hasn't helped much!
  21. It's a 55 registration car, but a very low spec one, hence only worth about £4k. At least I'll be getting it back with new bumper, rear panel, boot, spare wheel, exhaust etc... And I presume the garage will sort out a number plate for it too?? I think I am just angry with the person who crashed into my car for being so careless. It would be nice if the police had bothered to turn up and tell him off for paying so little attention when driving, but I guess they don't turn up to accidents any more if no one is seriously hurt.
  22. Your hubby should check on autotrader to see if the van is actually worth £200... Did the van have any other dents in it? If it was in immaculate condition, then I understand him wanting to get the dent fixed, but I'm sure this van must have other damage in 16 years? If the builder knew the gate was "swinging lose", then could your hubby not claim £200 in damages against the builder for damaging the gate by parking his van infront of it when he knew the gate was swinging!?
  23. Thanks. I'm just a bit annoyed that I'll probably end up out of pocket when selling it, as if someone asks if it's been in an accident, then I'll have to tell them. (I detest lying, and am really bad at it, so would obviously tell them!), so will get less money for it than if it hadn't been in an accident. If I'd shunted the car infront of me in the impact, then my car would have been too expensive to fix and they would have written it off, but being sensible and not wanting to ever damage my car, I was stopped too far back from the car infront! Some company has just contacted me saying I'm entitled to compensation for my whiplash injury, so I guess that would pay for the day off work and prescription painkillers, and maybe even the big phone bill having to spend ages on phone to insurance company on an 0870 number!!
  24. Last week someone smashed into the back of my car. I was stationary waiting in a queue of traffic, and they were a long way behind my car, so not sure how they managed to hit my car at such a speed (about 40mph at a guess). Perhaps on phone or fallen asleep at wheel... Police informed but were too busy. They have admitted full liability, and the garage has decided to repair my car, with repairs costing nearly £2500 (paid by his insurance - car is worth £4k). With this quantity of damage, my car is obviously going to have a lot of new bits and pieces (bumper, boot, back panel, exhaust, spare tyre, brackets etc...). I was planning on selling it in about 12 - 18 months when it's 3.5 or 4 years old, so do I have to declare that it was in an accident, and will the damage and repairs be listed on the car history? Basically, is the fact that my car was in an accident going to devalue it when I come to sell it? I'm having enough grief with all the back/neck/shoulder pain from whiplash, so I really don't want to end up out of pocket over this too!! SO fed up! Any help/advice would be most appreciated.
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